Skout Feeds the Hungry

Skout has partnered with the SF-Marin Food Bank in order to help feed the hungry. One thing that many people know is that there are tons of people that are starving even in developed cultures. Fortunately, the people in charge of Skout are looking for ways to provide assistance to people that are in need of assistance. Their goal is to provide meals for 20,000 people that are either starving or are merely struggling in the city. Skout is encouraging users to give a virtual gift in the app. These virtual gifts will be converted to actual donations in the real world. The idea is to convert a virtual bag of chips into a cash donation for the Food Bank.

One thing that could be said for Skout is that it is built with the purpose of serving people. For one thing, their social media app allows people to do more than just interact online. People actually meet each other through their social media app and connect in person. For one thing, Skout makes it easier for people to meet. They encourage and enable all kinds of meetings whether it is meeting up with friends, or meeting for a date. The imagination is the limit when it comes to using Skout for social media.

Skout is also designed with travelers in mind. One group of people that is often forgotten with Skout is the traveling group. People can meet at different regions with contacts. Skout has a community of almost 200 countries and is accessible to people in 16 languages. The whole point of Skout is to help people build connections and network with each other. For one thing, Skout actually brings out the social aspect of the social network.

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Text-To-Speech May Save Time With Wikipedia Business Page Creation

“If only I had more time.”

This is a common refrain repeated by many people in business. A lot of plans end up being stalled on the proverbial table due to time constraints and the inability to fit 25 hours into a single day. Business owners wishing a solid Wikipedia page could be crafted often have good ideas in their mind, but the time necessary to sit down and write up text on the online encyclopedia’s platform proves elusive. While no one can give anyone time back, there are those who do have a few ideas about how to be more efficient.

TechCrunch is reporting a new crowdsourcing campaign is in the works designed to support the integration of text-to-speech software into the Wikipedia open source platform. The arrival of text-to-speech software makes things a lot easier for those with limited time or other constraints. Dictating into a microphone is easier than typing. Doing so also opens the door to multitasking.

Anyone hoping to take advantage of text-to-speech programs should be wary of a few things. No text-to-speech program is perfect. Grammar errors and mistakes are frequently the result of the software program not effectively understanding what a person says. Those mistakes are not going to make a good impression when the page is published. Business content does have to be exceptionally impressive or else it has no value whatsoever.

A solution does exist in which a business owner can use the text-to-speech program, save time, and still get solid results. The text can be submitted to the professionals at Get Your Wiki. Once submitted, professional Wikipedia experts for hire can review the documents and make the necessary edits and update a Wiki page with accurate info. All of this can be done right now before any text-to-speech program is written into the Wikipedia platform.

No one says a draft cannot be dictated and saved onto a document file. The text could easily be cut, pasted, and saved on the Wikipedia platform. In fact, writing or dictating the content onto a file before submitting it to Wikipedia is recommended. This way, a backup document exists. Wikipedia revisions can be made long before the submission to Wikipedia.

Allow Get Your Wiki to edit a Wikipedia page and keep it updated on a regular basis. While writing free-flow content onto a page is not a bad plan, publishing raw and unedited content is. Wikipedia business page creation is going to be look a lot better after a professional editor polishes it. 

Helane Morrison: An Appellation Of Inspiration

When I think of a magnanimous representation of a fearless paragon who can light a fire under the financial injustices of all of these big businesses who get their satisfaction out of lies, duplicity, and money theft, it has to be in the form of Helane Morrison. This is a woman who’s made it her life’s mission to cracking down on the corruption and fraud that befalls innocent families at the behest of the wolves who controll the histrionics of guileful capitalism. It all came full circle once Helane put her law degree to good use by finding work as a law clerk and gaining knowledge from Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun to dedicate her life to being the living embodiment of equality and justice. 

I believe that any person who’s innate in the piety of doing good by others who have been on the receiving end of the subterfuge of these companies, whether it’s taking them down for financial fraud or insider trading, is worthy of the kind of prodigious praise that she’s retained. And let’s not forget Helane’s accomplishments with the Securities and Exchange Commission by being the first woman to be appointed Head of Commission and Regional Director, a large feat that pushed her to thwart the lack of gender diversity in the workplace of financial services. Her irrepressible stoicism of course caught the attention of the largest and highly reputable investment advisory firm: Hall Capital. This was a financial firm that exemplified an immutable balance between working with clients in a friendly and honest way, and working with one another to ensure that their success is a reflection of their character; and let’s not leave out the fact that this was one of the few companies that was ran solely by women. Helane Morrison accepted the role of Chief Compliance Officer and also works as General Counsel and Managing Director at Hall Capital and has been thriving in her work.

And if Helane’s work ethics weren’t inspiring enough, look no further than her not-so-stark contrast as a volunteer of various organizations that range from hedge fund accountability, environmental causes like animal rights and the preservation of regional parks all throughout the district of California, and community work for destitute children that involves education and camping to expose them to the wonderment of nature. How could you not adore such a human being who does nothing but powerful and inspiring things. Whether she’s using her job to fight back against the power-hungry crooks at the top bracket or using her compassion as a humanitarian to do right by the community, I think she’ll continue to shake the world for countless years to come.

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Sanjay Shah On Move To Help Autistic Children


Sanjay Shah is known for own a lot of businesses in the United Kingdom and also for being the original proprietor of Solo Capital Limited. Solo Capital is an investment house located in London but with a branch in Dubai. Sanjay Shah initiated solo capital to conduct entrepreneurship through financial brokerage and investments in the stock market. He initiated solo capital in 2009 and by the year 2011 he had managed to create lots of partnerships to which led to its name Solo Capital Partners LLP. The company practices stock brokerage, financial sports investments and also financial has now been in existence for four years as a holding with a total of 3 directors.

Sanjay Shah, however reported by companyCheckUK, retired from Solo Capital after its stability as it now has a net worth of $15.4million. He did not have enough time for philanthropy during his entrepreneurial time despite donating to organizations like Plan International. In the year 2014, Sanjay came up with a foundation known as Autism Rocks that was an inspiration from his autistic son. The common thing with autistic in children according to Shah is that it is a lifetime disorder and can only be assisted if a child understands how to service themselves with it. Shah has organized live concerts with famous musicians like Drake and Michael Buble to create awareness on the importance of funding autism research.

To improve on the awareness of autism, Sanjay Shah has recently added Will Best, who has studied a music career in the University and has an impressive outlook in the music industry; for being a television present and an event organizer. In addition to will is Pete Best, who also has recorded an illustrious career in the financial market for a period of 21 years. The two trustees are brothers and known to Shah since their university days. Shah believes that they will bring insights to the Autism rocks board and also create new ideas to the success of the foundation. He feels that their skills will greatly benefit the organization this year. Autism Rocks seeks to make communities understand the special conditions of an autistic child and the need to conduct research about the neurological condition.

Autism is under great concern because since 2011 the disease has recorded a rise of 30%. However autism research can help develop support services for the patients and also the detection of the disease early enough will be helpful to the affected in the rest of their lives. Autism Rocks is, however, an invite-only concert where philanthropists attend to make donations for the research. With his music passion, Sanjay has been able to increase the rate of awareness of autism to many people and has been supportive to the affected. His philanthropy will be helpful to the research institutions concentrating on autism and possibly they will come out with support services for the affected children.

Random Acts Of Kindness Brought To Us By Skout

Skout is the global social media application that is helping people all over the world meet each other and find new friends online. It is helpful for anyone who is looking to make new friends, and it is also a great way to find new romantic connections. If either of these connections is something that you are looking for, then I suggest that you try using Skout to widen the world that you live in by setting up an account today. Setting up an account on Skout is free to do, and it is so easy that anyone can do it in a matter of minutes.

The application guides you through the set up process the moment that you open it up for the first time. In a matter of minutes, you will have expanded your social circle by learning to talk with new people from your area or anywhere around the world. Did you know that Skout is connecting people all over the world with one another? This is probably due to the fact that Skout is available in 180 countries currently, and it is seen in 16 languages at this time. Skout originally started out in 2007, and it was founded in San Fransisco.

When Random Acts Of Kindness Week came around Skout decided to take part in the week long celebration by surveying its users. It has since shared the survey results with a few different media outlets in order to show others than kindness is relevant in today’s world. No matter how fast paced and technology driven our lives get, kindness will always have a place in our world. The employees at the San Fransisco company also took part in the Random Acts Of Kindness Week celebration. The employees at Skout actually helped bring in food at a food drive for their local food bank, San Fransisco Marin Food Bank.

The survey results showed that an above average percentage of the users surveyed were engaged in random acts of kindness. Actually, 93 percent of the people who were surveyed had already done a random act of kindness for someone that they did not already know. The survey participants were college students, so it is assumed that these people have busy lives. They still found the time to contribute to the betterment of other people. To read the original article published on Uloop, go to this link.

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Hillary Clinton Looks To George Soros For Campaign Funding


The 2016 U.S. Presidential elections still has a long way to go before a new President is elected, but the controversy over the Republican candidates has taken over the comments and thoughts of the media. On the Democrat side the march to the nomination of Hilary Clinton as the chosen candidate has been almost unstoppable, particularly since it was revealed long time Democrat supporter and donor George Soros has thrown his backing behind the former Secretary of State. Politico reports the well known liberal hedge fund manager has provided around $8 million in donations for Super PACs supporting the Clinton campaign to become the first female U.S. President.

George Soros is well known for the success he achieved as a hedge fund manager over the majority of the latter half of the 20th century and into the 21st century. Hungarian born Soros has made his mark as one of the top philanthropists in the world after using his personal fortune of more than $25 billion to assist those living in closed societies; one of the most important aspects of the life of Soros has been his willingness to fight for the rights of refugees looking to replicate the success Soros achieved from a similar position at the close of World War II.

In response to the donations made to the Republican party by donors including the Koch brothers, George Soros has been joined by entertainment industry executive Haim Saban in making multi-million donations to the campaign of Hilary Clinton. The historic 2016 election cycle has seen former First Lady Hilary Clinton pushed by Bernie Sanders in the nomination phase, but further problems could be faced if real estate mogul Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination for the election.

Doe Deere Talks About Following Your Own Fashion Rules

The unicorn queen herself Doe Deere, recently went over some of her favorite fashion rules for breaking. In the article by Marlen Komar, she broke down many of her takes on the way fashion is unique to each of us and how she applies this rule to herself. Everybody has their own sense of fashion and style. Doe Deere is definitely not afraid to show hers to the world. From the deeply colorful hair to the shockingly vibrant color palate of cosmetics, her style is sewn into the brand for sure. In her own words, she’s a firm believer that it’s no sin to break fashion and beauty rules.

From the rule of ‘never do more than one bold thing at a time’ to ‘throw that idea right out the window, why don’t ya?’ Be bold all over if that suits your fancy, seems to be the motto for her. The creator of the Lime Crime cosmetic brand, Deere is very passionate about her business. She has been named one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self Made Magazine and is showing no signs of slowing down. Stating herself to be an imaginative kid who was ‘hardcore into color’ gives a little insight into just how long this has been leading to this point for her. One rule for her though is not to mix ‘too many colors.’ Having a mix is fine as long as they are coordinated colors that go well with each other. Herself being a huge fan of mixing bright, vibrantly alive color schemes.

Doe will tell you also that her first makeup experience she remembers vividly was at slumber party. Her and her friends were playing witches, but the whole thing didn’t seem genuine enough to her. So she grabbed her makeup and went to work on her friends and herself. That’s when it all started for her she claims. It just felt right to be doing makeup. The invention of the name Lime Crime was really quite simple as well. In 2004, her eBay store needed a name and the first thought to come to her was Lime Crime. It had her favorite color in the name and it rhymed as well. It was a win-win for her.

The mix of loud color schemes and wild styles are picking up more fans daily. This is one fashion crime people can live with.

FreedomPop Funded Once Again

As originally reported on Recode, FreedomPop has raised another $50 million in funding. They are also planning to start selling a global hotspot. The competition is heating up against the big brands because FreedomPop will let people roam without paying the exorbitant roaming fees charged by companies such as AT&T and Verizon. They are currently in 25 countries and will be offering service in more countries within the next few months or possibly, weeks.

FreedomPop is going to offer a hotspot that can be used in any of the available regions for the low cost of $49 and sim cards will be as low as $10. The company has been relying on word of mouth and very little advertising compared to the bigger, richer, companies.

However, with the new $50 million in funding the FreedomPop CEO Stephen Stokols has stated that they will be able to improve customer support and will be able to expand into retail. FreedomPop is currently offering service in the U.S. using the Sprint network and in the United Kingdom with European carrier Three.

It is reported that the international service will be for sale on Wednesday and FreedomPop plans to offer service in 40 countries by the end of the year.

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Energy Prices Go Down In The New Year

George Soros is a popular billionaire based in America. He fled Hungary back in the year 1947 and went to England. In the new country, he went to the London School of Economics, graduating in 1952. This led him to acquire a position in a certain investment bank in London. However, he did not settle in London. He migrated into the United States in 1956, and in a new country, he was employed in various analysts investment management positions for over a decade.

George Soros decided to start his own company in 1973, abandoning employment. He founded a hedge fund company known as Soros Fund Management, and through hard work, the company evolved to become the popular and respected Quantum. In this new company, he managed to be ranked in top position regarding performance and success. He did this for more than twenty years, and on several occasions, his company reported over a hundred percent annual returns. He, however, chose to leave the everyday management of the company in the eighties, and because he had enough money and was one of the richest people globally, he chose to become a philanthropist, helping nations by donating huge amounts of money. He does this through his foundation, popularly known as the Open Society.

Due to the independence, he has acquired over the decades, his opinion in controversial matters is seriously respected. He is also a political activist, writing books and lecturing in different forums. He has also acquired a lot of knowledge in the financial markets, so his advice is not taken lately.

Recently The Street reported, all the shares belonging to George Soros foundation were withdrawn from all the three energy companies it had invested. This has surprised investors in the oil sector, considering that the decisions taken by George Soros are always taken serious all over the world. Although he acted through his companies, individuals should be worried, and if they intend to become as much money as he has made over the years, it is only wise to follow him.

The prices of oil have been going down continuously since 2014, and it seems that the trend is not going to change anytime soon. Investors and companies in the sector have tried all they can to boost the prices, but nothing seems to be working. Russia and Arabia even went to the extent of freezing their production just for a change, but the results weren’t good. One of the main oil producers did not agree with the freezing idea, pouring all its energy into the worsening market. These factors, adding to what George Soros has done clearly show that the energy market will continue to deteriorate, so investors should take action before it’s too late.

Online Athleisure Brand Fabletics To Open More Brick-And-Mortar Locations


In 2013 the forces behind the ecommerce website JustFab, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, teamed up with acclaimed actress Kate Hudson to launch the activewear brand the world knows today as Fabletics. You can follow them on Twitter.

Fabletics prides itself on filling a void in the fitness wear marketplace by offering fashionable athletic clothes at a competitive price point. Fabletics’ clothes are known for being on-trend, versatile and affordable; factors that have distinguished the brand from other athleisure brands in the marketplace. Customers looking for women’s athletic wear can browse Kate Hudson’s picks for outfits and choose from a wide range of options. Fabletics also has a male line called FL2 that offers male customers a wide array of shorts, sweatpants and shirts that can transition from a day out on the town to a session spent working out at the gym.

After achieving a broad measure of success in the ecommerce space, Fabletics is turning its sights on local malls across America. The company has announced that it will be expanding its brick-and-mortar business. According to, Fabletics will be adding more brick-and-mortar storefronts to the six locations it currently operates. Fabletics will be opening anywhere from 75 to as many as 100 stores over a three to five year period.

Given Fabletics’ penchant for pairing quality with affordability, the stores may very well give the ecommerce brand a leg up on other competitors in the online space. Shoppers who discover Fabletics online will have the chance to try on the clothes in person.

According to shoppers who frequent Fabletics’ brick-and-mortar stores will have the chance to sign up for the company’s popular subscription service. Fabletics’ subscription service sends subscribers one outfit a month at a discounted price. Fabletics’ parent company will be expanding its customer service offerings in order to ensure that customers receive the best possible service. JustFab co-CEO Adam Goldenberg tells Forbes that JustFab’s customer service assistance will soon be available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Forbes also reports that there will be new videos added to the Fabletics website in addition to updates to information available to customers about how the website works.

Actress and Fabletics co-founder Kate Hudson also serves as the face of the Fabletics brand. Hudson’s lively spirit and passion for inspiring women makes her the perfect person to represent the fast-growing company to the world. Hudson is famous for portraying a gutsy journalist opposite actor Matthew Mcconaughey in the romantic comedy How To Lose A Guy in 10 days. She is also known for her role as Penny Lane in the 2000 rock journalism film Almost Famous. Hudson has also played a demanding dance instructor opposite Lea Michele in the hit music-themed television show Glee.


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