David Samadi, Master of Robotic Oncology

Dr. David Samadi, a celebrity doctor, is now deemed a master of robotic oncology. As the chairman of urology at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, Dr. Samadi is trusted with some of the most challenging cases in urology and surgical procedures for urology. As the Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital, Dr. Samadi often performs laparoscopic surgeries, believed to be the best option for a less invasive approach. Because he is an expert in open traditional surgery and laparoscopic, he is now an expert in robotic prostate surgery. What has led to his appointment as the best surgeon to pick for prostate cancer, is his dedication to research on early detection of cancer. His astounding follow-up has also made him a favorite, dedicated to choosing a treatment path immediately following, as well as his careful treatment.

All of these aspects of his expertise have made him a highly regarded option in his field. During the life of his career, Dr.Samadi has also won numerous awards and recognition for his practice of medicine. The New York Magazine voted him the best doctor in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2015. He was also awarded as the most compassionate doctor in 2010. 2011 .and in 2013. One of his most prestigious recognitions yet, was for the vote for him to be named among America’s Top Doctors for Cancer during the years of 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013. Dr. Samadi has been awarded many times for various aspects of his career, but winning the Patient’s Choice Award is what makes him the most proud. He proudly claimed this award in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and in 2013.

There are many reasons that people choose to seek out the expertise of Dr. Samadi, but those who are celebrities or in high pressure industries know that he’ll get to the root of their diagnosis as quickly as possible. As a board certified uro-oncologist and surgeon, he is highly sought after for helping people get through the process quickly. Arming his patients with as much information as possible has aided his patients in their ability to have successful outcomes.As a urologist, Dr. Samadi works with patients in all aspects of urology including kidney and bladder diseases and cancer, as well as minimally invasive treatments. He is of Persian-Jewish descent, and came to America in the late 80’s.

CTCA- A Healthcare Industry

Working in a healthcare industry to save lives is a rewarding career. Working in the cancer industry requires dedicated health professionals in a variety of professions. There are medical or clinical professionals and the non-clinical professionals. If you want to work in the healthcare industry but not necessarily in direct contact with patients, then there are many non-clinical healthcare jobs from which to choose a promising career of helping people. Over 100 non-clinical career jobs are available at the Cancer Treatment Center of America like those below.One such non-clinical healthcare job is a ‘quality improvement coordinator (QI-RN).’ A QI-RN coordinates with the cancer team in administrative tasks involved in managing a healthcare facility. A QI is responsible for managing each cancer patient’s quality of care records. A QI requires a bachelor or master’s degree and an RN license. A Cancer Information Specialist (‘CIS’) is responsible for educating patients and their loved ones on how to manage and prevent illnesses through healthy eating habits.

A CIS is a clinical educator who teaches people about nutrition and how they can plan and keep a dietary system based on the patient’s medical needs. A CIS is also responsible for creating and marketing educational materials to patients and the public. A bachelor or master’s degree in health education is required.A ‘program analyst’ is the IT expert of a hospital or a healthcare facility. They collect healthcare data from the medical staff and enters it in a database. A program analyst oversees the efficacy and data evaluation of an organization’s computer functions. They analyze statistical data to present reports that may be called for by the medical team. Many program analysts have degrees in IT systems, but they also carry a degree in business management. A ‘healthcare risk management manager’ oversees all healthcare procedures to make sure that a hospital or healthcare facility is not subject to malpractice.

They oversee all health policies to minimize any liabilities or legal contingencies. This positionworks with the medical staff to ensure that patient care is in compliance with state and federal regulations. A healthcare risk manager requires a bachelor or master’s degree in nursing.The Cancer Treatment Centers of America (‘CTCA’) began in 1988 as a small for-profit medical venture. Today, they have a network of 5 hospitals throughout the U.S. They specialize in an integrated approach which means that each patient is assigned a dedicated team of doctors and medical specialists/clinicians that provide cancer patients with a personalized treatment plan.CTCA also has a special program called patient empowered care which gives better care and comfort in a unique environment. CTCA has a better remission success rate than any other U.S. medical facility. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America also boasts of an A to Z care system which means they take care of air and lodging arrangements to travel to their facilities, they help with the insurance paperwork, and more.

The Brown Agency Launches into the Deep Waters of a Full Service Agency

A beautiful face historically may have launched a thousand ships, but in today’s culture a pretty face is worth nothing if it can’t be effectively marketed. That’s where someone like Justin Brown comes in. Justin Brown is the owner and founder of the Justin Brown Agency, a full service modeling agency located in Austin, Texas that specializes in modeling, acting, fashion, commercial print, film, and television. The agency develops talent while nurturing careers and works across all media.


The business of J.B. Models and Talents began in 2008. Justin Brown a young entrepreneur born in Reno, Nevada and raised in Susanville, California was an attractive, shy young man who was able to make a living and put himself through school as a model of skinny jeans. As a business management major in college, his initial interest was in photography and what goes on behind the camera. What he learned there and as he moved through different agencies throughout California helped expose him to and teach him the “tricks of the trade.” He was dumb enough to believe he could do anything, but wise enough to realize the importance of his word. When managing the expectations of someone’s life, Brown knew not to make promises that he couldn’t keep. In 2010 his company was licensed by the Wilhelmina Agency a prominent national agency. He now heads one of the most successful agencies for modeling talent in Texas watching over the careers of some 450 talents.


According to Market wired, Brown’s Wilhelmina Austin agency has now acquired Heyman-Talent South; with this acquisition two of the areas largest agencies have become one. Now the influence, strength, and potential of two powerhouses rest under one roof under the command of one man. The agency will continue to be headquartered in Austin with offices in Dallas and Los Angeles. Now that his “baby” is a full service agency, Justin Brown has met a major part of the company’s growth strategy.


The Brown Agency, sailing into the deep waters of being the best, can now provide its clients with unlimited talent options, and those fortunate enough to be in the agency’s portfolio can expect exposure and job opportunities on a major scale. Some of the world’s most recognizable brands, Louis Vitton, L’Oreal, Toyota, and many others can come to Austin and find the face they need to launch their newest, campaign, project, or product. All eyes are on Austin.


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Joseph Arpaio Must Be Behind Bars

There are two very important things in my life. The first important thing in my life is my religion. The second important thing in my life is my country. I believe that when these two things are combined together correctly we can create a wonderful country for all to live in.

As a Christian, I am of the Seventh day Adventist denomination. This denomination is very strongly based on social justice. We worship on Saturday which is God’s Sabbath.

The Sabbath day was not just given so that man could rest but so that man could serve God by relieving our fellow man of the oppression that they are in. Isaiah 58 makes it very clear that God gave us this day to loose the bonds of injustice and to plead the cause of the widow. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: https://twitter.com/JimLarkin_ and http://james-larkin.com/press/

As an American, I firmly believe that everyone should have the right to pursue life liberty and happiness. It is the pursuit of all these things that makes the American dream come true. I also acknowledge the fact that the United States of America was built on the backs of immigrants.

Very few of us who are living in this country can trace our heritage back and prove that we are 100% natives. The point I am making here is that all of us came from another country and even though that occurred we are the beneficiaries of the American dream.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are two heroes of mine. They fight for the Hispanic community to be given the same American dream that you and I enjoy.

In order to make this a reality, they use their Village Voice Media to bring about the change in the attitudes of American citizens. It is their hope that they can begin to sway the heart so that it can become more compassionate.

The strategy that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin use is very simple. They share stories of the struggles that the Hispanic community is facing in the face of racism. One name that is often reported in their Front Page Confidential is Sheriff Joseph Arpaio.

Sheriff Joseph Arpaio is well known for his strong stance on immigration policy. He has found himself on the front page of newspapers which discuss his brutal and cruel ways.

Lacey and Larkin reported on his systematic approach to racially profiling, his allowance for Hispanics to be beaten in his prisons, and how he has entered into Hispanic homes illegally.

Sheriff Joseph Arpaio sought to silence the voice of these two great men. He would gather his posse together and arrest the two of them. He promised to let them go if they relinquished all evidence of his crimes to him.

Sheriff Joseph Arpaio’s actions were in direct violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. Because of this violation, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin won a large settlement which they used to create the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

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Equities First Holdings French Tribune

Equities First Holdings is a loan offering company started by Al Christy Jr in 2002 in Australia. The firm gave the investors a reason to smile since they can settle debts to avoid the collapsing of their businesses. The group offers fast loan to individuals as well as other companies.

When applying for a loan, no colossal security required hence saving time. The company also has specialists who advise other enterprises on the correct format to handle the problematic scenarios of the financial crisis. The workers are trustworthy and work hard to maintain the image of the company.

Equities First Holdings offer margin loan to shareholders. The performance of the shares and stocks is the criterion used to assign the amount of credit viable. The company’s excellent work continues for more than fourteen years. Equities First Holdings has offices in countries like China, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

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Paul Mampilly- Growing American Investor

When it comes to Paul Mampilly he is widely known for being a man that works hard to achieve the things he wants in life. One thing that he is most known for working hard at is his career. Currently, he works as being an American investor and also as being a fund manager.Throughout the years he has proudly been noticed by several different news networks. Some of these networks happen to include Fox Business News, CNBC and also Bloomberg TV. His achievements do not stop here, however. Paul Mampilly is also proudly the founder of the investments newsletter known as Profits Unlimited. Through this job position he is able to help his well over 90,000 subscribers, thanks to his previous experience, invest into stocks that are going to shoot higher.

Paul Mampilly has always been known for being an overachiever. He happened to of first been born in India and then came to the United States as a young boy. After coming into the United States he decided right away that he wanted to join the ranks of Wall Street. With having 25 years of experience in the investment world he decided to take a leap into his career in 1991. The first job that he happened to of took at the time was at Bankers Trust as being an assistant portfolio manager.

After Paul Mampilly had worked his first job for a while and gained experience he knew that it was time to take his career even further. This is when he started to work even harder and eventually came to be able to manage a multimillion-dollar account that was for Deutsche Bank and ING. Along with helping to manage this account he also proudly managed the money for Sear, the Royal Bank of Scotland and also a private Swiss bank.

After working hard on managing these accounts Paul Mampilly eventually was recruited by one of the owners of a $6 billion hedge fund, also known as Kinetics Asset Management. The position that they had wanted to hire him for was the key manager. With Paul’s help, the firm was able to quickly raise their assets all the way to $25 billion. Paul Mampilly is not only great at managing others accounts but he is also great at maintaining an excellent personal investment account. It was during April of 2012 that he decided to invest in Sarepta Therapeutics and eight months later sold the investment for an amazing 2,539% gain. This is not the only investment that Mampilly was able to make it big with. It was in 2008 that he took a leap and invested in Netflix and then turned around and sold his investment in May of 2010 for a 634% gain. These are two of his investments that Paul Mampilly is still very proud of to this day. It is also safe to say that he knows exactly what he is doing when it comes to investing. Follow Paul Via Twitter