Wen by Chaz: The Scientific Method

When the worlds of science and beauty combine, wonderful things are sure to happen. Before delving into any scientific procedure, though, some background information is needed. Emily McClure decided to conduct an experiment as a means to either validate or disprove the claim that WEN by Chaz hair products are worth their price. These luxury products combine all essential hair nutrients into one bottle. Clearly written instructions adorn each label, and the results…well, the results speak for themselves. Take a look at Emily’s scientific method using the Amazon marketed sweet almond mint cleansing conditioner on her fine hair:
The Question:

Will this product work on fine hair?

Collect Research:

The product has solid testimonials posted on sephora.com in its favor, but the specific term “fine hair” has yet to be used.

Construct Hypothesis:

Despite any pessimism, this product will work on fine hair, or hair of any texture, length, and style.

Test Hypothesis Through Experimentation:

Emily began using this cleansing conditioner on her hair for seven days at around the same time. She used the amount suggested on the label, and washed her hair as she always would. Replacing her standard conditioner, however, was a Wen by Chaz product.

Collect Data; Analyze Results:

Making a note of how soft her hair felt with each wash, Emily also began understanding what natural, healthy hair is supposed to look and feel like. When people started taking notice of her naturally wavy hair full of shine, volume, and nutrients, the tester knew that her experiment not only worked, but was certainly worth it!

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Report Results:

There is no denying Emily’s satisfaction with this product so, as a result, she would recommend it to anybody in need of some serious hair nutrients.

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IAP Worldwide Services and Quality International Support

IAP Worldwide Services is a firm that concentrates on both general contracting and defense work. Its main office is located in Cape Canaveral, Florida. It also has branches in Washington, D.C. (Alexandria, Virginia), Panama City, Florida, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, Dorset, United Kingdom, Kuwait City, Kuwait and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The IAP Worldwide Services team is made up of no fewer than 1,600 workers. These workers are in at least 20 countries as well. The team members at IAP Worldwide Services work together to help their customers take care of particularly complex situations. They work with both private and public sector clients on a day-to-day basis.

The priority at IAP Worldwide Services is to assist customers with unpredictable circumstances. The company routinely assists customers who are working on battlefields in other nations. It routinely assists customers who are dealing with the stresses of major disasters in nature, too. IAP Worldwide Services never isn’t prepared to help. Emergency services are all in a day’s work for the dependable, punctual and dedicated professionals at this firm. The company has been in operations for 60 years and counting. Customers can count on IAP Worldwide Services to come through for them with many key services. The main focuses at this company are international support, communications, IT (information technology), expeditionary infrastructure, power techniques, engineering and aviation.

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. Employer Salary, Average Salaries

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. | Company Profile from Hoover’s

IAP Worldwide Services is headed by Douglas Kitani, the company’s director and Chief Executive Officer. He’s been the firm’s CEO since the summer of 2014. Terry DeRosa serves as the company’s Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President. IAP Worldwide Services also has numerous Vice Presidents who oversee specific divisions of the firm. Michael Bozeman oversees engineering and aviation. Rick Nohmer is in charge of international support services. Robert Hargis handles technology and national security incentives. Dale Thornton is a business development Senior Vice President. Rochelle Cooper (also known commonly as “Shelly”) is a Senior Vice President, corporate secretary and general counsel professional. There are quite a few other hard-working members on the IAP Worldwide Services team as well. The firm’s Board of Directors includes William Flanagan, director Edward Bayone and director Christopher W. Parker.

Numerous government services are prominent for the professionals at IAP Worldwide Services. Staff members are frequently spotted in diverse locations such as field hospitals and airfields. The company takes absolutely no shortcuts in assisting the many entities that strive daily to protect and defend the United States.

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Doe Deere Is The Head Unicorn At Lime Crime

Doe Deere is the self-proclaimed head unicorn and CEO at Lime Crime Cosmetics. Doe has always had a unique and unconventional style and method of self-expression. Doe was born in Russian and grew up in an average household but she has never been average. Doe was fascinated by color and makeup from an early age and would regularly explore colors and methods with her friends. Some of these experimentations were disasters but eventually she refined her talents and was able to make her personal style of makeup and fashion.

Doe Deere believes that the rules of fashion and makeup application were meant to be broken. She feels like playing it safe when color is concerned is the only real crime. She believes in being outspoken and using whatever colors that you feel make you look beautiful and express your personal sense of style. She initially was creating and selling clothing on eBay. She wanted makeup that would compliment the brightly colored clothes that she was selling. She was unable to find anything on the market to suit her needs. She saw her opportunity to fill a niche and has had overwhelming success.

In 2008 she created her Lime Crime makeup line. She made a snap decision of the name using her favorite color and a cool name that rhymed, and the rest is history. Lime Crime started only offering lip color but has since developed a full line of colorful eye and lip color for men and women to be able to fully express themselves with colors and textures. If you are looking for sparkly purple eyeshadow, then they have you covered. If you need a dark velvet red lipstick or even a bright yellow, then you should look no further. The selection of colors seems unlimited.

Doe Deere is hands-on with the creation of all of her products. Lime Crime cosmetics has always held the philosophy of cruelty-free cosmetics. They do not test on animals and never will. Doe is always in the lab, hand on with her team of cosmetic experts creating new formulas and color. She is always thinking up new ideas and perfecting colors. She believes in being part of every part of the cosmetics business that she has developed from the ground up. If she isn’t in the lab, then she is in the boardroom or keeping in contact with people on the internet to help promote her business. Lime Crime is mostly web based and Doe very successfully uses social media to promote Lime Crime and loves to hear from her customers regarding tipd, tricks, and future ideas for new cosmetic offerings.

For more about Doe Deere, visit www.doedeere.com.

Securus Making Video Visitation Best It’s Ever Been

When you consider the recent release by Securus Technology about making video communications like YouTube easier than it has ever been before, the reasons for optimism in general start to come forward. On the one hand you have to consider the fact that the people who are being helped are still inmates and are still in prison for a reason. However, when you think about the ability to discuss things, make human contact, and even be able to have real conversation with those who are locked away in prison then you can start to see there may be some real opportunities when it comes to the mobile video visitation ability.
One major thing that the news piece highlighted is that when one individual is uprooted and is sent away for one reason or another, it is very important to try and comprehend what else happens to the family. When an entire family needs to move to be close to the individual who is incarcerated then it can be hard on the family. However, if you choose not to move then you could be stuck not seeing your loved one for an extended period of time (months, years, or even longer). The news of Securus Technologies making real time visitation a reality means less stress on both the inmates and the families.

Thinking about everything from video conferencing to video calling, it only makes sense to include these capabilities into each and every prison or prison system around the globe. When people are being sent to prison it is not so much of a punishment as it is a means of keeping them from doing more bad things and ensuring society is safe from them. When you think about the ability to be able to keep people safe from themselves, however, by stuffing them into a locked cage you are only doing more harm than good.

Any time you can give individuals the ability to communicate with the outside world then you are giving them one more thing to hold onto. As long as any inmate is able to communicate with others and see their families then they may just have a greater opportunity to become rehabilitated, follow the rules, and be able to get out of prison at some point as a much more functional member of society. The key isn’t that you want to harm them, it is that you want them to be able to make a comeback so they can be better than ever before.
Links: 1.) https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/securus-technologies#/entity

2.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jNMeifej0c

So many choices of Dog food!

Beneful Dog food by Nestle PurinaStore. There’s a lot of it and most dog foods come in a variety of flavors. Beneful has dry dog food, wet dog food and treats. Today I will talk about the dry dog food and its many varieties for dogs.

Dogs, like people, have different needs and need different food. Let’s explore what varieties there are in dog food.

The first variety of food Beneful has in the way of dry dog food is Beneful Originals [http://www.amazon.com/Beneful-Food-Originals-Real-15-5-Pound/dp/B001VJ0B0I] with Beef. This dog food is fortified with antioxidents to improve health and nutrition. It’s a perfect mix of soft and crunchy food for even the pickiest dog.

The next variety of Beneful dog food is the Originals with Chicken. This food has chicken, avacados, carrots and tomatoes. It sounds like a very good combination of protein, fat and vegetables, which is what a good dog food should be.

The third variety of dog food I want to talk about is a Healthy Weight dog food they have with chicken. This food is meant for dogs to maintain a healthy weight. This is for dogs to stay healthy This food has protein, vegetables and some fruit too. This is a great dog food for your dog.

A fourth dog food kind I would like to mention is a Healthy Puppy Formula. We know babies of any kind, especially puppies, need the right nutrition from the beginning. This food provides puppies 100% of their dietary needs and added DHA for brain development.

This last kind of dry dog food I want to tell you about is the Playful Life formula. This food is packed with the nutrients your dog needs to be happy and healthy. It also gives him the energy he needs to continue to enjoy life and play. This has eggs, meat and vegetables to make an awesome dog food.

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