In Order To Live: The True Story Of A Young Girl’s Triumph Through Fear And Oppression

The story of Yeonmi Park on The Guardian is one that has caught the attention of people all over the world. The tragic and brutal nature of her home country of North Korea is well known to most of the world. However, the nature of this darkly secretive country has had more light shed into it than it’s leader’s may want to have. This is surely an act of liberation and urgency, the nature of the book is not a happy one. “I wasn’t dreaming of freedom when I escaped from North Korea. I didn’t even know what it meant to be free.” This is a excerpt from her new book. A startling reality check for any free country’s citizens to read. Coming from a place where hunger is regular and you are led to believe that your dictator can read your mind is no picnic. The mental abuse that this young woman and her family had to endure is abhorrent. Her story of trials, suffering, illnesses and finally escape are hard to read without tearing up. Picturing Young Park and her family willing to risk their lives for a mere bowl of rice is enough to break your heart. Born on October 4th 1993, Park is still quite young to have already endured so much loss and harsh realities. It is a reality most of us have never known and one that many still live out daily. Now, she is empowered and advocates victims of human trafficking, while working to promote human rights in North Korea and world wide. These harsh experiences have helped to mold Yeonmi into a powerful voice for the oppressed and impoverished. Being in her early twenties and having had all of the pressures of a life so severe has formed a solid foundation of strength for her to build upon. Truly, this is a story for the people. The people of Korea who suffer in masses and the people around the globe who are moved to help in some way. It is real stories like these that put things into perspective and one she is free to tell.

Slyce Searches and Shops Whatever You See

A woman with a stunning purse stands near you waiting for the crosswalk sign to change. You politely ask where she got it and she exclaims that she doesn’t know because it was a gift, but that she really loves it. She offers to give you the gift giver’s phone number, so you could have that cold-call awkward conversation about the stranger’s purse with a voice on the phone. Instead, you simply point your smartphone camera at the purse and snap a picture. You thank the woman and explain that a picture is all you need to find out more about this prized purse. She watches in amazement as your smartphone pops up not only many links to more information on that exact purse, but also direct sales outlets. You make a couple of taps on your phone and see a confirmation screen that confirms your purchase of a purse exactly like the stranger’s and assurance that it will be shipped to your home the next day! And now it’s time to help get the Slyce app on her phone.

This is the amazing experience of Visual Search technology, of which Slyce is the top application producer. Slyce supplies a number of smartphone applications that can search with direct input from any image displayed, printed, and encountered in your everyday life. No more tedious guessing at what Search Engine Optimized (SEO) text phrase will cause a standard search engine to find an exact item you have seen. In this case, a smartphone picture is worth 1,000 SEO text phrases.

Shopping becomes a streamlined adventure with Slyce. No more need to travel, burn fuel, wear out your feet, or scanning lots of catalogs. The hardest part may be remembering to always take advantage of this new magic genie software in your pocket or purse. Updated versions of Slyce’s apps include the ability to find items by any kind of bar code, audio, or video input. Slyce is constantly improving their technology, both through in-house labs and by acquiring a number of other companies with advanced alternate algorithms for online search.

Slyce’s Newest Technology Through SnipSnap

There is no denying that SnipSnap has moved from being a mare digital coupon expert to a widely recognized personal saving assistant. Early this year, Slyce, A visual image company based in Toronto, acquired it for $6.5 million. Following the acquisition, SnipSnap went on to integrate a technology created by a Canadian company together with its newest App product dubbed the Scout. The integration of the scout into SnipSnap is very crucial in the provision of Slyce’s visual image services. This is because the app has special features such as image recognition tools that are integral in the provision of visual search services. The visual recognition tools allow clients to capture an image of a product and use virtual concierge to locate the best deals of the item captured.

Virtual Concierge
Virtual concierge technology is a marriage between two technologies, human representatives and artificial intelligence. First, artificial intelligence is seen when a user captures the image of the product they are interested in and then follows to answer a set of automated questions so as to narrow down to the affordable deals for the product. This process may take at most six minutes to complete depending on the item the customer has captured. On the other hand, human representative pervades through the internet to ensure that Scout does not miss anything.

The role of Scout
Scout provides interactive platform to users where they table any be wildering questions through a chat-based interface.Scout is able to locate a product image faster than manual scarping through hundreds of e-commerce sites. The best feature about Scout is that, during its search, it factors in the clients’ favorite rebate policies and price-matching stores. In a press release through Philadelphia Business Journal, the CEO of SnipSnap, Ted Mann, acknowledged that the new technology (Scout) was the company’s biggest adventure ever since it was founded. Mr. Mann added that, Scout was SnipSnap’s most ambitious venture ever tried. It can be used by scanning barcodes or typing keywords of items to be searched. It saves customers a great deal of time and offers best deals which a pocket friendly.

Follow this link to read more about how Slyce’s acquisition of SnipSnap.

The Brilliance Of Stephan Murray Is Reflected By CCMP Capital Advisors

The private equity firm of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital Advisors, LLC is a private equity firm, whose main focus is on the Energy, Industrial, Healthcare, and Consumer and Retail industry. The firm has successfully invested $16 billion in buyouts and to insure the growths of the companies they acquired.
The expertise of this financial firm has recently acquired a controlling interest in slip-resistant footwear sold by the Shoes For Crews in October 2015. The company reached a goal of becoming known worldwide. This will allow other industries to have access to these shoes, that help to prevent accidents and slow absenteeism in the workplace from devastating falls.

CCMP Capital Advisors on nypost, LLC is dedicated to keeping the ecosystem as healthy as possible.
The investment firm acquired the Eco Services plant in December of 2014.
This is one of the largest suppliers of sulfuric acid in the United States. This is a world renown leader in recycling sulfuric acid, so the oil refining industries in Canada, the Midwest, the Gulf Coast and the West Coast, will have a limitless supply. This cuts the costs of constantly purchasing new product and eliminates the frustration of disposing the used acid.

In August of 2015 CCMP Advisors, Eco Services, INEOS, a multinational chemical company and PQ, a revered company of specialty inorganic performance chemicals, invested monies and combined their expertise in skilled management. The companies will support each other, and their continued growth will exceed their expectations.

Stephen Murray confounded CCMP Capital in August 2006. He became President and CEO of CCMP in August 2007. In 1984 he was presented with his degree in Economics, and then attended Columbia Business School and earned his Masters’ Degree in Business Administration in 1989. His knowledge, ideas and investment skills were demonstrated, while he sat on the board of Legacy Hospital Partners, Aramark, The Vitamin Shoppe, AMC Entertainment and many others. Stephen P. Murray was born in August 2, 1962 and left his world of locating, planning and investing in March 2015. He left behind the legacy he created when he founded CCMP Capital Advisors. The company has a stellar reputation that acquires businesses and becomes affiliates of others, not just for profit but for the world to prosper from their strategic investments.

The Best Food For Your Dogs health

Dog health encompasses all those practices that involve taking of the care from birth to adulthood to ensure that it grows well and remains healthy. First and foremost, a dog needs to have a balanced and nutritious diet which is very significant in maintaining and keeping the health of your dog. This can be achieved by feeding the dog using the right food. When it comes to dog food, their feeding habits are more like that of humans. Dogs are omnivores, implying that they can maintain their lives healthy by feeding on a wide variety of food. Thus such foods as vegetables, grains and meats can all be part and parcel of dog food.

Just like humans, dogs require to eat moderately-sized, balanced meal that supply the energy to go about their activities as usual. Thus, for instance, a diet that is over indulged may lead to the dog’s waistline expanding putting it at the risk of contracting such diseases as diabetes. The amount of food that a dog can be fed with depends on its age, ideal weight and activity level. For instance, a young Australian shepherd requires plenty of exercise and that implies lots of food to provide it with the energy it needs to keep going. On the other hand a small 10-year old Chihuahua may be quite used to spending its day on the lap than building up a huge appetite.

Thus, dog food labels frequently offer some guidance on portion size ,nevertheless, one’s vet will be in a position of best knowing how much food your dog requires to enable it maintain a healthy weight. Some known labels such as Beneful know exactly that pet enthusiasts want everything in the live of their buddies to make sure that they are enjoyable and playable. Beneful has therefore reinvented dog food, creating a new revolution and have made it fun. Beneful’s brand of dog food can help in keeping one’s dog healthy and happy having a perfect balance of wholesome, real ingredients, great taste as well as quality nutrition.

Thus, for instance, Beneful wet dog food is manufactured with nourishing ingredients that one can see as well as delicious flavors your dog is most likely to love. Beneful wet dog food is available in 20 nourishing varieties to assist in keeping your pet healthy and happy.

Why Beneful Rocks
Beneful wet dog food rocks because it is available in 20 nourishing varieties. Secondly, it contains a variety of such proteins as lamb, pork, chicken and beef. In addition, its textures vary from lightly diced chopped Blends to big Hearty chunks in Hearty Roasters; all having real ingredients that one can clearly see. In addition, Beneful Wet Dog food comes in convenient sizes for every pet ranging from 3oz to fitting 10oz multipacks resealable tubs.

Apart from diet, a healthy dog should be groomed, vaccinated, prevented from parasites and given proper first aid. Thus a dog should always be kept clean and care should be taken especially when cleaning the dog’s eyes and ears. In addition, the dog’s teeth should be brushed regularly to avoid bad breath.