Rebellion In Color: The Lime Crime Advantage

Color is just something most people can’t live without in their lives and without it, this world would be a boring place to live. Eyes and hair are of different hues as well as clothing and shoes. Whatever you possibly can think of, color plays a big role in it’s success. When it comes to cosmetics, color is everything and it’s what allows people to creatively express themselves.

Most if not all cosmetic brands have color options, but many of them are the basic red, blue, pink, etc. According to Beauty Bay, these tones can get the job done even though they’re pretty basic. If you’re looking for a mix of unique color blends as well as solid vivid tones, Lime Crime is the brand of choice.

This brand has transcended the industry as well as given it new life. Users will have a chance to create distinct looks thanks to the many different tones, hues, and colors such as wicked, saint, red velvet, bleached, riot, pink velvet, cashmere, faded, rave, utopia, and many more. This brand is fun and vibrant which can add a spark to any attire.

If you like standing out in a crowd then don’t buy those other brands. For you animal lovers out there here is some great news. None of these products have been tested on animals as the products are certified by The Leaping Bunny Program and PETA.

Being a universal/unisex product, there isn’t any discriminating and many of the products themselves are worn by male individuals. Users now have the ability to create a specific look for whatever mood their in.

How many other brands can you say the same thing for? Lime Crime is laying a new blueprint of success, setting new trends, creating the most buzz, and revitalizing a cluttered market.

Subtle Color Is All Mine With Help From Lime Crime

In my life, I’m about color but I want it to be subtle. Subtle color means that the color I use is color that you can see but you have to look for it. While I sometimes get away with a bit of bright red, in general, I really colors like a more mauve or something with slightly beige tones to it.

This is why I have found it very useful to turn to a company called Lime Crime. Like me, they want so much to have color all over in life but they also know that you have to use in sparingly and avoid being too much in your face with it. I have found it really useful to turn to them for help when I’m thinking about the kind of colors I want to have in my life when I’m using makeup.

Elegant and Understated

Makeup needs to be carefully done in my opinion in order to be something that really works. This is why I go for a product like those at the company offer you.

You know that you can pick out shades from them like Teddy Bear and Moonstone where you can have a look but it’s going to be something that will really work with the modern sensibility that is essential for any look. I often turn to tones like Bleached or Shroom where I can use that color to help offset brightly colored clothing.

A Total Look

At this company, you can really get a total makeup look that works in every single way. Every color they sell here at Lime Crime is color that will bring the modern to your wardrobe. Some days I think about how I want to have really bright colors like that of Red Velvet or Rave or Pink Velvet that will offer something that I know helps me truly express my personality. But some times I go softer.

I know that a softer look is ideal for those days when I just want to consider how far I can retreat from the public face I put on.

Fabletics Is What’s Next As It Edges Near Amazon

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is unlike any other sportswear company. That’s because Hudson and her team devised an open method of purchasing high quality sports apparel with a subscription. This is an ingenuous manner of purchasing the same look as apparel from name brand manufacturers such as Lululemon, Nike, Under Armour and Reebok; without the “ouch” factor price tag attached.


Their online subscription base is what’s helping to launch Fabletics into another dimension of retail greatness. Fabletics is moving in the same direction as eCommerce giant, Amazon. Going from online only to actual retail space. To compete with Amazon is certainly no small feat. So, how did they do it? Well, just ask the Senior Vice President of Fabletics, Dustin Netral. Dustin had this to say in response to the expansion plans of Fabletics, “Serendipity of shopping is important to us but the brand is built on combining global fashion trends with user preference data to elevate satisfaction, we add in new ranges and do subtle tests all the time.”


Perhaps, Netral was being a tad bit conservative about the growth factors involved in the surge of Fabletics subscribers. But, we all get it, because women everywhere want the clothing Kate Hudson wears in the Fabletics ads. Fabletics profitability has nothing to do with Hudson’s looks or her body.


Increasing profitability is based upon the popularity of Fabletics. Women happily put workout clothes on to both look good and “workout.” As opposed to purchasing clothing and letting the apparel sit tidily folded in dresser drawers or hanging in some closet. Fabletics subscribers want to look “fabulous” in their workout gear and this inspires them to engage in physical activity.


Make no mistake about it, Fabletics has the infrastructure to take a big chunk out of Amazon’s 20% choke hold on the eCommerce market. In one year’s time, Fabletics posted a 35% gain, adding to the $250 million business it has done in three short years. Let’s not forget the Fabletics’ premise, how they got into the apparel business and why the concept works.


The business premise of Fabletics is matching online subscribers with activewear that fits their lifestyles. Fabletics offers their customers “convenience subscriptions.” For a small monthly fee, subscribers create their own look, mixing and matching pieces. This unique approach gives Fabletics a competitive edge in the “Athleisure” marketplace.


But, rather than put emphasis on the appeal of the brand name look, Fabletics believes in offering “high value” to their subscribers. As the General Manager of Fabletics, Gregg Throgmartin puts it, “Our membership model is what allows us to offer personalized service and on-trend fashion at half the price of our competitors. It’s just a lot easier to make people happy when you know who they are and what they want.”


Fabletics is set to open additional retail stores. Currently, there are 16 retail stores in Las Vegas, throughout California, Florida, Colorado, Maryland and New Jersey, to name a few of the locations.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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Natural Sapphire Company Specializes In Untreated Sapphires

Sapphrire rings have become trendy for engagement rings due to the recent engagement of Kate Middleton and Prince William. She is wearing an 18 carat engagement ring on her finger that once belonged to Princess Diana. This had made sapphire rings trendy and popular as engagement rings in 2016.

The sapphire is the second hardest gemstone next to diamonds. It comes in several colors blue, pink, orange, yellow, purple, and green. It comes from the mineral clan corundum. The stone is often cut deeper than diamonds and often is sized by diameter not carat. A sapphire round stone that is 6.5 millimeters is equal to a one carat diamond.

The color of the stone can be enhanced with heat treatments. Always ask about enhancements if you want to change the color. These stone look stunning in a variety of ring styles and make great engagement rings. They can be worn as a stylish ring for all occasions.

The Natural Sapphire Company has been in the gemstone and jewelry business since 1939. They specialize in natural untreated sapphire rings. Their artisans and designers have years of experience in traditional jewelry design. They use the most up to date advanced technology and production techniques.

The company has their own Gemological laboratory where their trained gemologists inspect the gems. They test the gems to find out the difference between synthetic and natural stones. The staff looks for heat treatment that changes the color of stone and other minerals that may be present.

Customers can design their own setting. The Natural Sapphire Company uses automated cutting, CAD/CAM production, metal casting and assembly and finishing to make the rings.

Kenneth Goodgame Leads The Companies He Works For To Success

Kenneth Goodgame is an influential and successful Operations Management leader with extensive experience in the industry. He is known for his excellence in promoting a balance of employee engagement, quality assurance systems, key performance indicators, and corporate alignment.

He graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and began his career as a product merchant at Home Depot in 1995. He managed all the purchasing, pricing, assortment design, and line reviews for all indoor garden categories. He also managed all of the tasks for store department openings. Goodgame even led the company’s expansion into Puerto Rico, becoming that country’s first category chain.

In 1999, he became the Director of Proprietary Brands, where he took part in the negotiation and execution of the nationwide deal with John Deere to create and sell mowers under the Scotts brand. He also conducted a successful product launch for the brand, RIGID, and led the brand management team for Husky and Workforce lines.

Goodgame became Home Depot’s Senior Global Product Merchant in 2001, where he led the procurement for a $1.6 billion product category and generated $375 million in sales from the largest product launch in the company’s history. He also generated an estimated $18 million in gross margins by creating functional rebates.

In 2002, he moved to the company Newell Rubbermaid where he became its President and General Manager of Rubbermaid Cleaning. He led the company to become the fastest-growing business by percent of total sales. He became the company’s President and General Manager of the Bernzomatic division in 2004 and the company’s Senior Vice President in Marketing and Sales in 2006.

Goodgame became President of Baja Motorsports in 2008 where he launched 30 new stores around the country with two short years and added $1.6 million to the company’s net sales with imported product lines alone.

In 2010, he became the General Merchandising Manager for Ace Hardware Corporation. He helped in the execution of the Craftsman program which grew the category from $9 million to $180 million in sales. He also had his hand in increasing annual store openings by an astounding 300 percent.

He received his latest promotion in 2013, as the Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer for True Value Hardware Corporation. At his current position he has created a 5-year strategy for long term growth and has reformed line reviews, improving the company’s savings from 2 percent to 10.

James Dondero Makes a Move to Award $1 Million Challenge Grant to Help The Family Place

James Dondero is the Co-founder of Highland Capital Management. He has served in the credit and equity markets for over thirty years thus amassing a lot of experience. Mr. Dondero is also serving some institutions because of his experience and dedication in service. He is a chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical, and Nextbank. James Dondero also acts as a member of the board of American Banknote as well as MGM Studios. The multi-talented investor is also a philanthropist and supports many institutions such as education sector, public policies, and veteran affairs.

Dondero has also led different achievements, and he is the one who helped in the building of the GIC subsidiary of Protective Life between the years 1989 to 1993. He has also served American Express as the Portfolio Manager. His budding career started back in 1984 where the investor worked for Morgan Guaranty training program as an analyst. He studied at the University of Virginia where he graduated with dual majors in Accounting and Finance. He is also a Certified Financial Analyst with full rights to use the Chartered Financial Analyst.

He recently made an announcement that Highland Capital Management has awarded The Family Place $1 million challenge grant. The move is aimed at helping the organization achieve its goal of raising final $2.8 million in the remaining six months for the team’s legacy campaign. The Family Place is an organization that offers support to victims of family violence.

The move made by James Dondero is important as it ensures that The Family Place finishes the campaign successfully. Speaking during the Family Place’s 21st Annual Texas Trailblazer Awards Luncheon, where the announcement was made, Dondero said his move answered a call to action by Mike Rawlings, the mayor of Dallas and David Brown, the Dallas Police Chief. The two had urged the community to help in solving the issues in Dallas which threatens people’s lives.

John Goullet Improving IT through Diversant LLC.

John Goullet serves as a profound Principle of Diversant Limited Liability Company. He is a successful innovator, which has propagated his creation of highly flouring enterprises in the IT sector. Goullet’s debut in career was serving as an IT consultant before he later became an IT staffing account executive. In 1994, John Goullet instituted the Info Technologies Inc., where he was the Chief Executive Officer of the firm. He focused his business on comprehending the corporate climate and the IT staffing requirements of clients, and then correctly matching them with the personality, skill set and work style of the consultants.

The primary focus of Info Technologies was to provide IT solutions to fast-growing Fortune 500 firms throughout the country. John Goullet profoundly contributed to his company’s growth and notably, he had turned the business into a $30 million firm in five years. As a result, the company earned itself the eighth position in the ranking of the top 500 stable and fast growing private entities in the United States conducted by Inc. Magazine’s. In 2010, in a move aimed at increasing efficiency and fostering a heightened growth, John Goullet merged Diversant Inc. and Info Technologies to form the current Diversant LLC.

Diversant, LLC is a fully certified MBE (Minority-Owned Business Enterprise), and in the United States, it is the most successful IT staffing company. The firm provides a full spectrum of available IT staffing as well as a potpourri of products, which include direct hire, innovative diversity solutions, and IT staffing augmentation. The firm bases its services and products on outstanding, unique and tenable policies and principles, with the primary intention of covering the needs of its affiliates, clients, as well as the larger community, which is in the service of the firm.

Diversant leverages consultative techniques to help its customers in solving their problems by involving those clients as true business partners. The company aids entities in the acquisition of the efficient and right IT talent as there is increased growth in the technology sector, which has facilitated intense competition for IT professionals. As considerate as Diversant is, it incorporates appropriate methods of sourcing and vetting qualified professionals who can serve the different purposes of different IT companies. John Goullet boasts of an adept, highly-trained and skilled team, which offers full-cycle customized software developments.

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Reviewing The Success And Journey Of Don Ressler As An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is an awesome area when one understands the basics that govern how things are done in the industry. Many people who have recorded success in entrepreneurship are not lucky but they worked to achieve what others think is impossible. Don Ressler is among entrepreneurs who have debunked myths and beliefs in impossibilities and his penetration into the online world of business is a story that shows dedication and the passion to achieve one’s goals. At the time he began his journey as an online entrepreneur, few people understood how the industry works.

He built his career from a staggering position to later become a successful investor with several companies under his name. Don Ressler’s first trial was with FitnessHeaven, a company he launched more than 15 years ago that specialized in selling fitness equipment. The company was like a learning platform and he was able to understand many things about entrepreneurship while running

In 2001, after gaining some skills in managing an online-based business, he put the company on sale. His goal was to raise capital for a bigger and probably better idea. During the same year, he was approached by Intermix Media, which bought over At this point, he interacted with the COO of Intermix, Adam Goldenberg, whose vision was impressive. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler struck a deal to partner in their next idea and after several days of planning, the duo came up with Alena Media, which was founded to work with businesses to help them manage their marketing needs.

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Less than three years after inception, Alena Media was running well and had become profitable. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler then decided to further their practice by selling the company to fund an idea that would steer them forward to achieve bigger results. In 2008, they established Intelligent Beauty, which is one of their best performing businesses.

About JustFab
Launched in 2010, JustFab runs an online retail that was founded to offer fashion products. Members enjoy a subscription system that allows them to choose their preferences so they can receive results that are relevant to their needs.

Initially, the company did not have enough funds to develop all the features well, so the management team approached Matrix Ventures for funding and they were awarded $33 million in 2011. They also went ahead and approached Rho Ventures and other companies and they were issued with funding amounting to $76 million, which made it possible for JustFab to penetrate into Germany, Canada and UK.

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James Dondero Apointed as a Executive Board member of the Cox Business School at the Southern Methodist Universuty

James Dondero is the President and Co-Founder of the Highland Capital Management company. His current resident is Dallas, Texas. James Dondero has more than three decades of professional experience in the management of assets and finance.

His experience spans through equity and credit markets, focusing highly on the distressed and high-yield investments. In 19993, Highland Capital Management Company was incepted in the United States. Since then, it has pioneered the development of credit oriented solutions and Collateralized Loan Obligations for retail and industrial investors in the world.

Some of his products have won business awards in the country. They include hedge funds, CLOs, separate institutional accounts, mutual funds, private equity funds, and ETFs. He is the chairman of CCS Medical, Cornerstone Healthcare, and NexBank.

He also serves as a Distinguished Executive Board Member of MGM Studios and American bank note. Mr. Dondero has actively invested his wealth in numerous activities of philanthropy. For this reason, he has supported various education initiatives, public policy, and veterans affairs. Before founding Highland Capital Management Company, he worked as a chief investment officer.

Protective Life Company grew under his direction in Dallas when he started his journey in business. James Dondero graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Accounting from the University of Virginia. Moreover, James Dondero is a Certified Accountant Manager.

James Dondero is the President and Co-Founder of the Highland Capital Management Company. He is announcing his appointment as an Executive Board Member of the Southern Methodist University. For him, this appointment is strengthening the business relationship between the University and Highland Capital Management Company.

This includes the Tower Scholars under Highland Capital Management Company that encourages ad recognizes professional pursuits in business and public policy. The program also recognizes the support James Dondero offers to the George W. Bush Presidential Museum and Library.

The Cox business School at the Southern Methodist University has a great contribution to the vibrant community in Texas, and Highland Capital Management Company is one of the beneficiaries. According to James Dondero, he is honored to serve as a board member and hopes to develop solutions to enhance the business world through his contribution to the board.

Jason Halpern: Building A Better Community With Bricks And Charity

Finding bright entrepreneurs today isn’t hard; it is, however, hard to find bright entrepreneurs with a genuine concern for their community. Finding individuals, like Jason Halpern, that are always striving to uplift the community by constantly giving back is a rare thing. Jason’s achievements and philanthropic deeds not only help advance the community but are also a great lesson for the fellow entrepreneurs irrespective of their industry.


How Jason impacts his society
Jason founded and manages JMH Development regarded as one of the most reputable property development and management companies in New York. Such a position has gained him popularity in the city and beyond, but it is his interest in the rehabilitation of historically landmarked properties that has endeared him further with the city’s residents. Since its establishment, his company has acquired or partnered with various individuals in the reconstruction of several historic buildings in the city and its neighborhood.


On several occasions, his company has received acknowledgment and awards from several reputable institutions as well as the local authority for their excellent structural renovations and modernization of these buildings. For instance, JMH Development recently received the Brooklyn Building Award in the adaptive reuse category for their renovation of the 184 Kent.

Jason’s contribution to Philanthropy
What differentiates Jason from other entrepreneurial developers is his passion for giving back to the society. He has consistently devoted much of his time and significant resources to championing several charitable projects in the society. He mainly runs two charitable projects that stand close to his heart. The first is the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center; a level A Trauma Center that facilitates several complex medical processes including open-heart surgery, Orthopedic surgery, and complex emergency neurosurgery.


Jason also runs another charitable project through which his company partners with other charitable trusts. He currently partners with Global Water Non-Profit Charity that facilitates the provision of water services to the disadvantaged communities in the world starting in arid-dwellers of Ethiopia and Nepal. With this project, the company donates $20,000 for every development contract the company gains in Miami. According to the water company, JMH Development’s help has been critical in providing clean and safe to millions of Ethiopian and Nepalese locals.