Fabletics Is The Latest On The Fashion Scene

Today fashion has taken on a new meaning. Earlier it was the fashion for party clothes or office wear. Now there is the fashion for workout clothes too.


Fabletics realized this too, and they have gone ahead with the idea. This is a brand that is fronted by Kate Hudson. She is an inspiration for women the world over. Kate is into active wear and fitness herself. Hence she is the co-founder of Fabletics. In fact, all clothes available under this brand have been chosen by Kate herself.


Fabletics has been brought about by JustFab Inc. In a short time, it has reached epic proportions in sales as well as brand value. In fact, this brand has taken on the e-commerce giant Amazon head-on.


The founders behind Fabletics realized that there was a gap between luxury workout wear and affordable clothes. Hence Fabletics is filling in that gap. This brand is for the high-end segment. These people are into fitness like never before. But they would like to remain fashionable while working out. While money may not be a consideration, but value for money is.


This is why Fabletics is making use of reverse showroom technique. They are not inviting people to visit their store or their site. They are simply asking people to try on their active wear and decide on their own. This is the kind of flexibility that the high-end segment is looking for. No one wants to be pushed into making a purchase any more. They want to take a decision themselves based on their personal experience.


When anyone visits a Fabletics store or site, they are asked to fill in a survey form. This has some basic questions about the person and her lifestyle. It would be questions about her body shape and size besides her taste in clothes. Next will be questions about the kind of workout she does and the place she prefers for doing her workouts. Based on these inputs, the store decided on an outfit for her and sends her to try it on.


Now the person is offered a VIP membership. The outfit sent to the person gives an idea about the quality of wear being offered. This also indicates the kind of confidence the firm has about its offering. They are well aware that the quality is so good that the person will take the VIP membership immediately. Next, highly attractive bargains and offers are given to those who take VIP membership. Hence people readily opt for this offer.


Now, people visiting the site or physical store are already VIP members of that brand. Hence very few are actual walk-ins. Since people have already been impressed with the quality, they only need to make a purchase as per their requirements. Even here the brand helps them. There would already be an assortment made based on the specifications of the customer. Hence a lot of time is saved for the customer in picking and choosing clothes for their next workout session!

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