Can Wen Conditioner Transform Your Hair?

If you’re like most women, you’re searching for a “miracle” hair product that will make your tresses look like you just left the salon on a daily basis. Wen promises to nourish the hair with natural, plant-based ingredients. If you’re not quite sure if Wen conditioner will work best for you, Emily McClure’s 7-day review (before & after results posted on on Bustle can help you decide if hair products from Wen are the perfect fix for your hair troubles.
After the first few days of using the product, McClure, who chose the Allure advertised Fig version of the conditioner, noticed that her hair was well moisturized, and was even greasy to the touch. She didn’t have time to use the conditioner on the fourth day of her experiment, but her hair was still moisturized and healthy. She put a few curls in her hair that day, but they fell quickly, because her hair was getting thicker and still had a greasy feel to it.

At the end of the week, McClure went out with facebook friends and they noticed how shiny her hair was. McClure has been satisfied with Wen conditioner overall, especially for women who wash and style their hair on a daily basis. Emily also says that Wen’s Fig conditioner is great for women with thin hair since the conditioner adds moisture and volume. It is very affordable especially if bought from ebay.

Investing In Brazil With Igor Cornelsen

Investors like myself are constantly looking for the best ways of finding new areas of the world to invest our hard earned funds in for the highest possible return combined with the lowest possible level of risk. An area of the world many of us living and investing in the traditionally powerful areas of North America and Europe overlook is the strength of economies in South America; investment specialist Igor Cornelsen is one man I have discovered who is always looking to push forward the benefits of investing in the powerful economy of Brazil.

I have read and watched many of the PR Newswire interviews conducted with Igor Cornelsen that allow him the opportunity to provide his own opinion on the best ways of investing on the continent of South America. Looking over the news surrounding the head of Bainbridge Investments allowed me the chance to learn more than ever before about investing in Brazil, which is something I rarely considered before discovering more about the expert in South American finances.

For those of us looking to invest in Brazil the year 2014 was a major one for allowing us the chance to have a little more confidence and trust in an economy that regularly features in top ten lists of global finance. The economic matrix policy that was implemented by a group of financial officials seeking to bring stability and success to the Brazilian economy has been seen as a failure followed by a return to a more traditional financial policy that has allowed the country to find a greater level of economic stability in recent years.

The stability of the Brazilian economy has also been aided by the increase in trade between China and Brazil that has allowed the country to maintain its powerful position in the global economy despite the failures of those in powerful financial positions. Igor Cornelsen also explained the fact that many banks and major industries in Brazil have seen high levels of growth across many years that have followed dire predictions about the future of the economy.

Dressing to Feel GoodAthele

Many people want to feel good about themselves. However, many people don’t understand the effect that fashion on could have not just on how one could look, but how one could feel. Those that do will obviously dress to feel good. It can be tricky to do that with athletic wear. Fortunately, stars like Kate Hudson have started a clothing line called Fabletics on wikipedia which allows people to dress for athletic workouts and still feel good about themselves. There has been a rise in what is known as the ‘athleisure’ style as reported in Bustle. This is the type of style that people could wear while out getting exercise and while they are doing leisurely activities.

Fabletics is very good for ‘athleisure’ clothing. This gives people something new in the athletic wear category. Now, people don’t have to designate clothes for a workout and clothes for leisure if they are not feeling up to it. They make it easier for people that may be taking a new found interest in fashion on Twitter. Fabletics is one company that can take a customer from lack of choice in clothing to a more stylistic approach to fashion. To top it all off, the fashion choices in Fabletics on thekrazycouponlady are very affordable.

One thing about Fabletics that can help with fashion is allowing people to have the space to put together their own style and outfit so that they can come up with something that they feel well about. It is good to make it accessible to people who are very stylish and wear suits and dresses as well as people who are very casual and simple in style. One thing that should be encouraged is for people to bring about their unique style. If people are encouraged to be creative, then they will more likely take an interest in fashion because they feel good about their choices.

The Best Way to Treat Your Dog


Dog. Man’s best friend (and woman’s for that matter). What wouldn’t a person do for the furry friends that offer unconditional love and support throughout their lives? Even ranchers and those who have dogs that spend the day working care about their canines. It’s no surprise that, over the years, dog food companies have begun to step up their game, which can be evidenced in the article:

Companies like Freshpet and Blue Buffalo Co have certainly drawn in many dog owners. After all, it touts health benefits for your pet and emphasizes the use of all natural ingredients. However, being able to buy your canine companions food on Wal-mart that smells good even to you is difficult. Maybe you’re in college, maybe you have kids, are looking for a job, or maybe you just bought a new car. Whatever the reason, it’s a serious economic challenge to afford these foods. In fact, buying food like this for your dogs is actually double the amount you would spend with lower-costing canned dog-food.

For years before Freshpet and Blue Buffalo Co came onto the scene, companies like Beneful have blended different meats into their kibble (like lamb and salmon) and offered organic, grain-free food. Just because it’s being produced by a big name brand doesn’t make it unhealthy! What’s the point of being in the dog-food business if you don’t have any interest in dogs? There are many easier ways to make money, after all.

Companies like Purinastore’s Beneful have food that provides the same benefits as the more expensive, new brands. All of Beneful’s dog food has some kind of real meat in it, and has all of the needed, vital nutrients to keep a dog healthy and happy. Their wet dog food goes farther, having not only real meat, but fruit and vegetables as well. The amount of different flavors is overwhelming. Not only that, but the cheaper cost makes it easier to deal with a dog that’s decided to be picky about what flavors they eat. It isn’t too painful financially if a dog rejects the beef stew in favor of the chicken stew flavor. Going further, Beneful dog treats come with real ingredients and there’s also a line of dental care chew sticks.

Spoiling your dog doesn’t depend on buying pricey brands. Keeping your dog happy and healthy requires the proper nutrients, and Beneful has them.

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Securus Technology Improving Lives

The leading provider of both criminal and civil justice solutions in technology, Securus Technologies, effectively put forward its case to the United States Court of appeal. The case presented was that the Federal Communications Commission could not add to the rates on intrastate rates.

In just a fortnight, Securus has had two major issues that it has won. Both cases were presented to the US Court of Appeals in accordance with the rates of inmates. To begin with was the permission for a stay in the opinion of the FCC regarding the fees as well as the rates. Secondly, there was an issue that was to do with the unacceptable extension of interstate rates to intrastate rates. The legal bar that is required to get a Stay by the Court is high; however, this firm could handle the challenge.
Apart from being professional and focused on what we do, the court realized that the FCC had sought after inappropriate legal guidance that was only going to threaten the industry. The Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technology, Smith, believes that with unity, the right public policy concerning the respect of inmate communication can be achieved.
Smith explains their ongoing cases and how they have discussed and debated on the cost, safety and security as well as the influence it will have with the Federal Communications Commission for about 16 years. With all their persistence, the FCC has finally agreed to meet them and from there, progress can take its course.
Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, Texas. It is an agency that deals with law enforcement as well as corrections. It serves up to 3450 public safety facilities with more than 1,200,000 inmates in North America. This company offers various services with the intention of making the world around us a safer place. Some of the services provided include quick emergency response, public information, biometric analysis, communication, monitoring as well as inmate self-service among others. Connecting what matters is the rule that Securus Technologies pledges to work on. There are many solutions that Securus Technologies can offer.
To make it to the position it is at currently, Securus has had to use fortified strategies to help it grow such as coming up with a software-based sales team to help expand the portfolio, which s more than 800 patented products. These products are mainly for law enforcement as well as correction sectors. The company also introduced more senior sales executives to develop this software that is high-tech.


Securus Technologies is in not affiliated with the Securus America agency site nor the Securus health product.

Securus House is a safe space for domestic violence victims and is also a separate entity.