Netflix is currently being swarmed by millions of viewers who are trying to get a glimpse of the new Rebel Wilson movie, Isn’t It Romantic. The film is better than expected, and fans are now trying to watch it while it is still fresh. Isn’t It Romantic is now the talk of the town after it proved that a romantic comedy can be great without it being a stereotype.

It has an entirely different plot from typical rom-coms and the brilliant cast that it has was just another bonus for the movie. Isn’t It Romantic is about an Australian architect living in New York named Natalie. From a young age, Natalie has been skeptical about love since her mother filled her mind with ideas that she was not perfect as she was.

Natalie now hates the concept of rom-coms and think that they are too fictional. Her mother also contributed a great deal in breaking Natalie’s confidence to the point that despite having grown up, Natalie still has low self-esteem. Natalie is now working on a new project, and although she has great ideas about the project, she is afraid to tell anyone. She is not treated right by her colleagues due to her tendency not to stand up for herself. A robber is the one who triggers the changes that happen in Natalie’s life. Read more: Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair and Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour

While being robbed, Natalie hits her head hard, and she loses consciousness. She wakes up in a beautifully decorated hospital room with a handsome doctor attending to her. This is not normal as Natalie is used to the small hospitals with underpaid nurses. This is only the beginning of the changes.

Natalie goes home to find her small flat has transformed into a spacious home. Her office is also different with more life to it. Her secretary has become her work enemy, and her new handsome client whom she met after he nearly knocked her down is now interested in Natalie. Natalie’s biggest fear has become a reality as she is now in the middle of a real-life romantic comedy.

Natalie’s best friend is a nice man who treats Natalie with love, but she is too blind even to see that. Natalie embarks on her journey of discovering and experiencing first love. Isn’t It Romantic is a lovely film that has even captured the attention of people who are not fans of rom-coms.

Rebel Wilson brought out her best in the movie, and she nailed the role of Natalie. Despite Rebel Wilson being single currently, she is the happiest she has ever been. Rebel loves spending some time alone when she is not working which is less often than she would like. Rebel Wilson was raised in the small towns of Sydney, and she has been able to make a fortune despite her humble beginnings.

In addition to being a talented and successful actress, Rebel Wilson also writes and directs films. She is a go-getter in life. Rebel Wilson went to the Australian Theater for Young People which helped her find a footing in acting.

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A different approach to providing medical care, Dr. Rand

Dr. Dov Rand:

Dr. Rand was born in Washington, D.C. He attended Rutgers University for his undergraduate work and Howard University for medical school. His residency was completed at the Albert Einstein Medical Center. Dr. Dov Rand specializes in the area of physical medicine and rehabilitation (also known as “physiatry”). He is the founder of Healthy Aging Medical Centers which has been in operation for over fifteen years.

He focuses on assisting patients attain their highest quality of health and functional ability through all phases of life. Dr. Dov Rand’s philosophy was initiated early in his life and in some part related to his interest in athletic pursuits. The concept of his Healthy Aging Medical Center started, in part, from a deep fascination with nutrition and health. Emphasizing good lifestyle choices helps to optimize one’s health and is key to a long and healthy life.

Dr. Rand’s treatments include many different areas of health including weight loss, hormone therapy, anti-aging services and others. Dr. Rand and his staff, unlike most practitioners, take the time to get to know the individual patients and their unique medical needs rather than focusing on the illness alone. His treatment philosophy includes preventative and regenerative standpoints, emphasizing to patients how they can maintain an optimal level of health throughout their entire lives (Gazetteday).

His philosophy includes leading by example by acting as a role model for his patients by enjoying a healthy and active life. Dr. Rand participates in a variety of physical health activities that includes cardio exercise, yoga, martial arts and strength training. Further, his lifestyle also includes healthy eating and taking supplements to support his overall goal of healthy living. Dr. Rand’s focus on his own holistic health demonstrates to his patients the importance of maintaining their health through a total health approach.

By getting to know his patients on a personal level and by taking a holistic approach to the patients individual needs has proven to be successful in helping his patients improve their quality of life through all stages of life. Dr. Rand practices what he preaches by the type of life he leads which serves as a role model for his patients and prospective patients.

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Guilherme Paulus: Contribution to the Growing Brazilian Tourism Industry

The number of foreign tourists entering Brazil either for holiday or business keeps on increasing every year. The Brazilian government is expecting that more than seven million people will visit the exotic South American country by 2020. Brazil offers a lot of sights to the visitors, as they are endowed with beautiful beaches, lush rainforests, and unique inviting culture. The tourism sector benefits a lot from the efforts of the Brazilian government to increase the number of foreign visitors coming into the country. Guilherme Paulus is one of those who benefited a lot from the influx of foreign visitors, as his tour operator services firm and chain of hotels and resorts started to earn a lot ultimately turning him into the country’s newest billionaire.

Guilherme Paulus has been in the tourism industry for more than 40 years, and in 2018, he was visited by the Forbes Magazine to verify if his wealth reached $1 billion. After the representatives of the magazine checked his wealth, they found out that he is indeed a billionaire, and his name was included in Forbes Magazine’s billionaires’ list for the year 2018. Guilherme Paulus felt proud knowing that foreign companies are now scooping a story about him because of how he turned his business into a multi-million dollar empire. As of the present, he owns 15 chains of hotels and resorts, called the GJP Hotels and Resorts. He also owns the CVC, one of Latin America’s largest tour operator serving millions of people since it was first established in 1972. Aside from his businesses, Guilherme Paulus is also known for joining several institutions and organizations.

Knowing that he will earn a lot of money from CVC, he decided to sell some of its shares to some of the largest companies on the planet but kept the ownership under his name. He is also hands-on when it comes to his hotels, as he wanted his guests to feel a different level of personal care and world-class services. He constantly observes how his businesses are performing, and he loves to learn new things that would encourage him to become better in the industry where he is currently working. Guilherme Paulus abrirá hotel de luxo com nova bandeira em SP

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Rick Cofer: Excellence In and Out of the Court

Rick Cofer is a very well-renowned criminal defense attorney in the area of Austin, Texas. Rick Cofer has actively served his community and has represented his clients in different kinds of criminal cases like DUI, family domestic violence, assault, drugs, murder, property crimes, juvenile crimes and sex related crimes. Rick Cofer has always been passionate about creating resolutions for his fellow local Texans and making sure that they are well and fairly represented in the court of law – these were the reasons why he ended up as a defense attorney. Rick Cofer has handled over 1000 cases for his local Texan community.

Rick Cofer also makes sure that he is an active member of his community in several other aspects and he makes tremendous efforts to make sure that his presence is felt in the endeavors of his community. Rick Cofer is a proclaimed activist and he is dedicated on helping environmental efforts of his community. Here are a few organizations that Rick Cofer is involved in:

  1. The Parks and Recreation Board of the City of austin
  2. The Pease Park Conservancy Board of Directors
  3. The Kind Clinic
  4. The Texas Health Action Board of Directors
  5. The Ending Community Homelessness Organization (ECHO)

According to chronicleweek, Rick Cofer believes that building a safer and healthier community always starts with how they treat their environment, which is why he puts environmental efforts on his top priority. Rick Cofer has noticed and acknowledged that the world has a massive problem on pollution and that there is a plastic problem. The plastic problem involves over production, distribution and user-end waste management habits.

Rick Cofer knows that even in their own small ways, they can make not only their community more environmentally friendly but more importantly, the world. And so, when Rick is not serving as an attorney, he spends his time sparking efforts that will create a greener Austin through his projects.

Rick Cofer started a plastic bag ban in the community of Austin Texas and it has become a widely implemented rule and was very successful. The key to the success of the plastic bag ban is because of the step-by-step progression of leaving plastics behind, it was eased in to the consumers so that they would learn how to live without using plastic bags rather than taking away plastic bags completely right away. They started with educating the community with the after-effects of plastic, and then they removed single use non-compostable plastic bags and provided alternatives like reusable bags, compostable plastic bags and recyclable paper bags. They also set a plausible goal for the community of reducing their plastic waste by 50% in their first 1 1/2 years of implementing the rules regarding plastic use and waste management. Rick Cofer is definitely successful in helping not only his community, but also the world.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Is Okay With Teachers Carrying Guns

In Michigan, the DeVos family name is synonymous with the community. The DeVos Family Foundation has donated over $139 million with large parts of it being contributed to areas around Grand Rapids. Betsy DeVos is the 11th US Education Secretary and has donated over $35 million to educational opportunities.


While many have spoken out about Betsy DeVos, she is actually one of the better figures in the administration. She actually does put students first, and she has proven that she isn’t using public funding to do it. In fact, she is using philanthropy. Under her campaign, she has a few backers like Mark Zuckerberg, Sam Walton, and Bill Gates. While many have said that she isn’t a teacher and doesn’t have the experience, DeVos has experience in education reform, which has made her tougher.


Educational choice programs are becoming essential to certain states where common core method is taught. Many parents don’t want their students to go to common core method schools. In other cases, students don’t want to go to failing schools that have poor test scores. In both cases, students are able to pick from educational choice programs, regardless of where they live. They can pick from magnet programs, private schools, charter schools, homeschooling programs, and online schools. If students choose to go to online schools or magnet programs, they are simply switched out of their current high school.


Betsy DeVos did an interview recently with “60 Minutes” where she stalked about the success of her programs. She has stated that Florida is the most successful because it has the most educational choice options. Louisiana is a close second. DeVos will need more time before other states can be added to the list that allow educational choice options.


Lately DeVos has been touring schools with the First Lady Melania Trump. Together they visited schools in Miami, Florida. The schools were receiving awards for their high performance.


In addition to educational choice, DeVos is also responsible for school safety reform. She has been meeting school safety officials and looking for ways to protect students on campus without bringing more guns on campus. This led to multiple changes in 2018 before the school year started.


DeVos has less than two years to get more states on board with her educational choice plan.


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Guilherme Paulus: The Patriotic Entrepreneur

Starting a business in Brazil is never easy. And growing an international business from Brazil was unheard. Well, that was before Guilherme Paulus. The Brazilian entrepreneur dominated the tourism industry in Brazil by leading his company the CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. (CVC) to become the largest tour operator in Latin America.

The Life of Guilherme Paulus took a sweet turn at the age of 24 when he encountered Mr. Carlos Vincente back in 1972. Carlos shared his business idea on how he intended to transform the tourism industry in Brazil. Guilherme Paulus listened keenly and was marveled by the concept. The two gentlemen shared thoughts on how they would work together.

For more information about Guilherme Paulus , view his Crunchbase profile.

Even with so much interest in the project, Guilherme did not have the money to invest in the business. However, Carlos Vincente, working as a local government official at the time decided to fund the whole business with an agreement that Guilherme would run it. The two gentlemen had one thing in common; they loved their country so much to invest in it. It took time, but Guilherme grew CVC as he opened several stores all around Brazil.

Guilherme Paulus took any opportunity that he saw to invest in his country. In 2005, he put $600 million behind his new venture the GJP Hotels and Resorts. With this investment, he was able to secure jobs for more than 5000 Brazilians in his 14 hotels and resorts.

One year down the line, Guilherme Paulus saw another opportunity to invest. He bought the airline company Webjet in 2006. During this time, the company had only one charter plane. Guilherme worked at increasing the number of shuttle planes. By the time he sold the company, it was already the third largest airline in Brazil with more than 20 airplanes.

Mr. Guilherme admits that his countrymen, his employees, and long-time advisors are the reason why he continually invests in his country Brazil. He as well stays attached to his community as his business supports several social programs. One good Example is PIET, where people receive training to become leaders in the tourism industry.

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An Angel Investor: Ara Chackerian

Ara Chackerian is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and an investor. He is currently a manager in ASC Capital Holdings in San Francisco, California, a board member and a co-founder of TMS Health Solutions. He started working in ASC Holdings in the year 2015 up to date. He has also been a board member of Mint Education from 2012 and also a board member at Juma Ventures since May 2011.

Educational History and Career

Ara Chackerian success as a businessman did not come in easy. He first got his bachelor’s degree in marketing from Florida State University in the year 2001. He founded, became the president and a CEO of BMC Diagnostics and took it through the acquisition processes by Health Diagnostics in 2007. He also founded the Ambion/ProviderLinks. He was a senior leader in PSS/World Medical for 11 years where he dealt with actual profit and loss and managed to employ 400 people and yielding an annual revenue of $150 million. He was also an Executive Chairman of Pipeline Health Holdings, LLC up to May 2017 and is now the Director. He is also a Director in Evolute Consolidated Holdings, Inc.

The Bottom Line

Ara Chackerian is interested in helping others build a career and a business for themselves. He uses sometime in his busy schedule to volunteer at Juma Ventures, an institution that helps the youth to get out of poverty and help them to go to school. Ara Chackerian is one of the most prominent businessmen acknowledged in the world of today with much of the respects paid being from the managerial and leadership positions he holds in different industries. His success and responsibilities are attributed to his true professionalism and brilliance. The companies which he works for can attest from the many benefits they have earned while working with him.


During the past year, the pizza restaurant chain Papa Johns has been dealing with a major sales slump. After the founder of the company made some controversial remarks, there was a public backlash. Both customers and sponsors expressed their displeasure which forced Schnatter to resign as a member of the company board. Due to slumping sales, the company chief executive officer Steve Ritchie has teamed up with an investor to help infuse funding into Papa Johns. This investment from Starboard Value LP will likely help Papa Johns remain in operation and work towards increasing their sales.

With an impressive track record of providing funds for major companies, Steve Ritchie has looked to enlist the assistance of Starboard Value LP to turn around Papa Johns. Once Starboard Value LP invested in Papa Johns, the top executive of Starboard Value has become a board member of Papa Johns. Over the past few months, Papa Johns and Starboard Value have looked for a buyer for the company. The founder John Schnatter has looked to buy the company back, but Starboard and the management of Papa Johns rejected his proposal. As a result, John Schnatter owns 30 percent of the company and is gradually being shunned away from Papa Johns.

As well as getting funds from investors such as Starboard Value, Papa Johns CEO Steve Ritchie is looking to make changes to the strategy of the company. One of these changes in strategy is to shift the focus from helping franchisees to increasing sales. He found out that the company must significantly increase its sales so that it can become profitable again. Another strategy is to restore the company’s reputation. Steve Ritchie spent a lot of time visiting franchise owners to talk about how they can help improve the company’s image among consumers. Ritchie has also suggested that the company offer more community outreach as well. As the company increases its sales, Steve Ritchie will look to pay off the debt from the capital provided by investors. These efforts will hopefully enable Papa Johns to regain its status as the leading pizza restaurant chain.

Miley Cyrus’ interesting offer to Rebel Wilson

Miley Cyrus has offered Australian actor rebel Wilson an interesting offer after the Aussie born star actress said she had never gone on a Valentine’s Day date. This comes after Wilson, a star in the upcoming romantic comedy alongside Miley Cyrus’ hubby Liam Hemsworth, posted a video on Instagram about her “predicament.”

She was imploring her followers to go and watch the movie when she added that she had never gone for a Valentine’s Day date with anyone. The romantic comedy “Isn’t It Romantic” is set to premier on February 14.

In the video, Wilson says she had never had a date on February 14 and so should anyone like her; they definitely have a chance for a date to go and see the movie and become close spirits. Miley Cyrus responded “OMG! Let’s be a throuple! Be our date!’ Rebel replied with koala and heart emojis. This comes after Miley Cyrus got married to Liam Hemsworth in December.

Wilson has been positing videos from behind the scenes movie on social media including a phot of herserlf and Liam Hemsworth in front of a green screen. In the movie, Wilson is playing Natalie, a woman who idolizes pretty woman only for her mother to say to her she is “no Julia Roberts. When she falls and is knocked out, Natalie wakes up in a romantic comedy where everything is nicer, happier, and brighter. Wilson also gets to kiss Liam Hemsworth.

Currently, Rebel Wilson is filming the cinematic adaptation of Cats alongside Jenifer Hudson, Tailor Swift, Judi Dench, and James Corden. In this movie, Wilson is playing Jennyanydots.

About Rebel Wilson

She was born Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson on March 2 1980 in Sydney, Australia. Rebel is a producer, writer, and actress. She went to Australian Theatre for Young People. She has played different characters including Pizza that aired on the SBS and the Wedge. She is the writer, producer and the star of Bogan Pride, a musical comedy she wrote back in 2008.

Her performance in Bogan Pride enabled her to win the Tropfest nest Actress award. Rebel was cast in the City Homicide and later moved to the United States, and was secured a role in Bridesmaids. Rebel says that she was remarkably shy while growing up, which bordered social disorder. Rebel Wilson has three siblings, Anneliese, Liberty, and Ryot.

She was first interested in Mathematics, saying that she was good in numbers. She went to the University of South Wales to study Bachelor of Arts, theatre, and enactment studies. She also has a law degree.


Her role in the Bridesmaids is the one that thrust her to the limelight as well as the captivating character, Fat Amy that she portrayed in the Pitch Perfect franchise. Rebel is a funny, daring, confident, and down-to-earth person.

She says her law degree has assisted her to discuss some of her acting contracts. She continues to grow in her acting career and she shows no signs of relenting. For now, she is working and waiting for the premier of “Isn’t It Romantic?”

Read more: Cats Movies – Rebel Wilson  Casts as Jenny | Deadline

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Leader, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist: Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry SchneiderJeffrey Schneider is a renowned entrepreneur and the founder of Ascendant Capital. He also works as the CEO of the company. Before Ascendant Capital, he gained lots of experience while working for Alex Brown, Merrill Lynch, and Smith Barney. He is also known for his philanthropic efforts in that he has participated in activities that promote charitable organizations and in helping the underprivileged.

Jeffrey Schneider studied in the University of Massachusetts, Amherst where he graduated bachelor’s degree in arts. He has had more than 25 years working in financial services, he has also made an extensive network of both private and public pensions, he has served in global financial companies, and family offices. In Ascendant capital he leads the firm of over 55 employees, in distribution, structuring, offering security and servicing its partner GPB Capital Holdings, via AAS (Ascendant Alternative Strategies). He ensures that every advisor’s business is improved by giving them alternative products to invest in so as to multiply whatever they are offering and this way the portfolio of the client becomes stronger.

Jeffrey Schneider’s success is attributed to his dedication to doing what he loves (his work) for up to 18 hours a day. He also owes part of the achievements to the employees who work collaboratively in a culture that has gone a long way in ensuring that all the business ideas have been implemented well. He believes in investing more on the alternative assets other than the traditional assets.

Jeffrey Schneider is a hard worker who will stop at nothing to do the best of he loves. He believes in transparency and accountability for every job that should be done. He is compassionate, charismatic and a visionary investor and who loves his family. He also loves travelling and making connections with experts who share same business ideas.