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It takes a lot for a dog food company to get to the top of the heap, but Purina has done just this. In the United States, Purina is the most prevalent pet food solution for dogs there is. In the world, Purina is the second most trusted option available. And there’s good reason.

Take, for example, Beneful. Beneful is a Purina dog food designed specifically to bring dogs the most health at the most affordable price. Beneful is actually inclusive of real food ingredients, like chicken or beef. Some dog food companies actually produce the stuff based in production scraps from the factory floor. Everybody knows that a dog will pretty much eat anything he decides he can fit his mouth around. Dogs just have that quality about them. As a result, many pet food companies just throw anything and everything in the pet food bag, then sell it at bottom dollar. Now, there are certainly owners who just don’t care what their animal eats, or how healthy it is. Many farmers have dogs that never come inside and are only fed the bare minimum to keep them loyal. For these individuals, bottom dollar options made from non-authentic food scraps re-purposed in order that a factory retain its bottom line are ideal. But for the dog owners that truly love their four-footed family members, no such spendthrift option works. Purina understands this, and so produces foods that have real ingredients designed to keep dogs healthy, happy and strong. Furthermore, products like Beneful are sold at prices reasonable to the market.

Even though Purina is the leading supplier of dog food in the United States, that doesn’t mean they have to be the most expensive! The key is to give customers especially those on multivu the value for their money, while at the same time providing a trustworthy product. Purina understands this, and has endeavored to do as much very successfully.

In 2013, Purina spent over forty million dollars ensuring the formula in its Beneful dog food solution wasn’t only healthy for dogs, but that dogs preferred its taste. A dog may not have the sophistication to write a culinary review, but that lack of sophistication is also indicative of his tastes. When a dog is excited about a food stuff, it’s easy to tell that he likes it. When a dog isn’t excited about a foodstuff, well it only makes sense that he doesn’t prefer it. And dogs definitely love Purina. Poor the food and see those mutts come scurrying around the corner like somebody just fired a pistol during a military drill. It can get messy sometimes, if they haven’t been trained properly!

For the best dog food in the United States, many would say that Purina is the only option, and it’s easy to see why. They have a variety of quality products at realistic prices and in great supply across the world. For the dog lover that wants realistically priced food that is healthy for their four-footed loved ones, Purina delivers.


Ken Griffins is a Chicago-based American hedge fund manager. He is also the founder and CEO of Citadel; a global investment firm. It has an estimated $25 billion dollars in investment. It is among the most successful in the world. He is also among the highest earning CEOs.He is currently worth around $ 7 billion dollars.

He started his forays in the investment world as a freshman at Harvard in 1986.An article by Forbes encouraged him. In the following year, he launched a hedge fund focussed on convertible bond arbitrage. It had $265,000 in seed capital. He got this money from friends and family. He installed a satellite phone in his dorm room to get real-time market data. It was this ingenious strategy that saw him preserve capital during the stock crash of 1987.

He graduated in 1989 with an economics major. After graduation, Frank Meyer provided him with $ 1 million to invest. Frank is the founder of Glenwood Capital LLC. Citadel was founded by Griffin in 1990 with $ 4.6 million in the seed capital. By 1998; Citadel had 100 employees and a capital of $ 1 Billion in investment capital. Since then, Citadel has grown in leaps and bounds. Citadel was earlier this year awarded as the best working place. Kenneth has also appeared numerous times on the Forbes 400.He is a board member in some organizations throughout Chicago.

Kenneth isn’t shy about having his opinions voiced out. He has expressed the need for market structure regulations to catch up with changes in the market structure to increase fairness and resilience. The law isn’t keeping up with changes he says. He also claims the people responsible for the Capital Markets are young, inexperienced business school guys who lack wisdom. This lack of prudent risk management is incompetence. He recently stated that the rapid growth of derivatives has created an opaque market with few giant players. The failure of one has a snowball effect in the market.

Kenneth is an active philanthropist. He has contributed around $ 500 million in various initiatives. He is the founder of Kenneth and Anne Griffin Foundation in October 2009.In February 2014; he contributed $ 150 million to Harvard for undergraduate financial aid.In 2011, he donated $ 11 million towards the building of a new chapel of the Fourth Presbyterian Church in Chicago. The church was named after his grandparents.

Griffins is also one of the most avid art collectors in the country. He has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in art pieces. He once paid $ 80 million dollars for one piece. He is a Reagan Republican. He believes in small, efficient governments. He has made political contributions and donations for top political candidates and parties. In 2011, he supported Mitt Romney.

Kenneth is a Christian. He is a member Presbyterian Church of Chicago. He is an active member of the church. He also has three children with Anne Dias. He is set on guiding Citadel to new heights.

Beneful Brand Dog Food Offers Pets Proven Great Results

When it comes to healthy dog food, there is a view that Purina’s Beneful is the gold standard for proper pooch nutrition. In fact, there is a growing trend with dog owners to provide food that helps these beloved pets remain happy, playful and overall healthy from head to toe. While finding a dog fool that offers this perfect balance of wholesome ingredients, mixed with high quality nutrition, is not easy, there are many pet owners commenting online about how they found dog food with both great taste and healthy ingredients.

Another aspect of why today’s Beneful on purinastore dog food is linked to new brands that are hugely popular with pets who demand great taste. For instance, there are numerous online testimonials from happy dog owners who say they finally found a pet food that satisfies their own desire to provide wholesome ingredients to their dogs without skimping on flavor. This issue has long been vital to all pet owners who worry about their dog getting enough “balance” in their diet.

Dog food vital to a pet’s health

There are many top brands today that offer pet owners true peace of mind when it comes to a perfect balance of both real and nutritious food for dogs. For example a top Purina dog grand is credited with having a quality assurance code that is second to none when it comes to providing true high quality and consistent natural ingredients in its dog food.

The best measure of proper dog nutrition today includes:

– Dog food that meets or exceeds both USDA and FDA standards.

– Pet food manufacturing that is all about living up to high standards and consistency when it comes to dog food products.

– No fillers or unknown ingredients in dog food brands.

In general, there are those dog foods that are cheap and skimp on quality ingredients and those foods that are of high quality that keep dog barking for more. This is what a pet owner must consider when choosing what brand of dog food to purchase for this member of the family.

High quality dog food on offer

There is a view that today’s dog foods have never been better in terms of high quality ingredients. In turn, there are those pet food manufacturers who claim to only use the best processes for producing dog food. It is up to the pet owner to sort out what’s true when it comes to providing their dog with the very best nutrition possible.

Overall, there has never been a better time to purchase high quality dog food that meets various standards of high nutrition and great taste. The best advice is to sample various brands of food, and see what your dog thinks.

Ken Griffin Knows How To Make Money In Good And In Bad Times

Ken Griffin, the multi-billionaire hedge fund manager, knows the difference between a good investment and an outstanding one. After all, Ken Griffin was a millionaire before he graduated from Harvard. He made that money trading stocks in his dorm room. When he thought the time was right and he had enough money, Griffin decided he wanted to invest full time. That moment came in 1990. That was the year Citadel LLC. was born. Citadel LLC ,under the direction of Ken Griffin, has become a hedge fund icon. But Griffin and Citadel have hit some hard bumps along the way to success. Some of those bumps changed the way Griffin looked at the investment world and he is thankful they did.

Before the 2008 recession hit, Citadel and Ken Griffin on wsj were in the zone, in terms of managing assets that other funds thought were good. But when the market crash demolished those assets and almost forced Griffin to give up the company, something happened. Ken realized he had nothing else to lose. That feeling gave him power he never used before. Rather than closing down Citadel operations, Griffin managed to borrow enough money to invest in some risky assets. Those assets were so risky that other hedge fund managers turned them down. Even the limited partners in Citadel wanted to break ties and move on, but Griffin convinced them to stay.

When Griffin’s asset choices began to produce record returns, everyone was shocked except Ken Griffin. Losing everything and feeling the freedom of knowing there was nothing more to lose gave Griffin the energy he needed to follow his instincts instead of the thoughts of others. Going broke was a kind of spiritual experience for Ken, and because of that experience he isn’t afraid of failure. Failure gave him the power to believe in himself, and that quality is what makes the difference between good and outstanding investing.

Today, Griffin is a sought after commodity in the investment world. People want to know what he is doing and how he is doing it. Men like Bill Clinton and other political and world leaders listen to him and call him their friend. Griffin is on top of the world and that world keeps expanding.

But investing in emerging markets as well as advanced markets is becoming more challenging than ever before. Most economists think the world is on the doorstep of a world recession. All the signs point to a very challenging 2016 in terms of investments. But Citadel is not as concerned as some investment firms. Griffin is planning an IPO in 2016 as well as revealing several new strategies that could offset some of the losses that might occur next year. Griffin hasn’t revealed those strategies, but it’s safe to say they will be unique.

Griffin has become a leader in the investment world because of his ability to surround himself with good people and smart investment choices. In good investing times and in bad investing times Ken Griffin does what he does best. He makes money.

The NBA Franchise

The National Basketball Association was established in 1946 as the Basketball Association of America. This name was adopted in 1949 after the incorporation of the teams from the national basketball league. There has been a major evolution with the running of clubs in NBA that has seen growth in revenue and also in stature of clubs. The NBA brand has become an important revenue generator for the clubs, owners and the government. NBA started off with 17 franchises, but the number reduced to 11. The franchises formed the foundations for what have become Lakers, Knickerbockers, Celtics, Hawks, Warriors, Detroit Pistons, National/Sixers and Royals/Kings. It then improved in numbers in 1966-68 with the addition of Chicago Bulls, Suns, Rockets, Bucks and Supersonics currently known as thunder. NBA has since grown in stature and is one of the most lucrative businesses for investment.

NBA franchise like Atlanta Hawks makes a lot of money. The revenue is generated mainly through annual ticket sales. The injection from the TV endorsement and sporting companies like Nike and Adidas contribute to increasing in the money franchises make. Buying and selling of franchises a very costly affair considering the money in question.

  1. Bruce Levenson a known business person with an interest in United Communications Group (UCG), Atlanta Sprits, LLC used to own the Atlanta Hawks and all the operating rights to Philips Arena. Bruce and his partners had acquired the club from Times warner for a tune of $ 200 million in 2004. However, the club whose value at some point was estimated at $425 million and ranked 27th out of the 30 NBA franchises was sold for around $800 million. The sale proved a shrewd investment for Mr. Levenson and company considering the meager amount they had invested in 2004.The value of clubs in the NBA franchise has skyrocketed in the recent past. The business is very lucrative considering the returns it’s bringing to the owners. Atlanta Hawks value was rank 27th out 30 in NBA and still managed to attract an investor willing to buy it for $800 million. Secondly, the average team value in the NBA is averaging at $1.1 billion. This valuation is putting into considerations factors like new media links, arenas, player’s value, and sponsorship deals and partnerships. Walt Disney through ESPN and Time Warner through TNT have injected $2.5 billion annually for the next 9 years dwarfing the current deal worth $897. The deal which will commence in the 2016-17 season has shaken up the value of clubs meaning that acquiring them has been made a lot harder.In conclusion, funding from TV has inflated the price of obtaining an NBA franchise in the USA. The case of Atlanta Hawkes which was valued close to the bottom rank in value managed rack close to $1 billion after nearly a year of speculation. The opportunity of buying a franchise in NBA is not common.

Slyce Delivers a New Way to Interact with Computers

In many ways the rise of computers has been a process of humanity’s tools becoming more human. As such, the biggest leaps in computing have usually come about due to computers gaining new proficiency in something which humans had previously had exclusive claim to. For example, humans were once the only ones who could converse using complex language. Search engines were the natural result of computers gaining some ability to understand language. And this process can also be seen thanks to the work being done by a company called Slyce.

Slyce is adding vision to computing devices, and it promises to be equally revolutionary. One of the biggest reasons for this is that people are highly visual. When people interact with the world there’s almost always an emphasis on vision. Imagine how prominent signs are in any given area, for example. Humanity usually communicates through a combination of both words and images. The fact that computers have only been able to understand half of that has been a huge limitation on what they’re able to do.

This can be clearly seen by looking at what Slyce has been able to do with their vision based technology. As one might expect, they’re heavily targeting mobile devices such as smartphones. These are in most ways the perfect type of computing platform for vision based systems. They’re small and portable, which ensures they can actually be carried to various sights. And they tend to have very high quality cameras built right into them. And finally, they usually have quite fast Internet connections by default. It’s a perfect match for everything Slyce needed for a visually based platform.

The main focus of Slyce has been something known as visual search. Imagine seeing a great pair of shoes. This might be a real pair of shoes that’s seen out in the world, or shoes worn in a photograph. Either way, all one would need to do with a Slyce powered app is point it at the shoes and let the technology work its magic. The visual recognition software would look at the shoes, and then send that data back to Slyce. At this point the powerful supercomputers they run would analyze the image and run it through a massive visual database. It’d then send back information about the shoes. What’s done with the data at that point would depend on the nature of the app. But one of the most popular applications for visual search is integration within a store. So a Slyce powered app might then load up an interface where one could purchase that pair of shoes. The possibilities are as wide as with text based searches. Slyce has devised a whole new way for people to fully interact with computers.