Investment Expert Driving Capital Groups To Higher Grounds

He serves at Capital Group as its chairman as from July 2015, following the loss of previous chairman, Jim Rothenberg.

Timothy Armour has a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Middlebury College. He has a thirty-four years wealth of experience in investment practices.

Timothy is based in Los Angeles and has been working with Capital Group throughout his career lifetime, where he started as an equity investment analyst. Tim maintains that the strength of Capital Group lies in the collective efforts of its workforce and not any one individual.

Tim advises on how to keep active managers by keeping their fees low and not mix up their portfolios. He stated that there are better options in the investment market and clients should not settle for standard returns.

Recently, Capital Group Collaborated with Samsung Asset Management. Together they have come up with a project on retirement funds, savings, and insurance solutions throughout Korea. Each company will collaboratively work towards addressing the problem. Armour reckons that the partnership will serve both parties in their growth and enhance Samsung’s capability in investments.

China’s economy is slowly deteriorating with the decline in stocks and currency devaluation. The decline may affect its trading partners globally. Concerning China’s market sell-off, Tim suggests that their internet companies could serve as an opportunity since their valuations are appealing on a global level as compared to others.

After Trump won the elections, the investment market has declined. The shift in the market is real according to Timothy Armour. Tim maintains that although interests rates keep falling, this the lowest point he has ever come across. Industries such as banks are soaring higher, while industries such as real estate companies are heading to a pitfall.

About Capital Group

Capital Group has been in the industry for more than eight decades. They have offices throughout Australia, Asia, North America, and Europe. Capital Group offers services to individual investors, institutions and financial intermediaries. They have a vast selection of services and products including America Funds. It is determined to build long-lasting relationships with its clients, delivering excellent results using high-conviction portfolios.

Goettl the Unmovable HVAC Provider

Goettl Air Conditioning Company, a company that provides air conditioning and heating services, was giving back to the community over the holiday season. Abana Stephenson and her family were privileged as Goettl visited to make their lives better. The company heard about the Stephenson not having a proper air conditioner, heating system or toilet, they decided to go and brighten their festive season by putting the new systems for free. Now the mother of two and her daughter will be more comfortable no matter if it is summer or winter their house will be properly cooled or heated. The manager of Goettl, Michael Gamst, expects them to be paying half the electricity bill they were paying before. The family was award gifts also from Goettl and an NGO Triple5teens.

Goettl also taught people how to conserve energy hence reducing the amount paid for heating by using their technological innovation. The zone controlled heating allows each room to be heated differently; thermostats are installed in each room and each room as its temperature zone. This saves heating bill because instead of using additional heat in the whole house, just warm the room that you need to be warm. Goettl has high hopes in this innovation and looking forward to it bringing positivity to the company.

Goettl Company was founded in 1939 by the Goettl brothers in Phoenix; in 2003 the firm moved its operation to Tempe. The main aim it was opened is to help the residents of the southwest desert to cope with the harsh conditions. The company has built trust over the years, and they get positive reviews from all their customers.

In 2008, the ARS/Rescue Rooter purchased Goettl; ARS maintained the brand name and the management. ARS’s vice president of the Southwest division said that having Goettl will bring new dimensions. Goettl Air Conditioning was and will remain people’s choice in heating, ventilation, and cooling.


Brazilian Banker Igor Cornelsen Offers His Take on Investing

Over the last few years, Brazil has established itself as one of the fastest growing nations in the world. By becoming a prosperous nation, Brazil has been able to encourage a lot of investment opportunities on Tumblr. The main sectors in which Brazil has emerged as a top investment destination are agriculture, infrastructure and finance. By becoming a top nation for investing, a number of businesses are in good position to expand their resources throughout the world. Anyone looking to capitalize on the Brazilian economy will benefit by investing in its agricultural sector. This is due to Brazil being one of the largest food producers in the world at Since Brazil is among the largest nations in the world, it will often provide lots of opportunities to invest in numerous infrastructure projects.

Igor Cornelsen is a top banker in Brazil and has given a few tips to those who are wishing to invest in Brazil. One of the first things he has said is that it will be important to connect to the population at large. Since Brazilian culture emphasizes building relationships and networking, it will be important for investors to meet as many people as they can. Since one quarter of the adult population in the country are entrepreneurs, there will be plenty of opportunities to establish beneficial connections on Facebook.

The second tip offered by Igor Cornelsen has been to consider the red tape that Brazil has when conducing business. Brazil is one of the most highly regulated nations in the world when it comes to business. As a result, investors will need to deal with a lot of bureaucracy when completing a number of business transactions.

As a third tip, Igor Cornelsen has stated that investors need to understand the nation’s policies when it comes to foreign exchange. In Brazil, foreign exchange rates differ and often vary based on the type of transaction. Another thing to keep in mind is that foreign exchange transactions can only be done by a bank that is specifically authorized to complete such transactions. As a result, investors will want to know the exchange rates and banks that complete transactions before making any investment decisions.

Sam Boraie Is One Of New Brunswick New Jersey’s Shining Stars

New Brunswick, New Jersey was the location of the first intercollegiate football game in the United States. Rutgers University played Princeton in 1869. New Brunswick fascinating history is filled with stories of ancient Indian settlements, and social functions that date back before the Revolutionary War. The historic downtown area was a masterpiece during the 18th and 19th centuries. But like all American cities, there was a mass exodus to the suburbs in the 1960s. Downtown New Brunswick started to deteriorate. Retail businesses closed, and gang activity became the only activity in the city.

Omar Boraie, the Egyptian chemist, and real estate developer decided to do something about downtown New Brunswick in the 1970s. He bought 21 properties in New Brunswick’s inner city, and he began a redevelopment project that was sanctioned by city officials. The first Boraie project was Albany Street Plaza One. The Plaza One building was the first modern high-rise on Albany Street in the 1980s. Sam Boraie, Omar’s second son, came on board more than 20 years ago, and he is following in his father’s footsteps. Albany Street Plaza Three is the next mixed-use Boraie project.

Sam Boraie has built a solid reputation in the real estate business. But Sam is also known for his philanthropic endeavors. Sam is one of the people that is responsible for the redevelopment of the New Brunswick State Theater. The 1921 theater has attracted entertainment personalities since the first day it opened. The list of entertainment legends that have performed at the theater is impressive. When the theater needed a facelift, Sam and other board members developed a plan to bring the theater back to its original glory. The successful project brought new life to the theater. The State theater is educating and entertaining New Jersey’s younger generation again.

But Boraie is not the kind of guy to sit around and wait to help his neighbors. Sam is also very active in the nonprofit, Elijah’s Promise, reveals Rutgers Magazine. Elijah’s Promise feeds the hungry in New Jersey. With a soup kitchen, a pay-as-you-can café, and a culinary school, Elijah’s Promise is making a difference in New Jersey. According to, Sam is a board member and a major donor to that organization.

There are other New Jersey cities that need help, and Sam Boraie and his family are helping them. The One Riverview apartment building in Newark is a Boraie project. And so is the Beach at South Inlet apartment complex in Atlantic City. The 250-unit apartment complex is under construction, and it is attracting more young people to Atlantic City to live and play.

The legacy of Sam Boraie is still being written, but one thing that is already written is his dedicated service to New Brunswick and his quest to modernize New Jersey’s cities. For more info, visit his page.


Securus Technologies Are The Winners In Technology Challenge

Securus Technologies is a well known leader in the criminal justice technology field. They provide high tech and very innovative solutions responsible for safety, investigations, to monitoring services within the criminal justice system. Recently, Securus Technologies issued a challenge to Global Tel Link, concerning who has the top telephone calling platform and top customer service model. Rick Smith represents Securus Technologies and he shared that he would prefer an independent party to evaluate and judge both platforms. Certainly, he believes that Securus Technologies was easily winning the competition because of all the investments that the organization has placed on improving their communication platform.


GTL Technologies

Representatives firmly believe that  Securus is the big winner in the criminal justice technology field because their equipment is far advanced. Certainly, much more advanced than GTL Technologies. In fact, their platform is much older, less efficient, and include less features than the Securus platform. Even former customers of GTL agree that the Securus platform is far better with greater features and better customer service.


Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a provider of criminal justice technology, serving correctional institutions across the country. Their innovative calling platform and customer service has set the standard for comprehensive and innovative technical solutions and customer care.


The Future of Skin Whitening

When it comes to good skin whitening cream products, the industry and the world is at a huge disadvantage. There just aren’t many brands that are safe to use and are able to provide great results. That was the past and this is the present. Makari de Suisse is changing the old status quo by using and advanced new formula make-up. Makari products stand out because they truly work. Ingredients such as licorice, citrus, mulberry root, caviar, argan oil, carrot oil, and other plant extracts are “tried and true.”

Makari de Suisse has changed the game for people of color who struggle with the signs of aging, dark spots, under eye dark circles, discoloration, and hyperpigmentation. These innovative products are powerful, yet gentle at the same time, which makes them safe to use. Mother Nature has provided us with the tools and Makari is using them to give people brighter, more lighter skin complexions.

Makari uses different forms as well with serums, soaps, capsules, and lotion. It’s time to gain your confidence back and stop living in the shadows. Makari de Suisse is the future of skin whitening. Visit the website, today.