Marc Sparks: A Man Who Advises Obstacles

In this changing society, the image of working a job is changing from sitting in a cubicle to actually going out and either finding or creating something that one truly wants. Marc Sparks is a serial entrepreneur that has a lot of advice to give for people that are willing to follow after him.

For one thing, the world of the entrepreneur is hard to break into. People are more likely to sink than swim when they try to be entrepreneurs. There are a lot of factors working against the person that is merely starting out towards his goals of independence.

One of the issues that people face when they chase after their own goals is that they are very likely to run across people who want to stand in their way. As a matter of fact, their whole life seems to revolve around whether or not they can stop this person from achieving his goals of putting together something that he can support himself with.

This is quite interesting considering that entrepreneurs are generally very well respected when they are successful. This makes one wonder why they are trying so hard to stop another person from becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Whatever the reason is behind the obstacle, it is important to work through that obstacle. Marc Sparks himself has a lot of advice for people that have come across their own set of obstacles. He himself has had his share of trials before he has made it to be successful in his field. He has gone on to start several successful businesses.

Marc has also decided to write a few books that would help people in their pursuit of their own goals. Among the books he has written is a book called “They Can’t Eat You“. When people read these books, they gain some insights on what they can do in order to build their own businesses.

The Handy Application

One perplexing problem that consumers face is finding good and trustworthy services to invite into their home to perform repairs or cleaning tasks. Handy is working to change that problem with their new application. The application handles all the details required to book a cleaning service or a home repair service for the user. This is thought a safe and reliable way to hire people to perform those tasks. Today, the Handy Application handles over $1 million dollars in bookings per week. Hanrahan and Dua are very excited about the future of their Handy application and mobile booking.

Handy Cleaners

The fact is that the application is providing a needed service to the customers and the one’s providing the service to the customer. One cleaner believes that the Handy application is like an ATM. Cleaning professionals are able to find customers in an instant over the application. The service providers are able to work the hours that they desire. The average wages for cleaners is about $18 per hour. This is a good starting point, and certainly they are earning much more than minimal wages.

Mobile Platforms

The Handy application founders believe that the future is bright for the Handy application and mobile booking in general. One founder states that society is very mobile drive today. People are very comfortable ordering things over their smart-phone, tablets, or other mobile devices. The Handy founders also relate that they perform thorough background checks on all the people that are a part of the Handy mobile network. The Handy founders truly believe that they are providing an important service to the community and across the country. Currently, people are able to book a cleaning service, repair service, or plumbing service through the application. People in 25 cities across the country and Canada are able to book services. Now, people living in London are also able to book services through the Handy application.

Future Looks Bright For Handy

The founders of Handy are always looking for new markets to conquer with their surprisingly easy to use mobile platform. It is also important to note that people are able to book services through their online website too. The New York based company believes that there is plenty of room for expansion in the mobile booking service market. Presently, they are strongly considering adding several other markets to their booking service. One favored market is furniture delivery.



Why Cone Marshall Has Emerged Among Leading Law Firms Internationally

As a focused provider of legal services across New Zealand, Cone Marshall has come up with a dedicated service that has attracted the attention of clients from both the local and international markets. The firm has been offering services in different areas of law and has maintained a seamless system of operation that is ensuring clients benefit from high quality services. To make the delivery of services to clients effective, Cone Marshall has restructured and come up with new policies and systems.

Since its establishment in 1999, Cone Marshall has experienced many changes along the way that have ensured the firm ranks among the most successful, both locally and internationally. It remains the only firm that has dedicated itself to offering exclusive services in tax and estate litigation to clients across the world. Most of the orders the firm has been receiving emanate from overseas markets and are issued by clients who are looking for quick solutions, something Cone Marshall is known to offer seamlessly.

To make different processes a success, the firm has embraced the use of modern technology in virtually all the processes that help in service delivery. This system has also modernized record keeping and eliminated the many risks manual filling systems come with. One can also remotely communicate with the firm and make a request regarding a case without necessarily having to travel to the main offices.

Reviewing the team behind the growth
Over the past one decade, Cone Marshall has experienced tremendous growth. This growth is as a result of the focus the firm has maintained to its course and vision to become the most reliable tax and estate law firm. Several professionals have been involved in the decision making process to ensure Cone Marshall is steered well.

Karen Marshall, one of the key executives behind the success the firm has achieved, joined in 2005 after working in London at several law firms for 10 years. She came in with experience in commercial litigation and was motivated to offer unique services that would help to transform Cone Marshall into an international entity.

Additionally, Karen Marshall has been working closely with Geoffrey Cone, a professional lawyer who has been serving at Cone Marshall since the company was founded. His career as a lawyer began in 1980 and for his wide experience, he is considered an elder. Geoffrey Cone is consulted on a number of issues that are effected to make the firm better.

Handy Has Some Of The Best Workers Out There

Whenever a person decides to pay money for someone else to clean their home, they want to know a few things. First, the person wants to make sure that the company is insured to cover any damages that just might occur in the home, especially since accidents do happen. Second, a customer wants to know that the person who is cleaning their home is trustworthy and is someone that they can allow to be in their home without incident. Third, a customer wants to make sure that the worker is going to do a professional job and knows exactly how to clean a home well.

Handy has everything that a customer wants when they’re looking for a cleaner, but one may wonder how Handy knows that they have the best workers. The fact is, Handy has such a strenuous screening process to allow anyone to work for them that they know they are only getting the best workers. According to Welldressedgeek, with thousands of workers always applying to work for Handy, only as little as 3% are filtered out to become a part of the Handy family. The process starts with putting in an application online and may end up with an in-person interview as well.

Those that make it through the entire process will become Handy workers and can still be considered self-employed, so they are allowed to pick the hours that they work. Handy is such a great employer and has great benefits for those who choose to work for the company. Handy does home cleaning services mostly, but other services from Handy are available as well. Even with the cleaning services being the most popular, anyone who wants to clean for Handy has to prove their worth and must have some experience. Certain jobs that Handy performs will require a licensed professional.

Since Handy does some plumbing jobs as well, only plumbers who have been licensed in their state can work for Handy as a plumber, and they must also pass strenuous screening as well. Handy insures every worker when they go out to a customer’s home, which can take money out of their pocket, so they want to make sure they get someone who’s responsible and can do the job. Many customers who have paid for services from Handy before are likely to be repeat customers because they love the service that they’re getting, so they won’t go to any other cleaning service. To learn more, visit the following links:



Norka Luque Showcase: My Fate is Music

NorkaLuque says that she comes from one of the happiest families in the world. His family is full of other cultures, life lessons, and experiences that led her to realize her music fate. She is a Venezuelan singer who was in the country to extant her vitrine. She came into the music scene through the exclusive support of Emilio Estefan. She was in the country to present her album Miracle that was produced in Venezuelan.

For this epic, Emilio Estefan gave his best through the group of producers including Luis Giraldo, the Ricardo brothers, Archie Pena, Puerto Rican Cusco, and Pena who arranged the song’s sauce. The only thing in the song that took too long to establish the genre of the songs. It is a mixture of pop and rock, tropical, ballads, Rhythms, and Blues.

Contact Music

Norka was a song lover from her childhood. This is the reason why she participated in numerous singing competitions as a child. When she graduated from high school, she went to France to pursue a university education in Business Administration. She studied while concentrating on her music passion. Music flashed through her mind every minute she was in class. She remembers like it was yesterday. She decided to do something that would keep her connected to her long-term dream. For his reason, she joined a local band in France. The Bad Moon Rising is a band based in France that gave her the opportunity to appear on numerous platforms and helped her develop her soloist talent.

When she came back to the United States, she went to an art studio where she presented her culinary arts and fashion. While at the studio, good luck happened to her. This was the best moments of her lifetime. She met with the high-end producer Emilio Estefan. She had no idea that he was present at the studio. She gathered the courage to meet with him and present her piece for evaluation by the high-class music producer. She had many pieces to present. Emilio seemed to like her songs and decided to give her a chance. She scheduled frequent meetings with her in the studio to fine-tune her vocals over the weekends. She met Emilio and his wife, Gloria Estefan. Because she had the best talent, she decided to support her in her endeavor. She started working from this moment henceforth. Her career burst into success with the release of her first song Miracle.

Misleading Accusations have come to Rest

The world continues to advance with new forms of technology, especially when it comes to internet based forms of communication such as mobile devices and faster and more reliable Wi-Fi connection speeds. It’s no wonder that some companies would take advantage of this time of advancement and create products to match the times. Securus Technologies is one such company, and its focus is in finding the time and energy for use in developing communication solutions for a niche type of customer. The customers that Securus supports are inmates currently serving time within the American penal system. Products, such as a mobile application that allows seamless video streaming technology, are used by inmates currently living within prison to communicate openly and freely with their friends and family members on the outside. This product is reliable and high-quality, something that Securus is proud of and that customers of the corporation have come to trust and now. Unfortunately the company itself has fallen under some scrutiny recently by another giant in the information technology industry, GTL.


GTL has claimed that Securus has lost the rights to many of its products, due to an expiration if its patents for its products. This information was released online several months ago by GTL, in the form of several spreadsheets. After further research was conducted by security personnel and some third-party sources it would seem that GT else claims are inaccurate and that their accusations are false. This is good news for Securus customers who rely upon the company for the communication needs, as their products and services will continue to develop under a friendly name that they recognize.


OSI Group

OSI Group is dominating the scene of the Food Solutions Industry. This privately held entrepreneurial company is in an exclusive club, but on another level when being compared with it’s contemporaries. The company is thought of as the worlds leader in Food Solutions and has up to 60 different plants across the globe with some being in Geneva, Chicago, West Chicago, Iowa, Oakland, Utah, Wisconsin, and Riverside, California. Besides that the company spans across 16 countries worldwide. OSI Group has been rapidly growing ever since it’s inception back in 1909.

The small family owned meat market was known as “Otto & Sons” in those days and over the coming decades, it built a nice reputation for providing good quality meats to the public. Currently this one-time meat market has grown into a full staff of 20,000 employees. This company was one of the first high-volume meat plants in the country and with it’s popularity came new prospects. McDonald’s founder/CEO built a strong relationship with Otto & Sons and the company became the famous restaurants main supplier of meat during the late 60’s.

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OSI Group seems to have a hand in everything and many of the food items that people buy from their local markets come from OSI. Many of today’s leading private labelled brand foods are from OSI Group whether it being hotdogs, beef, bacon, fish, dough products, poultry, veggies, and pork. Check out these benefits of service:

  • OSI’s Vast Network Allows Clients To Leverage The Global Supply Chain
  • Greater Financial Flexibility
  • Understands Consumer Needs and Creates A Customized Solution
  • Cost Savings and Stability
  • Honesty and Ethical Business Practices
  • Cutting Edge Technology Trends

The company’s facilities has received numerous awards throughout the years as well in Environmental Management, Management of Health, and Safety. It seems like the company can do no wrong and that it’s only getting better as time passes. OSI Group is no fly-by-night company that are looking for a quick buck. Strong relationships are built by trust and this company epitomizes this very notion.

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