Nobilis Health Saving Lives Today.


Nobilis Health just like other publicly trading companies is dually listed on the NYSE and trades its shares. Experts from Mackie Research Capital like Stanley advise you to acquire yourselves some company shares. His ideology is that since the company offers healthcare with its focus on the increasing aging population and obese people then with time its share value within a year will raise by 72% which is a useful approach to consider.

The company manages over 100 surgical centers offering top notch medical care, patient satisfaction at a low cost. It leads other healthcare facilities around the United States due to its collective leadership skills. The employees are qualified and dedicated towards smooth operations of Nobilis. The core competencies of the company include revenue cycle management, patient recruitment, development and management of surgical centers, staff, facilities and patient lead management among others.

Nobilis runs outpatient surgery centers in liaison with its physicians in Dallas and Huston, Texas. They offer extensive services from spine surgery, general surgery, orthopedic surgery, general surgery, pain management and gastrointestinal surgery. The Nobilis company announced the payment of a $25m debt through GE Capital.

Nobilis acquired the $12 million Athas Health, through the capital funds and was also able to clear some outstanding debts.Nobilis acquired the Northstar Healthcare through a partnership with its outpatient surgery centers. The company was required to adopt the new name in the United States exchange, to avoid confusion. Northstar also holds other entities, and they all trade under that name. Nobilis also uses such partnership agreements to run other healthcare facilities in the US. Some of them are located in Huston, Arizona and in Dallas and are all managed by Nobilis Healthcare.


Premium Dog Food Has Arrived

All living things like to eat well. Human beings define eating well as consuming food that tastes great and is nutritious. Canines, generally, will eat anything served to them. This is not a good thing. Dogs benefit from a positive diet as well. More owners are becoming aware of the critical importance of feeding a dog a proper diet. Hence, as a detailed Daily Herald reveals, sales of premium dog food are skyrocketing.

Purina, one of the biggest names in pet foods, has released a tremendous variety of foods under its Beneful line. Beneful wet foods stand out quite bit from more generic dog foods thanks to the unique blend of ingredients. Protein makes up a large part of the ingredients. Antioxidants and other nutrients fill out the other ingredients.

The protein in Purinastore’s Beneful wet food could come from poultry in selections such as “Roasted Turkey” or meat in “Beef Stew”. There are more choices in main courses so no one (and no dog) has to feel shorted on main courses. Beneful also rounds out ingredients with pasta, spinach, blueberries, and more. Ingredients such as these are carb sources.

The manufacturing process of pet food is not something a dog owner is familiar with. The Daily Herald articles does open the window at a manufacturing plant, and owners quickly discover a lot of work does go into the cooking of the food. Yes, food is cooked. Roasted turkey, for example, is an actual turkey cooked in an oven. Once the turkey (and other main courses) are done, quality control and taste testing work is performed. This might seem like a lot of work, but the work does allow the food to earn the title of premium.

The hard work done by those in the premium dog food world really is paying off. The overall revenue generated per year by the industry is $23.7 billion. Premium pet food is a huge chunk of that amount. $10.5 billion per year – 45% of the overall sales – reflects how much money people are spending on gourmet pet food. Thanks to the great availability of premium selections in major retail stores, the number is sure to rise.


Yeonmi Park’s Escape from Starvation in North Korea

Back in 2007, Yeonmi Park and her mother crossed the North Korean border at great risks to their lives. Running away from the Hermit State, as North Korea is known, is not allowed, and the punishment for it is death. The two had crossed the frozen Yalu River at night to arrive in China. Yet China is not a very friendly state when it comes to North Korean defectors. So, Yeonmi and her Mom continued. After much ordeal, the two ended up in much friendlier state of South Korea. The journey from the North to South part of this divided country had taken a year. After crossing Yalu River, it continued through Gobi Desert all the way to Mongolian border. The couple had even fallen into the hands of human traffickers at one point. Yeonmi, still in her early 20s, has become a well-known figure by exposing the atrocities of the North Korean Stalinist-like regime. As she claimed, she didn’t know what freedom was. And her father died without ever seeing it. He crossed the border as well, but tragically died of untreated cancer, a faith of many in North Korea. Yeonmi Park’s latest book, “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom” tells her story on NY Times and exposes brutal life in the Hermit State. Yeonmi believes that she and her mother would have starved to death if they stayed in their homeland. Meanwhile, the 33-year-old current leader of the brutal regime, Kim Jong-Un, is living a luxurious lifestyle and is apparently having fun. He’s as bad as his grandfather and father were. He’s known for executing people for no apparent reason. Educated in Switzerland, Kim Jong-Un would probably not amount to anything if he weren’t the next in line. He took over when his tyrannical father died. As his round face indicates, he’s not starving at all. Indeed, the kid is quite obese while his people starve to death.

Coriant Expanding with New CEO

Coriant is a new stand along company. It started out as an offshoot of Siemens Optical Networks out of Munich, Germany. The department became large enough it eventually spun off to create its own company. With the creation of a new company, it is essential to have a strong CEO who knows the ropes and is able to lead the business to new heights. Making the wrong hire at CEO when just starting off can prove extremely dangerous and deadly for a business looking to expand. That is why the company decided to turn to an individual who not only has a background in tech but has financial experience as well in the form of Shaygan Kheradpir. With the amount of experience he holds throughout his educational background and professional career, he proved to be the perfect choice.

So what made the new CEO such a perfect fit for Coriant? Well, there are several different reasons. First, he has a primary background in the tech industry. He holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering, which already makes him an attractive candidate. However, he has worked with some of the largest tech companies in the world as well. He started out with GTE, a company that eventually went on to become Verizon. While there he helped develop the DVR and FiOS fiber optics Internet connection. He also went on to work with several other tech companies including Jupiter Networks.

Shaygan has this as he worked as a member on the board of directors for Barclays. Barclays is one of the largest international financial companies in the world, and while there he proved to be the first primary tech professional to sit on the board of directors as well. This combined experience proved too attractive to pass up for Coriant, which is exactly why the business has gone a long way and to great measures to bring him in.

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