Mikhail’s dream of curing cancer and aging

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a researcher who studies cancer and aging. He was earlier a lecturer of oncology at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute based in New York. He has a Ph.D. in experimental medicine and cardiology from the First Pavlov State Medical University of St Petersburg. He has worked in the Oncology field as a researcher for many years.Mikhail was appointed as an associate tutor of medicine at New York Medical College in the year 2002.This appointment was prior to his position as a senior researcher at Ordway Research Institute. His key study areas include cancer and targeted cancer therapies which aim at guarding healthy cells from destruction, as well as the underlying mechanisms of aging and anti-aging drugs.He has conducted successive researches and experiments with the hope of developing a permanent solution to cancer and aging. Scores of tests have failed making the researchers to give up. Nevertheless, Blagosklonny never gave up despite the challenges involved in the study. He dedicated his time and energy to developing a solution to the aging threat.

Blagosklonny has developed a hypothesis about the possibility of the TOR signaling playing a role in aging and cancer. He proposed that the use of rapamycin, a popular drug could be a possible treatment for life extension. In the year 2014, a rapamycin analog was shown to nourish immunity in old people.Using the new anti-aging method, people can use the harmless compound in therapeutic products to control the cellular enlargement. Mikhail, aging and cancer researcher has been highly involved in emerging cancer drugs as well as anti-aging medications in the past years. It has taken Mikhail a long time to achieve this success.Mikhail is an author. He has produced many articles about oncology. He works as the Editor in chief at Aging Cell Cycle and Oncotarget. Oncotarget is a customary multidisciplinary magazine offered to the people free of charge. Their papers are printed out on a weekly basis and are at times printed out for individual purposes. Oncotarget aims at enabling people to access research results fast and extensively.

It also yearns to share the impact of research on the people’s lives, provide a platform for sharing of extraordinary discoveries and to fight diseases through the application of pure science.Mikhail is also a member of the Cell Death and Differentiation’s editorial board. Oncotarget is a journal that supports peer review. Under the leadership of Mikhail, Oncortarget has been in a position to register a remarkable growth and accomplishments. Mikhail has been able to publish more than 270 papers in magazines with over 25000 quotations. His work has given him a great author level with more than 15 copyrights.Most of Blagosklonny’s study entails ontogenesis, transduction indicator, and drug resistance in normal cells, growth suppressors, cell progression, mitosis, anti-cancer healing products, and apoptosis.He writes about cell psychotherapy and chemotherapeutic engineering. He is recognized as a zealous researcher in the area of oncology.Mikhail has committed his life to ensuring that cancer patients get a remedy. His vision is to see people living with cancer getting cure with the increased hope of being treated.

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