Shafik Sachedina: A Proud Doctor

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a renowned professional who is headquartered in England in the United Kingdom right now. He cares about his neighborhood and because of that puts a lot of time into the Institute of Ismaili Studies. He’s done so for a long period of time now, too. Dr. Sachedina has been familiar with England for ages. His cultural background, however, began all the way in Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania. That’s his city of birth. He was born in the East African metropolis around the beginning of the fifties. He got straight to work after arriving in the United Kingdom.

He studied nonstop and earned his dental surgeon abilities in the seventies. He trained at the University of London at Guy’s Hospital Medical School. This institution is associated with quality dental educational options. Dr. Sachedina is someone who has always cared strongly about proper oral health techniques. This professional has worked in the dental world in the United Kingdom for a lengthy period of time. He has an enthusiasm for dental work that’s practically peerless. He also, however, makes a point to focus on other subjects. Dr. Sachedina has a penchant for entrepreneurship. He’s especially curious about entrepreneurship that relates to the massive and diverse medical care community.


Dr. Shafik Sachedina is fond of the individuals who are part of the United Kingdom’s Ismaili neighborhoods and beyond. That’s the thing that prompts him to do so much for the Institute of Ismaili Studies. He likes doing anything in his power to endorse research that relates to the Ismaili presence in the United Kingdom. This doctor has a schedule that many people could only describe as being hectic. That never stops him from being a diligent and attentive volunteer, however. He genuinely adores managing all kinds of volunteer assignments. People who spot Dr. Sachedina on “days off” may notice him putting a significant amount of effort into assisting fellow members of the Ismaili world. That’s the kind of activity that’s endlessly rewarding to this acclaimed professional.

The Institute of Ismaili Studies is a prominent research institute that calls London, England its home at the moment. It was founded back in 1977 by a man called Aga Khan. The objective behind the Institute of Ismaili Studies is to advance all concepts that relate to cultures that are part of the sizable Muslim universe. It focuses in great detail on societies in the Muslim realm, too.

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