Adam Milstein’s Way Of ‘Pushing’ Ideas To Reality

Adam Milstein is an Israeli real estate investor, community leader and an active philanthropist. He is also a managing partner of a private commercial and real estate investment company known as Hager Pacific Properties. Milstein with his wife, Gila, are the founders of the ‘Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation,’ an organization that engages in philanthropic activities. During the Yom Kippur War, Adam was serving in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). He graduated from Technion in 1978. He holds an MBA from the esteemed University of Southern California where he graduated in 1981. In 1993, Adam started his career in the Commercial Real Estate in Southern California, USA.

Adam founded Hager Pacific Properties after completing his higher education in the United State. Adam is a real estate commercial investor. Milstein posits that before acquiring assets, it is prudent to pay attention to the documentation. He asserts that specific goals can be limiting. This way, one should aim at doing his or her best by being self-driven and working hard. In addition, one should focus on the primary goal, but avoid putting everything that one has into one venture with the hope of striking gold overnight. According to Adam, success comes from following up with every contact.

Adam Milstein brings his ideas to life by pushing them until they become a reality. He advises that for an individual to succeed in the real estate industry, he or she needs to be is persistent and consistent. A person venturing in this business should also be careful to make the right choices and do follow-ups. One should not rely on other people, but instead be part of the solution by understanding the problem and reflecting on the issue at hand.

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To Adam, family is important. He posits that one should not mind spending much on his or her family. Milstein contends that the Constant Contact software may help one to save many of contacts. Adam suggests that people should read a book written by Dana Perino called “And the Good News Is…,” because nothing is as bad as it seems. Like Adam Milstein, anyone can be successful in any venture. Adam asserts that one should focus on the price and seek for solutions to the problems facing the society.

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