News watch partnerships and assistance to better others

News Watch is a brand associated with CBN News, The Christian Broadcasting Network, Nat Geo News Watch, and many more. From their constant providing of quality news and information, they have gone great lengths to not only offer for viewers but also their partnered affiliates, by bringing them a substantial amount of income and revenue. Assisting with large mega-corporations such as “Avanca”, “Contour”, “Steelseries” and many others, as well as even small businesses looking to gain some form of recognition and eminence. They’ve also helped with spreading the words with independent app developers and non-profit organizations. With the many advantages of spreading the word about these companies existence, the affiliates and News Watch its self is more than pleased to express its delight in working with them.

Contour is a lesser-known business based in Utah that is invested in allowing people to purchase sports cameras and camera related products. Its goal is to market its products and increase exposure to the public like any company would. With the assistance of News Watch’s media outlets, Contour’s Design campaign has seen a growth in sales and plenty more prominence. The marketing manager has shown his great appreciation in a thank you note. News Watch has allowed the company to also see a market reach over 95 million households as well as over 6 hundred thousand online impressions.

The Avanca Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign has received an amazing amount in growth that has exceeded the initially intended goal of income. The electronics wholesaler company was in dire need of exposure to gain some amount of momentum. With News Watch’s help, in a span of 30 days the Avanca’s income reached over four-hundred thousand. With this much of a boost and exceptional results, the company decided to continue to work with News Watch after the fact.

Along with these many fortunate and providential companies, News Watch has also assisted some more well-known companies such as “Audi”, “D-Link”, “Intel”, and few others.

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Tummy Tuck – Dr. Rod Rohrich’s insight to it

Tummy Tuck – Dr. Rod Rohrich’s insight to it

There are a lot of individuals who have issues with their fat tummies; females find it quite annoying as it prevents them from wearing the dresses they want or enjoy some summertime on a beach in a bikini. But there is a surgical procedure called as abdominoplasty or tummy tuck where additional skin from the abdomen area is removed to give a more firm and flat look to your tummy. After you are done with the surgery, you need to practice a religious form of exercise to make sure you are getting the most of your surgery. While this is not considered the most difficult type of plastic surgery, you would still need to contact someone like Dr. Rod Rohrich who is a household name in the Dallas area for plastic surgeries.

Besides proper medical history and no serious bodily injuries in the past, with smaller amounts of skin laxity and a good skin tone, you are likely to be a good candidate for Dr. Rod Rohrich. If you have extra skin below the navel area, a mini form of tummy tuck surgery would most probably take care of that. But if you have skin both above and below the navel area, then you shall consider a traditional form of abdominoplasty. This surgical procedure would not only lift the abdomen but would also have significant positive impacts on the thighs as well as buttock area. Since the incision in this is likely to extend to the back portion of the body, Dr. Rohrich would go into detail about the overall procedure to make you more comfortable before the actual surgery.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Rohrich would go over all the risks associated, if any, with the surgery. He believes in complete transparency before and after the procedure and with his immense knowledge and experience in the field, you could be assured that you are in safe hands. He will also explain the most suitable surgical procedures depending on your case. It is for this kind of genuine commitment that he is rated as the Best Plastic Surgeons in the great state of Texas by the Harper’s Magazine.

The Journey of David McDonald to the helm of leadership at OSI Group

From an early age when David McDonald was growing up on a farm in Iowa, he showed great interest in Agriculture. He grew up working on his family farm, and this gave him a sneak preview of what agriculture entailed. He would consequently establish passion in dealing with animals and cultivated this love every single day he spent on the farm. Little did he know that his passion would someday land him the Presidency of a multi-national food company. His journey to the top was heavily favored by his agriculture background and also his education background.

David attended Iowa State University where he pursued a degree in Animal Science. According to McDonald, he was lucky to have very supportive parents who encouraged him and supported him through his journey to success. Today David McDonald is the president of OSI Group, a global food company that has made a legacy as the top food manufacturer with branches all over the world, including China and Germany.

David McDonald joined OSI Group soon after completing his studies at Iowa State University in 1991. He started as a normal employee but his knowledge, dedication, and passion for the work fueled him to management positions. David would experience massive success while at the helms of power and continues to do so today as the current President and Corporate Operations Officer of the food company. Under his watch, OSI has grown to a global food company with outlets on virtually every corner of the earth. He has also led the group to a series of major acquisitions and mergers, the latest being in Australia with Turi foods. OSI Group acquires Flagship Europe.

Via their child company, OSI International Foods (Australia), the company has successfully completed a merger with Turi foods, which effectively summarizes all their operations in Australia. They will now operate under Turosi Pty Ltd, which was formed after the merger. McDonald says that the merger between Turi and OSI will increase their potential to serve their collective customers more effectively. He adds that the merger gives them an opportunity for the two teams to operate and work towards more progress under the new Turosi.

More about David McDonald

David is a highly philanthropic person and has pledged lifelong support to a string of charities and noble initiatives among them St. Michael Parish in Wheaton, Ill and Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative in Iowa State. David has also pledged lifetime support to Iowa State University and he also supports his fraternity by giving out fully funded scholarships.

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Dr. Saad Saad’s Secret to Success

If you read about the long life career of Dr. Saad Saad, pediatric surgeon, you’ll take away one recurring theme. His passion in life was working through goodness and helping others. Oftentimes, doctors are viewed as less compassionate individuals, working in their profession because it pays well. This was merely a reward for Dr. Saad, because his greatest priority at the time was working with a passion to help children heal, and their families too. What was the secret to his success?


Dr. Saad had a modest ubringing, born in Palestine and later relocated to Kuwait. This father had specialty training that would lead them there due to his work. As one of eight children, it was no surprise that he would learn how to share, compromise and work alongside his siblings. His education for what would become his lifelong profession was completed at the University of Cairo in Egypt. He would then seek to further his education by completing his internship in England. Once that was completed, he moved to the United States where he would delve into his full-time profession as a surgeon.


Dr. Saad completed his residency as a pediatric surgeon, knowing that the demands to practice in the United States were rigorous. Eventually, his reputation was so highly regarded in his home country that he was asked to serve for the Saudi Royal Family. It was during this time that Dr. Saad and his family lived in the city of Riyadh. Additionally, he was asked to work in The Protocol Office and King Faisal Hospital, where he would perform the most complex and complicated procedures for children. He was chosen for surgeries for the poorest children to those children that were also of royal descent. His opinions and decisions were taken very seriously, a compliment to his ability to make sound assessments of a patient’s condition. One of the most complex sugeries Dr. Saad performed was on a baby with an aneurysm. This was the youngest baby to have a surgical procedure, and it was through his careful work that the baby survived. Learn more:


During the course of his career, he completed several medical missions, and he treated both poor and wealthy children regardless of their status. He learned during his schooling from his mentor, Dr. Othersen, that an individual’s financial status, or mental and physical abilities matter not. The ability to use medicine to save lives is what matters most. This is the secret of his successful 47 year career as a pediatric surgeon. The legacy he leaves for pediatric medicine is great and it’s a tall order for those who follow him.

Sean Penn Who Just Write Stuff: Thoughts on Bob Honey Who Just do Stuff

Sean Penn’s first novel draws on the tradition of political satire, and in that light it’s a brilliant dystopian portrayal of contemporary American society. The story of Bob Honey who Just do Stuff isn’t really new, originally existing as the story of Pappy Pariah. Penn released that as an an audio book in 2015, but the present book expands the story quite a bit and drops the fictitious backstory of Penn meeting a real-life inspiration. Interestingly, Bob Honey who Just do Stuff was composed by dictation – which is fitting given the history as an audio book.


Bob Honey who Just do Stuff’s lead character is a septic tank salesman who moonlights as a government-sponsored assassin, which would seem absurd but then the idea is quite plausible given the present times. The lead character speaks very frankly about what he does, and at one point composes a letter to the (fictitious) President. Just as the rest of Bob Honey who Just do Stuff satirises contemporary American society, the letter offers a pointed and hardly-veiled rant lampooning President Trump which ends with the lines “Tweet me bitch, I dare you.” Bob Honey who Just do Stuff also takes jabs with the contemporary American obsession with branding, which of course is in line with Penn’s dislike of superficiality. One could easily be reminded of the sort of satirists that everyone thought didn’t exist anymore.


This is not to say that Penn’s work should in any way be immune to legitimate criticisms. The most important of these revolves around the seemingly unnecessary inclusion of a #MeToo poem by the lead character, deriding the movement as a “toddler’s crusade”. While the poem does highlight the fact that the #MeToo movement in some ways seems to equate all forms of sexual harassment, the general gist is that activism has taken things too far in calling out anti-social behaviours. “A platform for accusation impunity, has due process lost its sheen?” further highlights the focus not on survivors of harassment here but the destruction of accused men’s careers. While a focus on due process would work in an ideal world, the fact is that if due process actually worked then there wouldn’t be a problem to begin with. Penn notes how he’s fed up of divisiveness in society, and furthermore states that Bob Honey who Just do Stuff is a novel and not an opinion piece. Ergo, social equality and movements towards it are good while superficiality is simply idiotic.


All in all, Bob Honey who Just do Stuff is a fascinating debut novel from a man who’s always had a penchant for ruffling feathers and offers a pointed critique of contemporary American society. Some reviews call the book dystopian, but further introspection on prevailing realities might simply lead to calling the book pragmatic.

Sightsavers Works on an Inclusive Environment

There are many important things that the team at Sightsavers have learned while trying to figure out solutions to make their programs dedicated to eye health inclusive for people who have different disabilities. In order to do this, many different approaches were tried in India for their urban eye health program. This project really opened up Sightsavers’ eyes when it came to the different problems that people with disabilities faced when trying to get eye health services in their community. It also showed Sightsavers that in order for these people to be included in their projects, Sightsavers and other organizations need to work hard to make it happen.

Sightsavers learned that it is necessary to increase awareness and understanding at an organizational level to promote actions being taken. There must be proper training done to make these efforts more effective in the community.



Improving accessibility for the disabled of health facilities that can treat eye conditions is more than possible according to Sightsavers, and the actions that need to be taken do not have to be that complex at all. While the task at hand isn’t entirely straightforward, if there can be agreements made on a senior-level, the funds and manpower needed to achieve Sightsavers’ goals can be allocated. People with disabilities getting involved on a leadership basis is very important to the cause and they should absolutely be included in these efforts. Many times, these people who are highly capable of contributing are looked past due to their disabilities. This helps to break down the many stereotypes that exist among different cultures around the world. For Sightsavers, increasing their outreach and building larger stakeholder networks with organizations that share their vision is an essential part of providing assistance to these marginalized groups that are often forgotten about during these efforts.

Making Sense Of Tech In Politics With NGP VAN

Politics has almost always been a game of impressing others and making one’s public persona open to most potential voters’ viewpoints without taking both sides of the political aisle.

However, in today’s world, most political office races are won through the constant competitive advantage provided by technology. Long ago, pulling together campaigns required extensive legwork, countless hours spent driving to areas of interest and otherwise breaking one’s back to support a competing candidate.

Today, labor isn’t as prevalent in making sure campaigns are successful. Rather, siding with tried-and-true software and other forms of technology is the most surefire way of securing success in any political endeavors. As a matter of fact, the use of modern technology and the proper analysis of big data as it relates to political campaigns are both more important than hard work and the sweat, blood, and tears it burns on.


Here’s how Barack Obama spent eight years in office

To best understand how helpful technology can be, learning about Barack Obama’s and his campaign’s efforts to get him elected in both 2008 and 2012 is essential.

Obama and his political affiliates he hired to ultimately win the 2008 and 2012 United States presidential elections was NGP VAN, a company based in Washington, D.C., best known for its helping of Democratic and progressive campaigns all across the United States.

Led by founder and CEO Stu Trevelyan effectively earned the Obama campaign a whopping 14.5 million additional votes that almost certainly wouldn’t have been cast in his favor without NGP VAN’s help. In 2012, when Barack Obama was seeking reelection to office, he stood on the shoulders of NGP VAN to boost votes cast in his favor over opponent Mitt Romney, whose ORCA platform didn’t work successfully for him.


NGP VAN was created in 1997 by CEO Stu Trevelyan. The company is co-headed by CTO John Lee, CRO Michelle Stephenson, and Amanda Coulombe, its General Manager of Organization.

Last year, the group released its 8th edition of NGP VAN software for its candidates to use. The company has more than 10 years of work history behind it.

PSI-Pay: Contactless Payment Methods Override Coins and Notes

It is 2018, and most people can expect the further use of contactless payment with debit and credit card enabled payment channels. Therefore, this would mean, the strategy implemented by most non-banking platforms will satisfy their needs in many ways including working with merchants, institutions and varied consumers including vendors. Moreover, as the year’s turn, over 650 millions NFC-enabled smartphones are expected to take a contactless diversion by adopting the new niche.

Background Information

Therefore, the British Retail Consortium believes that half of the purchases in the country are conducted by using credit cards. Moreover, the recent reports released by the PSI-Pay management and Kerv Wearables, its affiliate indicate that the cashless payment methods will vastly dominate the market. For that reason, the two companies have been championing the use of cashless channels of payment through combined efforts. Moreover, the duo is set to release the significant contactless payment ring with the intention of injecting this revolutionary payment method to the industry.

Paperless Money Conquers

Possibly, it is time to ditch to wallet payment methods and the hassle of having to think of and remember your PIN number every now and again. Additionally, the rising number of retail stores in the United Kingdom makes consumers turn to contactless payment methods as the only solution to make faster payments. Other than that, the United Kingdom’s coin industry is experiencing an overriding game that is taking over all coin worlds as the contactless channels of payment pose as a threat for the other sectors.

The Church of England Adapts Payment Method

If you think that the contactless payment method is all about business and how it can thrive in new markets, then perhaps you are wrong because even the Church of England has adopted the payment method and is now implementing it. Moreover, it is being piloted through electronic collection terminals across forty churches. What is even worth looking at is the fact that this payment method is being used to collect church donations. Perhaps this is the onset of the paper cash use, right?

Coins and Notes are Overthrown

For the first time in the history of the United Kingdom, paperless money is now overtaking coins and notes. For that reason, Kev’s contactless payment method has poised as a threat to many traditional transactions.

More about PSI-Pay

PSI-Pay is a United Kingdom-based company that provides sponsorship payment solutions for businesses and individuals through an FCA institution of regulations. As a leading Fintech company, it has been a significant member of the MasterCard Business Solutions since 2009.

Whitney Wolfe’s Impact on Gender Issues

Whether the date is initiated in person or via the internet, there has been this idea that men are supposed to initiate contact and the first date. Not only is this frustrating for women, who are just as capable as sparking a conversation about dating, but also a bit unfortunate for men, as they are under pressure to always make the first move. Whitney Wolfe Herd realized that both parties could benefit from an app that encouraged women to make the first move, so she created Bumble, which is one of the top dating apps at the moment. Essentially, Bumble enforces that the woman of each match initiate contacting the match mate, and with over 30 million users, it is clear that this idea has been quite a success!

It appears that Whitney knows what she is doing when it comes to relationships, as in fact, she recently just married her hubby, gaining the last name Herd to her profile. Romance isn’t the only expertise of Whitney Wolfe Herd, as she has also created the successful apps known as Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz. Whitney Wolfe Herd’s intention for Bumble BFF was for people to make new friends via the online app, while her goal for Bumble Bizz was to help people connect with business contacts, allowing others to succeed in their career endeavors, too.

Realizing the impact that technology has on today’s society, as well as the current issues that reside within it, Whitney Wolfe has created multiple platforms for people to gain social contacts from. Bringing her work to life, Whitney Wolfe Herd has even made a location in Soho New York, where a (pretend) bee hive is now present, allowing those who connect via any of the Bumble apps to hangout in a beehive themed location. Bumble founder feared she’d be blacklisted after Tinder lawsuit.

With Whiney’s female empowerment successes gaining buzz worthy attention, we can be eager to see what her next great hit is!

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The chainsmokers before success

We know artists Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart as the American DJ duo group the Chainsmokers, but before their success came about they were two men destined for a dream. They never imagined that their dreams and hard work would lead them to write several top chart hits and several awards. They landed themselves with a Grammy, Billboard Music awards, mtv music awards, iHeart Radio awards, and more. Their songs have been on the top of the charts and their popular hit “closer” reached number one for weeks straight. People fell in love with their electric pop music that is perfect for dancing and having a good time.

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They reunited the Chainsmokers in 2012 with their new member Andrew Taggart. They started playing shows and hit their breakthrough in 2012 and 2014. They have went on to launch seven different albums and they are currently working on some new projects. They pride themselves in creating music that everyone can relate to and enjoy. According to Andrew and Alex, their new music isn’t going to be the same as their old music. They are looking to put a whole new spin on things and gain an even bigger crowd.

Alex lived In New York when he created the now famous Duo group. He was part time DJ, and he made the decision to take his dream seriously, and worked hard to make it in the music business.

Andrew was a student in the state of Maine when he heard the good news that the chainsmokers needed a second member to make up their duo group. He jumped right to the opportunity and sought out to meet Alex.

They started creating music and knew that it was meant to be. They never could have guessed that they would end up selling millions of albums and gaining millions of loyal fans around the world!