Beneful Dog Treats are Perfect for Senior Dogs

Senior dogs need treats that meet their caloric and nutritional needs to ensure that they stay healthy and fit. Beneful dog treats recognizes the importance of giving dogs healthy and delicious treats that are also not too high in calories. As a result, many Beneful dog food brand are ideal for those special senior dogs in your life.

Our favorite Beneful treats for senior dogs are the Purina Beneful Baked Delights series of dog treats. These treats have healthy ingredients such as apples, carrots, peas, and peanut butter. Some options also include beef or real bacon as an added delicious taste. These baked treats are a favorite amongst dogs because of the crispy outer texture and softer gooey center. It makes it fun for senior dogs to bite into the crisp outer, but not hurt their teeth with the soft center.

The caloric count is also lower on the Purina Beneful Baked Delights treats, which keeps older dogs from gaining unnecessary weight. Too much weight for older dogs can exacerbate health problems and put unnecessary pressure on their heart, hips, legs, knees, and backs. These treats are also cost effective with an 8.5-oz bag costing anywhere from $3 to $6 depending on the retail location.

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