Trump’s Wiki Woes

As we all know, Donald Trump was sworn into the presidential office on January 28th, 2017. It was a historic date, both for him and his Wikipedia page.

After a candidate is bound to an office, all his social media accounts are changed to show him as the president of the United States. The same goes for the current President. However, his Wikipedia page (or it’s editors) didn’t seem to want to cooperate.

Since Wikipedia offers an open source editing platform to all its users, just about anyone can add and edit a Wikipedia page. However, things spun out of control when numerous people tried to change Donald Trump’s Wiki page over eight times in the span of one hour. It seems like editors couldn’t decide whether or not Trump was officially president that day or not.

This all could have been avoided if Trump used a powerful Wikipedia editor like Get Your Wiki. Specialists in making Wikipedia pages, Get Your Wiki will not only ensure that you have a top notch wiki page but will also ensure that goof ups like this one don’t happen.

Wikipedia isn’t just for rich people and big companies, but for people with small businesses as well. If you search for something on Google, you will see that the Wikipedia page on the topic is one of the first things to pop up. This is because Wikipedia is one of Google’s prime investors, which ensures that a Wikipedia page will always emerge on the top of the search results.

This can be one of the biggest boons for businesses. Wikipedia is brilliantly search-engine optimized, so the site acts as a boost to your online presence. People tend to respond more positively to Wikipedia pages while looking out for information on a particular something. When they make a Wikipedia page about a particular business, they tend to look at the business in a brighter light than others. This can do wonders for your business or your website and greatly increase sales and site traffic.

However, making a Wikipedia page on your own is no easy task. Wikipedia has a long list of guidelines which can be pretty hard to follow. They do this to ensure uniformity between the articles and tend to ban or remove articles not following those guidelines. If you don’t have an expert editor on your side, the task of creating your Wiki page can be pretty hard. That’s why sites like Get Your Wiki are so helpful because they know exactly how to frame your page and catch viewer interest so that you have a well thought out and professional Wiki page.

Should You Try EOS Lip Balms?

EOS, which stands for Evolution of Smooth, is a New York-based company that is taking over the lip balm industry. The company started small, and now it’s nearly impossible to go into a grocery store or discount supermarket without seeing the spheres of lip gloss in a variety of colors.

EOS was cofounded by Craig Dubitsky, and the products have been said to rival Burt’s Bees, a company that is a leader in providing affordable organic products. EOS lip balms are available for around $3.29 at most retailers like Lucky Vitamin and Target, and come in several flavors.

Popular varieties include Vanilla Bean, a classic lip balm with a pleasant scent that is particularly popular during the holiday season. Strawberry sorbet is another popular lip balm from EOS, and includes smoothing ingredients to keep lips soft and shiny. Blueberry Acai is a great buy as well, since the lip balm contains antioxidants that keep the lips looking youthful and healthy. This balm is also 95% organic.

In addition to lip balms, EOS also features a number of hand and body lotions that help to nourish and smooth the skin. Berry blossom is a fruit-scented lotion with vitamins for lasting akin health. Cucumber lotion has antioxidants that keep the hands looking youthful and Fresh Flowers features a soothing scent and non-greasy formula.

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The Illustrative Career Of Jason Hope

Jason is renowned as a skilled futurist. He has deep understanding and passion for technology. Over the years, he has been watching the industry trends. In addition, Jason Hope has made predictions regarding the future of technology. With the growing number of connected devices, Jason is confident that the Internet of Things may be the future of modern society. Hope’s insights and advice on has been of great help to modern businesses and individuals seeking for innovative ways of capitalizing on the technology of the future.

In his article, Companies are banking on the Internet of Things to fuel growth, Jason asserts that companies are embracing technology to enhance their productivity. Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to be valued at billions of dollars by 2020. Jason Hope contends that the future is in connected technology.

Jason posits that one of the companies that have embraced the IoT is Silicon Labs. The company has extensive experience in integrated circuits on Business. Motley Fool’s Dan Caplinger asserts that investments in the IoT have been paying off. He contends that Silicon Labs was expecting to see a decline in sales in the fourth quarter. However, the company reported a smaller drop than anticipated.

Earlier in 2016, Chuck Robbins, Cisco’s new CEO posited that they would be investing $1.4 billion. This amount would be channeled to Jasper Technologies, which is an IoT software developer. It allows corporations to connect everything to the web. Jasper Technologies was incorporated three years before the first iPhone was released. CNBC’s Ari levy argues that Cisco needs to proof to enterprises that they need to rely on security, stability and connectivity. Jason Hope says that with the increased investment in the IoT, it is evident that this technology would be able to make companies successful now and in the future.

The entrepreneur from Scottsdale, Arizona is passionate about philanthropy, especially on biotechnology, disease cure, education and scientific research. Jason Hope has worked closely with the Boys & Girls Club of Metropolitan Phoenix, The Tony Hawk Foundation and Worldwide Orphans Foundation. He has also rendered services for the International Foundation for Education and Self Help, Family Health International and The Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation among many others.

Jason Hope pledged to donate $500,000 to SENS Foundation. This California-based organization seeks to develop and promote access to biotechnologies that address the issue of age-related diseases. Mike Kope, CEO of the non-profit entity contended that Jason Hope’s contribution would accelerate the company’s progress in fighting against the diseases related to aging.

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Keith Mann Aims Higher

Being an entrepreneur requires enough information, capital and the skills acquired before embarking on that journey. Keith Mann was able to have all these and hence became a successful entrepreneur. He specializes in the search industry and has been in this field for over 15 years. He mostly involves himself in fund compensation therefore being able to also assist particular individuals. Staffing and hiring plan are among other things that he does apart from hedge fund compensation. He manages Dynamics Search Partner and also serves as the CEO.

Keith Mann served as a managing executive at Dynamics Executive Search before earning the chair of being a CEO at Dynamics Search Partners. After a while he sold it to a global financial services company. He had so much experience so far, so he later on started the Alternative Investment Practice in 2002 which was in collaboration with Executive a couple of years, the company was stretched to an equity firm. In the year 2009, Keith Mann founded Dynamics Search Partners (DSP). This organization is committed to a substitute investment firm since it emerged to be a top executive search firm.

He has put his effort through the company by initiating new platforms, employing investment, internal and marketing strategy experts to take his team to greater heights. Dynamics Search Partners works in collaboration with Europe, United States and Asia. He also works hand in hand with uncommon schools to help students go to the university. His ensures that these students acquire the skills and intelligence to be submitted to the university. most of these students are not financially stable, Keith Mann spends his time to help them financially so that they can achieve their dreams through enrolling into the higher learning institutions.

One of the greatest strategies that have helped Keith Mann be the man that he is today is integrating technology into his business. Technology is a major deal when it comes to any business today, so he has used to grow his alignment with his staff, he has started an online podium which assists clients to use less time in accessing products. Entrepreneurs can reach greater heights like Keith Mann by having more information and also seeking assistance.

Handy’s Shifting Goals between Growth and Profitability since Its Launch In 2012

In 2015, Handy’s co-founder Oisin Hanharan proposed an online onboarding system that began operating in January 2015.The model’s application was in stages and worked in branches in Miami and Washington DC. By November 2015, Oisin and Umang Dua were yet to fully implement the system in all of the 28 divisions after the closure of the 50 million dollar Series C funding for capital. The hesitation for the full application of the system was a result of several talks with prospective investors who questioned Handy’s potential of attracting future funding.

The two co-founders then decided to fully implement the online onboarding system as the last strategy of their already falling business. The move led to plummeting of the firm’s onboarding by more than 40 percent, and a rise in customer complaints, which resulted in the closure of the client service telephone lines. In 2016, the administrative staff resolved to address the company’ dropping income value by refocusing their efforts on profit creation instead of growth.

Hanharan and Dua established Handy in 2012 after completion of their education at Harvard Business School. Handy’s inception into the business faced competition from existing enterprises such as Homejoy. In 2015, Homejoy went out of business and left Handy with adequate space to shift their focus from growth to profitability. Handy’s first major challenge in the industry was in reducing the $1.5 million it spent on providing NYC home services by improving their services and products and launching call centers to replace the online software customer service platform.

By 2014, Handy recorded a growth of more than 50 percent in net sales and a decrease of 33 percent in service and product provision processes. In October 2015, Handy’s overall gross margins increased from 7 to 20 percent. Hanharan and Dua estimate that Handy will have increased profits, a new service vertical and new branches in other cities. Dua stated that he is positive the company will overcome all the challenges that are usually faced by start-up enterprises.