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Yuri ユリ is one of the five main characters in Doki Doki Literature Club!, one of the five members of the Literature Club, and one of the three characters for whom the player can write poems. Yuri Have you already discovered that Doki Doki Literature Club isn’t what it seems at first? Then you probably would love to know how to end the game in the best possible way. Yuri @Doki_Yuri_ I’m a quiet, apologetic intellectual. I love reading novels that build deep fantasy worlds. Despite being quiet, I’m passionate about topics I’m interested in. Yuri is the secondary antagonist of the 2017 visual novel Doki Doki Literature Club!. She replaces Sayori as the Vice-President in Act 2 after she is deleted by Monika during the end of Act 1. While Yuri may have been a caring individual in Act 1, her personality shifts in Act 2 to that of an. Push yourself Yuri stands up and practically rushes out of the, classroom what on earth was that about pizza Pitt did something happened just now uh I have no idea Yuri was acting a little strange I guess so you so you don't know anything sorry, I can't say I do are you worried about her oh no not really I was just. Making sure that you didn't.

In YouTube, you can watch some youtubers playing this mode. I looked in the videos' descriptions, in lots of Google pages, but I didn't get anything with the links I found. Can someone help me? The author of this topic has marked a post as the answer to their question. ? yuri doki doki literature club 335? doki doki literature club 974? natsuki doki doki literature club 311? sayori doki doki literature club 256? monika doki doki literature club 512? otxoa60 42? savi byakushimc 73? satchely 65? protagonist doki doki literature club 18? nan gokurou 32? xhunzei 38? murai shinobu 216? grey jacket 3. r/DDLCMods: DDLC Mods aims to discuss, develop, and enjoy fan-renditions of Team Salvato's Doki Doki Literature Club. As the Modding arm, we aim to.

I started off trying to dateYuri but then Sayori killed herself. Tried going for Yuri again just to see what happened, but then she stabbed herself with a knife!! D: and now lots of weird text is appearing and I can't get out of the scene. Even when going to the main menu, it just takes me directly back into the game. Help please ><. Doki Doki Literature Club - Walkthrough Girl Guide Written by Capt. Pottypie / Oct 8, 2017 If you're anything like me, you're probably not the best at getting the girls. Okay, so I doubt I'm the first to have found this out. But there are probably many others who would never notice this. If you open Yuri's "character file" in Google chrome Don't know if it works in other browsers. You get a long wall of text. Seemingly random letters and numbers. But I didn't trust that it was so simple and was certain it was.

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