Kenneth Griffin’s Early Success In Asset Management

Ken Griffin is the young billionaire according to website, philanthropist and founder of Citadel. Kenneth is also the CEO of Citadel, and he’s very active in its every day operations. He is only 46 years old, and he already has a net worth of over $6.6 billion as of spring 2015.

He started investing early on in life after reading a Forbes article while he was attending Harvard in his freshman year. The next year he decided to found his first hedge fund that concentrated on convertible bond arbitrage which is a market neutral investment strategy used by hedge funds when they make a short sale on an issuer’s common stock and buy convertible securities at the same time. His fist hedge fund was financed with around $265,000 from friends and family. His grandmother reportedly invested the most money. Ken went so far to make his hedge fund a success that he installed a satellite link in his room so that market numbers could be delivered in real time. His methods were what helped his capital weather the storm of the stock market crash in 1987. Before graduating with a degree in economics in 1989, he was able to to start a second fund due to his success with his first, and he was managing over a million dollars while still in college.

When Ken Griffin graduated from Harvard he began a business relationship with Frank Meyer. Frank was a fellow investor and the founder of Glenwood Capital. He gave Kenneth $1 million dollars. Frank was extremely happy with the results that Ken was able to provide. It was reported by the New York Times that Ken was able to get Frank a 70% return on his $1 million dollar investment which leaves one to wonder just how much Ken made off of that $1 million to be able to return the initial investment plus 70%.

Ken began his life’s work rather quickly after he graduated from Harvard and worked with Frank Meyer because in 1990 he started Citadel with $4.6 million. Today, Citadel is one of the world’s leading asset managers, and it manages over $26 billion dollars worth of assets. Citadel Securities is the other branch of Citadel, and it’s known as one of the top international market makers. Citadel Securities trades a number of products including equity options, equities and interest rate swaps for institutions and retail clients. Citadel also holds the distinction of being in a 3% elite category of hedge funds that are over 20 years old. The asset managing giant employees over 1400 people worldwide, and it has offices in North America, Europe and Asia with its primary headquarters in Chicago, Illinois.

Just to recap about Ken, he started his very first hedge fund during his second year in Harvard, and before graduating he was managing two funds and $1 million between them. He graduated from Harvard with a degree in economics from Harvard in 1989, and then he went on to found Citadel. Kenneth Griffin is undoubtedly the model for maximizing potential.

What You Need To Know About Frans Schoeman, Director At Phatsima Diamond

If you need a lawyer in Bellville, South Africa, you will find that you have many choices. They lawyer you pick will be based on many factors. There are many huge law firms who are willing to take on your case, however, many of these simply can not offer you the special one on one touch of a personal lawyer. It is for this reason, you might want to check into the services offered by Phatsima Diamond and their director, Attorney Fran Schoeman. You might not know Fran on a personal level, however, after he helps you with your legal work, you will leave with a personal knowledge and a personal interaction with Fran that you will be happy to have. Fran feels that a personal relationship with his clients is the best way to give legal advice for many reasons.

Anyone who knows Frans Schoeman on myspace, the director at Phatsima Diamond, already knows that Frans has a phliosophy that bigger is not always better. Frans understands that legal skills are needed to win cases and create success stories. At the same time he understands that people who engage his service need one on one personal attention. This attention is not just about legal details, it is also about all aspects when Frans can offer customer service. Frans knows that, as a legal professional part of his job is to help advise his client. There are bigger law firms who don’t always give this personal one on one service, however, keep in mind that the word bigger does not always mean better. This does not just relate to the legal world, it relates to all aspects of life and business.

As an experienced attorney, Frans is well versed in excellent legal knowledge and experience. With every client he is ready, willing and able to provide advise that is sound and can help offer a solution to the problems at hand. Frans feels that anything less is a disservice to his clients. When it comes to the law, there are many areas of law that Fran Schoeman can help with. He can assist with administrative law, banking law, litigation on a commercial level, insolvency or help with items like civil and criminal litigation, medical law, estates and trusts, transfer of property or family law. If there is one thing Frans Schoeman does well it is offer you top notch legal advice and great customer service. Regardless if you need an attorney now or in the future, you owe it to yourself to have a conversation with Frans Schoeman and see if he is the right lawyer for your needs. Like many of his satisfied clients, you will leave the law office feeling that you have got legal advice from an old friend you know, like and trust.

Shaygan Kheradpir Had Success Because He Learned A Lot

Shaygan Kheradpir has received multiple degrees because he learned the value of a good education early on. He knew that if he were to store up all of the things that he was able to learn, and if he would be able to apply them to his career later on, that he would be able to do well for himself. And the success that he’s had has been because of his efforts to learn a lot while he was still young. His degrees have helped him out greatly, and anyone who is thinking of getting a degree or two should realize how much they are worth.
Shaygan Kheradpir is a technology and business executive who knows what he is doing. He learned so much when he was getting his degrees, and he has learned so much since then. He is a man who is constantly learning something new and doing something different, and he is someone who many people have come to respect. He is a man who knows what he is doing and who does it with confidence. His career has been something great because of what he, himself, has done to make that happen.
Anyone who wants to get started in a career needs to think about the things that Shaygan Kheradpir has done, and they need to realize just how much work will need to be put into it. They’ll have to think about what they will need to learn, and all that they will need to do, and they will need to gather the courage needed to tackle those things. Because, like with Shaygan Kheradpir on, if they are strong and ambitious enough they will be able to make anything happen for themselves.
So, that should be a lesson to everyone. Degrees and schooling matters. Learning all that one can about a subject and keeping the things that they have learned with them for their entire life is the best thing that they can be doing in order to be sure that they will have a great career. It is what Shaygan Kheradpir did, and he has been able to do many great things because of it. He was able to see all kinds of success because of the way that he was determined to learn so much when he was young, and because of the way that he just kept on learning through all of the years spent in his career.

Doe Deere’s Innovative Brand

True innovators have the rare gift of making what they do look easy, which is one of the qualities that Doe Deere, the creative spark behind the Lime Crime cosmetics brand, has in spades. Deere has created a truly colorful line of cosmetics that speaks to women who like their look to have a whimsical and bold feel to it, and Lime Crime has succeeded by offering makeup that makes a real statement for these powerfully creative women.

Recently, Deere spoke to The Story Exchange about how she launched her Internet driven brand, and the challenges involved.


The Lime Crime cosmetics brand launched in 2008, but it actually began a few years earlier when Deere began a DIY fashion line through an account on eBay. She was sewing clothes and found that it was hard to find bright and bold colors to work with. Through both necessity and creative inspiration, Deere sought out the colors she needed for both her clothing line and then when she began Lime Crime. What resulted was a bold and beautiful new cosmetics brand that appeals to women who like to make a real statement with their beauty products.


Obviously, Deere is enjoying a unique success story with her brand, so she was asked what is the true meaning of success for her. Deere feels that success is all about being willing to keep creating and reinventing in order to keep the look of her brand fresh. The other important aspect of success is just in making people happy with what you do.


Deere has thought a lot about what success means to her in her brand, and she says that one of the products that means the most to her is the Velvetines lipstick line, as it is truly unique. This product is the first “liquid to matte” lipstick on the market, which Deere is rightly proud of. This product achieves its affect without crumbling, and it retains its vibrant color. It also has been certified as “cruelty free” by the Leaping Bunny organization, which is a high honor.


When asked about the challenges she has had to take on as head of a brand, Deere said there’s no doubt the most serious one was an incident with cyber-hacking of the website in 2014. Through no fault of their own, the company site was attacked and some customer information was compromised. Deere felt personally responsible, however, and the company went to great lengths to protect the site from future hacks by working with Trustwave and Norton, to ensure that information is now more protected than “Fort Knox.”


When asked about who her hero is, Deere noted that Kim Gordon of Wildfox vintage clothing is a true inspiration. That company also launched in 2007/2008 and appeals to women who are creatively inspired and truly whimsical.

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Yeonmi Park’s Quest for Freedom

Yeonmi Park’s story is an inspiring one. After escaping from North Korea, she is now a human rights activist fighting for the freedom of the people of North Korea and the rest of the world. Park’s story has been heard in many platforms across the globe including Women in the World Summit. 21 year old Park is also writing a book to share her inspirational story with as many people as possible around the world. The book is titled Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom.

Everything they do is controlled by the state, which is lead by supreme leader Kim Jong Un. Guards are always around to make sure that orders are strictly followed.

Park’s life changed when her father got arrested on smuggling charges. Being a prisoner’s daughter was never easy. When living in North Korea became unbearable, the decision to flee the country was arrived at. Since there were guards positioned at the border in case anyone wanted to escape, Park and her family had to cross a river to get to China.

Life in China was not good either. Park was almost raped, before her mother rescued her and got raped in her place. Park buried her father alone during the night after he succumbed to colon cancer. She also got to experience human trafficking, first hand, after being sold to human traffickers. They could not stay in China any longer. Therefore, they decided to move to South Korea in search of better lives. They had to brace the extremely cold temperatures of Gobi desert to get there.

Speaking at the Women in the World summit after her escape, Park expressed her joy at finding new freedom. She felt like she owned her life for the first time. She no longer belonged to the state. Park wants to spend her life championing for the rights of people in North Korea. Over 20 million North Koreans are living in abject poverty.

The western Media is not doing enough to expose the injustices in North Korea. Rather than focusing on the oppression and violation of human rights, they concentrate of Kim Jong Un and his antics. The portrayal of North Koreans as naïve loyalists and passive victims is also not correct. However, individuals like Park are helping to change this narrative.

To Park, the situation in North Korea is not just a North Korean Problem; it is a global problem. Human rights violation needs to be addressed from a global perspective if there is any hope of ending the vice.

Bruce Levenson – Washington DC’s Most Successful Entrepreneur

Bruce Levenson is an esteemed businessman and philanthropist most notably responsible for the purchase the Atlanta Hawks basketball team. He began working at the Washington DC Star newspaper in the mid-1970s before he began his incredible career as a cofounder of the United Communications Group, a company that collected and sold data to newspapers and other organizations about publicly and privately traded companies, from oil companies to health care, energy banking etc. Levenson on also owns and operates a very successful setup known as GasBuddy. GasBuddy is a mobile app that allows its users to find the lowest possible gas prices in any of the thousands of user-defined towns available.

Making himself a millionaire hundreds and hundreds of times over by building and running the United Communications Group, he decided to purchase the Atlanta Hawks as well as the Atlanta Thrashers team from the Turner Broadcasting Corporation. Him and his partner at United Communications Group, Ed Prestowitz purchased a majority stake. He also purchased the Atlanta Hawks and is the majority owner of the Philips Arena, the place that the Atlanta Hawks play. In addition to owning the team, he also assists in executive managing the Atlanta Hawks as well as holding court on the NBA board of governors.

He has a deep and powerful passion for writing. In college, he spent a good amount of time writing. Having a law degree under his belt, he also had a great amount of knowledge of the law and how as well as a very profound understanding of numbers and statistics. So Levinson founding the United Communications Group just makes good sense.

He has made quite a name for himself in the world of business, having created the United Communications Group from scratch. Everything about his operation is extremely frugal. While other major firms similar to the United Communications Group would have statues and all of the useless and fancy amenities, he cut out all of the additional cost out from his operation. It was him, his partner at a desk with the secretary. Having such low overhead and making such an enormous amount of money, it enabled him to reinvest into the business, making them quite rich in the process, with hundreds of millions of dollars in each of the two founders pockets.

Levinson is also a board member at several prestigious companies, and of two of the companies he owns a significant portion.

Levinson is also a founding contributor of the US Holocaust Museum. He has donated a lot of his time and money to different Jewish organizations such as the SEED foundation and the Jewish Federation also the Jewish Youth Philanthropy Institute.