Top 3 Most Popular Anime Characters


With thousands of anime shows and movies, there is an endless list of popular anime characters. Diving into the anime fandom, you will find three key characters that you will spot across various media platforms. Here are the top 3 most popular characters in anime of all time.


  1. Edward Elric

To this day, if you attend an anime convention, you will still find a few cosplayers dressed as Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist. The series ended over 7 years ago, and this character is still loved by many. You might find a friend or two who loved the series so much they have a tattoo of Edward Elric somewhere on their body.


  1. L. Lawliet
  2. Lawliet from Death Note still remains relevant in the anime scene. L is still cosplayed today and there are numerous fanart entries found online. With his characteristic sitting pose, infamous love for sweets, and above average intelligence, L outshines the main character of his anime series. Regardless of his death in the middle of the series, he has won multiple manga popularity contests, beating out Light Yagami.


  1. Sasuke Uchiha

You would be surprised to find out that the most popular character in the Naruto series isn’t the one the anime is named after. Ninja anime star Sasuke Uchiha won the hearts of many fans with his tragic backstory, troublesome family relationships, and mysterious demeanor. Even though his character design is meant to appeal to the “emo” scene fad that came and went over ten years ago, he is still cosplayed by fans at conventions to this day. The love the fandom has for this character isn’t going anywhere.

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