Aloha Construction, Trusted Company

Aloha Construction is a constructed company that is located in the Midwestern part of the United States. Aloha is a family owned construction company. The company is filled with contractors who have been licensed and insured to perform all construction task. Aloha Construction services customers in the state of Illinois and in the state of Wisconsin as well. As of today, they have serviced almost 20,000 properties between both states. With all of this experience under their belts, they have left several customers very satisfied.

Aloha is also a very trusted company. They recently received an award that describes exactly who theare. The award ceremony was sponsored by the Better Business Bureau. If you are not familiar with the BBB, then you should know that they only support trusted businesses. The BBB is a non profit organization that helps improve customers trust with any type of business. At this ceremony, the BBB chose Aloha Construction as being one of nine businesses who demonstrated the highest ethical practices throughout the years.

The BBB has also recognized Aloha Construction for being a company who is very active and trusted by other businesses, customers and with the community as well. Aloha Construction has been able to maintain such a great reputation because they are a family company and the treat all of their customers like family.

Aloha Construction does their best to keep all of their prices affordable. They provide customers with quality tools and quality workers to get the job done. If you as a customer is unable to afford any of the services then Aloha does offer special financing. Their financing programs has reasonable interest rates and they are great for anyone who is in need of home repairs but cannot afford to pay for them in cash in full.

Aloha works on roofs and sidings. They also complete other home improvement projects, but sidings and roofs are their specialty. They give free home inspections as well. If you are not sure if you home needs improvements give Aloha a call today so that they can make your dreams come true!


Highland Capital Donates 10 Million to the Bush Center

Highland Capital, known for contributing more than 5 million dollars to the George W. Bush Presidential center since 2012, has decided to donate an additional 10 million dollars in 2018 specifically to the Engage program.

Jim Dondero, who is one of the co-founders and current president of Highland Capital, has made multiple statements about the success of these programs, their success on a national level, and the importance of the impact they have on a national level. Mr. Dondero is so pleased with the success of the programs that he has joined the executive advisory council for the Bush Center. Read more about Highland Capital at

Engage will kick off at 6:30PM on February 5, 2018, it has teamed up with the National Constitution Center for a two part program called “Constitutional Conversations: Justice Scalia’s Memorable Speeches/James Madison & Today’s Media”. The program will be free to attend after guests register through the Bush Center official website located at

Attendees of the Constitutional Conversations program will be delighted to hear from the son of beloved Justice Antonin Scalia, Christopher Scalia. Christopher Scalia will be discussing his book Scalia Speaks:Reflections on Law, Faith, and Life Well Lived with the audience. For those not already familiar with his book, it is a collection of his favorite speeches during his father’s lifelong career as a leader and pioneer in the American justice system.


The second part of their opening night will be a discussion about what James Madison’s perspective would be of the 1st amendment in today’s media dominated landscape. The discussion will be lead by a panel of experts including noted Madison expert Jeffrey Rosen, president and CEO of the National Constitution Center; Amy Mitchell, co-author of the Pew Research Center’s annual “State of the News Media” report; and Mike Wilson, Dallas Morning News editor. Amanda Schnetzer, the Bush Institute Director of Global Initiatives, will be moderating the panel.

In what looks to be the beginning of a long and beneficial relationship, the Engage program will be promoting education and conversations about important issues that affect every american. Highland Capital, through their generous contributions, have elevated important authors and luminaries to a platform which they can reach any person wishing to listen, understand, and engage in one of the most important conversations we can have for the future. The fact that any person, regardless of income, may attend these events only further outlines their commitment to make the most of these opportunities, and their vision of the future. Visit to know more.

Fabletics Credits Much Of Their Success To Customer Feedback

Communication is king in today’s world. Now, more than ever, consumers rely heavily on the reviews and opinion of others while making purchasing decisions. Some of the worlds most successful brands have caught on to this trend, and the new shift in consumer behavior is giving more business the opportunities to prove their loyalty to their audience.


Since 2013, Fabletics has been respected as one of the savviest athleisure brands in the industry. In just four short years the company had already experienced more than 200% growth, and their future looks bright. Shawn Gold, the company’s Corporate Marketing Officer says that much of the Fabletics success is due to their subscribers. Fabletics takes customer feedback seriously. In efforts to ensure they are meeting the wants and needs of their members, they use this feedback to help improve their products and service. When customers are happy, they are more likely to share their positive experience, thus enticing more consumers to try the brand.


From the big screen to behind the scenes, Kate Hudson has helped completely redefine activewear. With a passion for fitness and inspiring women, Hudson seemed to be the perfect face to represent the successful athleisure brand. When co-founders Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler first had the idea of exploring athleisure, they knew she would be the perfect fit. Customers could relate to her, and she already had a loyal following, with whom she often shared personal of her work out routines. With her help, Fabletics has grown from a small start-up into a $250 million company. Since day one, she has worked closely with the Fabletics team to ensure the satisfaction of their customers, and the continued success of the company.


One of the things that set Fabletics apart from other athleisure brands is their personalized approach. Using data collected from their LifeStyle Quiz, Fabletics matches their members with options that best fit their style preferences. The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and their unique approach to athleisure makes them one of the most successful brands in the industry.


Want to be a part of the movement? Head over to Fabletics right now and take their LifeStyle Quiz to find out what awesome styles fit your preferences.

Scott Rocklage’s Career In Healthcare Management

Scott Rocklage is well-known as a healthcare manager. He has been an employee of multiple companies and has served on multiple corporate boards.

Where Did He Attend College?

Scott Rocklage attended the State University of California at Berkley. He earned a degree in chemistry while he was there. After he graduated, he earned an advanced degree in chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. While he attended college, he performed very well academically.

What Corporations Has He Worked For?


Replypsa is a pharmaceutical company that designs polymer technology. Scott Rocklage served as this company’s executive chairman.

Nycomed Salutar:

Nycomed Salutar produces contrast agents for MRI procedures. These products allow doctors to see the body’s internal structures more clearly, and they are often more effective than products made by other companies.


Illypsa is a well-known pharmaceutical company that manufactures medications for patients with kidney disease. Scott Rocklage is the company’s executive chairman.

Cubist Pharmaceuticals:

Cubist Pharmaceuticals is most well-known an exceptionally effective antibiotic that they invented. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

Scott Rocklage was the chairman and CEO of the company, and he contributed to the company’s growth.


Catalytica is also a pharmaceutical company, and it has grown recently. Scott Rocklage worked in multiple different positions at the company.

Entre Med:

Scott Rocklage was the executive chairman of Entre Med. The company grew while he worked in this position. Entre Med produces products that are utilized all over the world.

Where Does Scott Rocklage Work Now?

Scott Rocklage currently works for 5 AM Ventures, and he has had this job for over a decade. He began his career with 5 AM Ventures as a venture partner. However, he is currently working as a managing partner of 5 Am Ventures. The company makes many important contributions to medicine. In addition, 5 AM Ventures attracts investors.

Read more: Scott Rocklage | Ideamesch and Scott Rocklage | Angel


Oncotarget Researchers: United States has the Highest Drug Cost For Cancer Patients

When battling cancer, one should be able to focus on their physical and mental health without worrying about the cost to their finances. While the rising cost of healthcare has been a concern for years in the United States, researchers at Oncotarget have shown that this is especially troubling for cancer patients. While the correlation between affordable medication prices and a country’s wealth appear to be directly correlated, there is one country that remains an outlier: the United States. Oncotarget researchers have shown that the US actually has the highest average patented drug prices in the entire world. Some patients are finding themselves taking drastic measures such as going on “medical vacations” to destinations such as India where the treatments for cancer and other diseases are usually a fraction of the cost they are in the US. Learn more about Oncotarget at

In an economy where companies like Oncotarget are engaging international markets in hopes for cures, who determines the prices and how they should be set? Should the countries with the best infrastructure shoulder the costs to allow access in countries with less opportunities or should the prices remain consistent across the board especially if the research made took place internationally?

At 2017’s Frontiers in Cancer Science, Oncotarget awarded four grants to international researchers to sponsor them in their travels. Hosted by 7 different research institutions, Frontiers in Cancer Research took place in Singapore on November 6-8th. This event brings some of the tops researchers and experts in the field of cancer science together to exchange ideas and information freely without the burden of distance. Follow Oncotarget on Linkedin.

Oncotarget’s grants were awarded to researchers presenting on a range of topics such as the impact of renal cancer medications to mesothelioma’s resistance to chemotherapy and the effects of asbestos in this process. With the aid of Oncotarget’s travel grants, these researchers may be able to find treatments affordable to all… without a “medical vacation”.

Learn more:

Highland Capital: Choosing An Investment Advisory Firm

Looking for a reputable investment advisory firm? Want to find a team of reliable financial or investment advisors? Maybe you’ve heard a lot about Highland Capital and want to find out more about them.

Before you hire an investment or financial advisory firm, whether for advice on starting an investment portfolio or diversifying your portfolio, you need to do your homework. Knowing what to look for will help you in making the right choice. Read this article at Dallas News.

When it comes to choosing someone or a firm for financial or investment service, it’s crucial to check their reputation or track record in the industry. Highland Capital is a great choice and has been in the industry for many years.

Whether you want to invest for retirement plan or for other purpose, it is essential to turn to a competent investment firm like Highland Capital. Advisors at Highland Capital have a lot of experience in all aspects of financial management and investing. These experts can help you start investing or grow an existing asset portfolio.

Financial planners and investment advisors can help you in developing specific investing or money management goals, based on your current financial situation. A financial advisor at Highland Capital can also evaluate your current spending habits or expenses and help you identify ways to avoid waste so that those recovered funds can be diverted toward meeting your goals. Learn more about Highland Capital at Affiliate Dork.

There are many sources of money management and investing advice but you need to rely on a firm that has qualified professional. Highland Capital is well known for rendering top notch service to both organizations and individual clients and comes highly recommended.

Highland Capital is a renowned financial services firm that caters to the needs of both newbies and experienced investors. The company has effective strategies and industry resources to help you reach their goals.

Learn some simple rules that you can follow to manage money and develop financial plans. Discover the basics of successful money management and investing success before you make any major investment moves.

Get in touch with Highland Capital to learn more about their various financial products and services.

SahmAdrangi: Leading the Kerrisdale Capital Management to Success

Many people in the United States lack education about investment and financial management, and it is the reason why businesses which aim to help them increase. One of the most famous in the country today is the Kerrisdale Capital Management, which was founded by SahmAdrangi in 2009. The Kerrisdale Capital Management aims to educate the masses about managing their finances, and where they can invest to let their money grow. SahmAdrangi serves as the company’s chief investment officer, or CIO for short and one of his responsibilities is to manage the $150 million worth of assets and investments that were entrusted to the company.

When the Kerrisdale Capital Management was founded, SahmAdrangi is only managing assets and investments worth less than one million dollars. However, as more traders and investors saw his potential in the market, more clients started knocking on the doors of Kerrisdale Capital Management and putting their money in the firm to be invested later on. SahmAdrangi saw that this opportunity could make or break his career, so he went on and invested the money given to him on high risks investments, and in the end, he gained profit. His performance in the trading sector made him the apple of the eye of several investors who wanted to make more money through risk investing.

Currently, SahmAdrangi is busy managing and overseeing the overall investment arm of the Kerrisdale Capital Management, and he is also using the exposure that he had in promoting his company. Many investors are still putting their trust to SahmAdrangi, and the value of the assets and investments that the company is currently managing can balloon to hundreds of millions of dollars more in the future. Adrangi is also finding relief and pleasure in teaching newcomers in the field of trading and investment the techniques on how to become successful in the business and financial world.

The Kerrisdale Capital Management continues to dominate the market for small investments, and the management at the firm believes that they will have a brighter future ahead because of their present company leaders who believe in the skills and expertise of one another, and who believes that by working together, success can be achieved.


Jim Larkin- An Activist

Jim Larkin, an activist and socialist, was born January 28th 1876 in Liverpool, England. With little to no education, Larkin did many jobs to help support his family. In time, he became a foreman at the Liverpool docks, where he first-handiedly experienced the unfair treatment of all workers. Larkin took action by joining the National Union of Dock Laborers, and became a full time trade union organizer, in 1905.

Larkin married Elizabeth Brown and had four sons, in 1903. Years after he created the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union (ITGWU), in 1907. This union was a combination of all skilled and unskilled Irish industrial workers as a whole in one organization fighting for the same rights as each other.

Larkin lead the “Dublin Lockout” in 1913, where over one-hundred-thousand workers went on strike for roughly eight months. The strikers won against the employers fir their right to fair employment. Read more: Jim Larkin | Biography and James Larkin | Ireland Calling

At the beginning of World War I, Larkin started many anti-war demonstrations in Dublin, but soon realized he could help raise money for the war, to stop the British. He traveled to the United States in 1914.

Elizabeth and their two youngest sons went to live in Chicago with Larkin. As time went on, Elizabeth and Larkin went in their separate directions. She wanted a quite life and Larkin’s was anything but quite, which lead to her departure back to Dublin in 1916.

Meanwhile, Larkin was convicted of anarchy and communism in 1920, during the “Red Scare ” movement. Excused after three years of his imprisonment, Larkin was deported to England and made his way back to Ireland. Elizabeth and Larkin separated soon after when she refused to support a campaign in 1922, that was to help release him from prison. Soon after his return Larkin already had big things in store.

In 1924, he not only refused to join with the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union again, but established an alternative called the Worker’s Union of Ireland, who in time received recognition from Communist International.

Larkin remained an active leader in the Workers’ Union of Ireland, until he fell through the floor while supervising repairs being made to the Thomas Ash Hall, one of the unions buildings, in 1946. Larkin later passed away in Mealth Hospital on January 30th 1947.

Learn more about Jim Larkin:

Aloha Construction Midwest Leader on Roofing and Siding Projects

Aloha Construction, headquartered in Lake Zurich, IL, is a family owned company specializing in general construction projects, offering professional service throughout Southern Wisconsin and the entire state of Illinois. Aloha Construction has earned a reputation as the Midwest’s most trusted and reputable family-operated company offering licensed and insured roofing and siding services.

In the local Northwest Chicagoland area, the experienced team of Aloha Construction general contractors has successfully completed over 18,000 jobs. Under the direction of its president, Dave Farbaky, and vice president, Wally Farbaky, Aloha Construction maintains an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2008.

Installing, repairing and replacing home siding is a professional specialty offered by Aloha Construction. Every member of Aloha’s team undergoes rigorous training through the Vinyl Siding Institute to ensure that they become expert at every aspect of the home improvement project. Aloha knows that do-it-yourself roofing and siding projects are not only dangerous for homeowners, they also wind up costing more time and money than a job done by professionals.

The Aloha team ensures that every safety measure is followed at the work site. We are proud to use only the finest quality roofing and siding projects on every home improvement project, which is why every job we do is covered by a 100% customer guarantee of satisfaction. Also, the materials used on the job are covered by a solid manufacturer’s warranty against damage or defect.

The projects we have completed have not only helped to increase the value of our customer’s homes, but also made their properties look more attractive and become more energy efficient, saving them money on an annual basis. Whether you need roofing, siding or gutter repair or replacement, you can count on our team of construction experts to complete the job by the promised deadline, leaving the work area clean and free of all debris.

Aloha Construction is the number one choice for completing roofing, siding and gutter repair or replacement projects throughout Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. We complete first-rate work done by licensed and insured contractors at competitive prices.

The Work of Doctor Clay Siegail

This includes information around a Chairman, President and CEO of Seattle Genetics Clay Siegail. There was a surprising statistic about the widespread presence of Cancer that came from the National Cancer Institute, almost forty percent of women and men can anticipate to find a diagnosis of cancer in their lifetime.

There is a focus on a finding for treatment of cancer through research drugs. This is keeping the company on the edge of a lead for medical science for patients that require it the most. An important cancer drug available is called (ADC) antibody drug conjugates. This could give better future possibilities for patients of cancer. It is considered by the company to be an important component of the cancer paradigm treatment. This is because of the potency and stability targeted in specific conditions.

The most popular kind of cancer in men is prostate. Also, in women it’s breast cancer, these types remain the most popular types which affect thousands of Americans every year. It seems that an increase in cancers of skin and colon, and other kinds have led researchers to view new methods for the cancer treatment and diagnosis.

But, in the world of genetic tests there has been a reduced cost of genetic sequence and an increased speed seen. A lot of current research has been found on taking out the DNA code to diagnose cancer accurately and promptly. Then the information is used to make targeted disease treatments.

Now some general information about Dr. Clay Siegal. The Doctor found this company in 1998. In education, the Doctor has received a B.S in Zoology at the University of Maryland and a Ph.D. in Genetics from George Washington University. Also, he holds fifteen patents and authors over 70 publications.

The Doctor has led Seattle Genetics in activities raising capital. This has secured over $674 million in private and public financings. For example, the company in 2001 preformed an initial public offering. The company has built a pipeline of diversity of cancer therapies that are antibody-based. One of them was ADCETRIS that has been granted approval by the FDA.