Rodrigo Terpins Showcases Rally Racing

If your not familiar with the Brazilian racing circuit, you might not have heard of the name Rodrigo Terpins. If you have already heard of him, then you already know how much of an accomplished driver he is. Not only does he participate in the rally races but he also works on the cars and grew up in a family that were all involved in one sport or another. You can check out



Rodrigo and his brother Michael have been involved in cars from such an early age. For as long as they can recall, there was always something going on sports wise which kept them focusing on cars in their spare time. Because Rodrigo was so heavily involved in the scene, he worked hard to ensure that he was disciplined enough as well as to practice patience to be used while participating in a rally.


Rodrigo Terpins operates as the senior director for T5 Partipacoes. During his tenure for the company, Rodrigo has been able to expand the company while helping it to plan some of the largest competitions that Brazil has ever seen. He graduated from Saint Hilaire which is where he learned the skills he needs in order to work in management as well as in corporate governance. Up until the time that he joined T5, Rodrigo held the position of president at Lojas Marisa.


All of the success that Rodrigo has, he credits it all to his friend that has helped him to become the skilled professional that he is today. Rodrigo has been lucky enough to win a number of competitions and has plenty of fans who will show to each event in order to cheer him on. He has won the T1 Prototypes and when you mention his name, it carries weight on the rally scene. He is a well respected man in Minas Gerais as well as in Goias. When he is done in the rally scene, his name will be one of the great legends of rally racing.


Everything that Rodrigo Terpins has touched has been a success and others entering the rally scene turn to him as their mentor, much like he did when he learned from his friend.




Mike Baur: is Incorporating Revolutionary Ideas into Major Startups

Subsequent to spending about two decades working in some of the world’s largest banking institutions in Swiss, Mike Baur resorted to entrepreneurship. This decision solely lied in his passion for business and entrepreneurship as he made a comeback with a different approach that most individuals can attest never to experience. Mike Baur is here to guide the next generation of business leaders through the industry of creating successful startups.


Background Information


Because of his long banking experience in the banking and finance industry, Mike Baur decided to join like-minded business leaders to establish a company that would later empower startup owners. They gave life to Swiss Startup Factory and have since been the leader who oversees the management. Serving as the head cheerleader of this revolutionary business that provides business models for startups, Mike Baur presents himself as not only a leader but also a learner who joins the emerging entrepreneurs throughout the lessons. His aim in these lessons he says; to understand the objective of the business idea to some extent before providing viable advice. Moreover, he dedicates time to helping these entrepreneurs identify sustainable businesses that a startup program would succeed in.


Swiss Startup


Swiss Startup Factory is a three months program that is business oriented and revolutionary in terms of remodeling the concept of business startups and fostering entrepreneurial networks. Since its establishment, the program has aimed at joining various companies with like visions. Moreover, the leaders of this startup venture are dedicated to mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs as well as coaching them to become world business leaders.


Education and Career Background


Mike Baur is an alumnus of the University of Applied Sciences in Bern where he majored in banking as well as finance. Being visionary, he decided to venture into other courses at the prestigious University of Rochester where he studied a master’s degree in business administration. He also studied business administration and an executive from Bern University. From school, Baur joined the UBS and capitalized his skills in wealth management. For seventeen years, he worked in different departments and managed to garner extensive skills. Thereafter, he left to establish an independent business that is currently his major success story.


The Overview


Baur has been in the business of managing startups for decades. As such, he urges emerging business professionals to capitalize on due diligence, time management and preparedness as the primary strategies that will make their startups successful.


Bradesco’s CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco Helps Make The Banking Industry Better

Since Luiz Carlos Trabuco took over as the CEO at Bradesco, he knew there were things that would help him see how successful he could be at the position. He also knew the position required him to put a lot of work in no matter what he planned to do in the future. It was his way of allowing people to see what he could do and his way of making sure everyone knew he was going to continue being the best CEO the bank had ever seen. For Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the idea of running the bank was something he thought about for a long time.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco spent so much time learning about the industry and banking with Bradesco, he knew there were things he could do that would help him grow in the bank. Throughout his time working with the bank, Luiz Carlos Trabuco learned about all the different things he could do to make it better. There were things he learned that others didn’t even know because he spent so much time in different positions with the bank according to He truly started from the bottom and worked his way to the top with the hard work he put into everything he did.


When Luiz Carlos Trabuco started working as a clerk at Bradesco, he knew there were things he could do that would change the course of the bank. He spent a lot of time showing people they could do better and get more from the things they had to offer. He also spent time trying to show people they needed a better chance at a better life. It was his way of allowing people to see how banking could make things easier. As a clerk at the bank, he worked to make a difference for everyone who came in.

Once he mastered that position, Luiz Carlos Trabuco moved on to the next. He wanted people to get the help they needed and that meant he would do whatever it took to be better at banking. He made a point of always showing clients the right way to do different things and that was a big part of the banking industry. Since he was working his way up through the different positions, Luiz Carlos Trabuco felt good about how he could help the bank. He also felt there were things he would need to do to change everything for the better.

While the bank saw what Luiz Carlos Trabuco was doing, they realized he was a great person for the jobs they were looking for. While they recognized he needed to gain more experience to be the president, they prepared to give him the position. He worked hard, grew in his career and eventually took on the role of CEO. Now that he’s the CEO, he’s still focused on helping clients. He knows the clients are the most important part of the bank no matter what issues people have or what they’re doing in the banking industry.

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How Waiakea Water is Changing Our Environment, One Bottle At A Time

In addition to being the first water bottle that will cause no damage to the environment and can truly call itself biodegradable, Waiakea Hawaii Volcanic Water will have all of the amazing volcanic water benefits that will make it incredibly nutritious to our bodies. The volcanic water benefits are incredibly impressive and are also completely natural. While some companies use additives to achieve things like a positive PH Level, Waiakea gains all of its nutrients in a purely natural method. The company was founded by Ryan Emmons, who is just twenty years old. Emmons is passionate about doing more to keep our environment clean, and saw what a scourge bottled water can be. After visiting Hawaii and learning about the incredibly sustainable water that comes from the volcanic mountain, he took it upon itself to put a new kind of water out there for consumers.

Waiakea water comes from one, simple and incredibly sustainable source that offers purity unlike anything else that we’ve ever been introduced to. It comes from a single source on the Mauna Loa volcano, which is actually still an active volcano. The top of the mountain is covered in pure snow and as the snow melts it trickles down miles of volcanic rock. During this process, the water is continually picking up a level of nutrients that are completely natural and incredibly healthy for our bodies. The volcanic water benefits include a perfect PH Level that generates an alkaline level that is unlike anything that we have ever seen in the bottled water market.

The volcano is nestled in the heart of an island that is filled with lush, green forest. The island is more than 2,400 miles away from any type of industry that may contribute any sort of pollution. The island is also fully surrounded by 10 million square miles of the world’s purest ocean water. It is through this water bottling process that Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is bringing the world the truest, purest and most alkaline water that has ever been available on market shelves (also available for online ordering).

Class Dojo Can Help Teachers and Students

There are a lot of things teachers need to do in order to make sure their students are learning and working well with others. They may not know about all the tools that are avalable to them, but Class Dojo may be one that will help them and thier students get the mmost out of their learning.

What is Class Dojo?

Class Dojo is an interactive online community that allows students to connect to each other and to teachers. It also allows their parents to see how they are doing and what they may need some extra help with. this tool gives everyone information that helps them feel connected and a part of the class they are in or their children are in.

How it Works

The app is set up online and parents are invited to sign up to see what is going on with the classroom and the students in it. This way they are more connected to their children. They are then told though the app if there are any issues with their child’s learning or anything else. Teachers can give updates in real time and parents can have an idea of what their children may need help with as well as how they are doing in the class.

How it Can Help Students

Class Dojo helps students in several ways. It gives parents and teachers a way to communicate besides phone calls as well as giving parents the ability to help their children without being told what they need to do. Students will get that extra support and that will help them to do better in the long run.

Class Dojo is a great program that can help everyone involved in a students life to help them do the best they can. All anyone needs is a way to get online and the information to log in. The log in information can be found with the teacher who uses Class Dojo. they also may be able to help parents to understand the app better and get the most out of it.

Bruno Fagali’s Journey To Success As A Lawyer

Bruno Fagali is a Brazillian Lawyer who attained his bachelor’s degree in administrative law in the year 2009 from Pontifical Catholic University. He also has a master’s degree from Sao Paulo. He has portrayed values of being industrious, self-driven and a character with a high level of self-discipline over the years.

He is also an outgoing person, and this has enabled him to acquire skills in different areas of his profession such as Administrative law, anti-corruption law, and federal civil actions among others. Bruno Fagali had a lot of ups and downs during his academic journey, but he was able to cope up with them because of his positive attitude, and this has led to his great achievements in his carrier.

Through his practical experience, he launched a private law organization of his own in the year 2009 which is commonly known as the Fagali advocacy. His main objective of starting this organization was to improve the services he offered to his clients on different matters such as anti-corruption, electoral law, and many more issues brought to him by his clients.

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Due to Bruno Fagali’s knowledge and open-minded character, he has been able to be involved in various organizations such as code of conduct where he was the primary legal advisor, and this has made him be recognized as one of the best lawyers in Brazil.

Personal interest and passion are one of the most crucial factors that are necessary for success any given profession. Bruno Fagali has portrayed his great interest and enthusiasm in his career that has enabled him to deal with ups and downs experienced during his academic journey.

Another secret to success in any field is being flexible and be able to change with time, always being updated and be diverse in that you can deal with different kinds of people in terms of culture, customs, values just to mention a few of different groups of people. Bruno Fagali can speak in different languages such as English, Spanish, Portugal, and French which shows that he is diverse in his work and this has contributed significantly to his success.

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Paul Mampilly Grabs Your Attention with Sound Investment Strategy

When it comes to investing Paul Mampilly is the man to talk to you. He has put a lot of time and effort into building and investment plan that people can benefit from. He knows about a lot of different strategies because he worked as a hedge fund manager, and he has been able to help investors see that there are biotechnology stocks that they need to be paying attention to. This is an industry that is often overlooked because many people may not know about all the companies that are behind the biotechnology stocks. Read this article at

Paul has taken a considerable amount of time to invest in virtual entertainment and biotechnology. He knows what works, and he has a great knowledge of the things that are worth putting in your portfolio.

He has many years of experience, and this has allowed him to become a serious investor that is able to actually provide other investors with a great amount of knowledge. More investors are looking into what he has been saying about technology stocks because he has a game plan.

As the winner of the Templeton Foundation Awards he has a strategy that people can pay appreciate. He has been able to validate many of his findings because his research while working with Kinetic Assets Management. Visit the website to learn more.

Paul Mampilly knows about the things that are designed to turn portfolios around, and he also knows about those investment possibilities that are still in the infancy stages like 3D Printing.

Paul has stated this his dad, a Dubai native, is his hero. He has the experience that it takes two build the portfolio and his desire to earn came from his hard working father. The ultimate game is to get the best return on investment, and Paul has earned a considerable amount by helping investors see the stocks that are making the best moves. He has done a lot to help investors transform their portfolios through his teachings.

People that want to know more about what he is doing can take a look at his videos. He talks about things through his blog as well. Mampilly is willing to share is knowledge with anyone that is watching his videos or reading financial literature. The thing that makes Paul a trusted source for investing is his own success. The Fordham University graduate is a financial investor with a plethora of different strategies for hedge funds.


Lacey and Larkin decry Arpaio pardon

President Donald Trump has been taking some action which no other president before him had ever taken. In just under one year, Trump has left no one in doubt how weak a leader he is. As the head of the nation, he is supposed to be the face of unity in the country. However, for Trump, he has failed to do anything about it. He does not care about the unity of the country.

To him, his personal feeling towards a particular thing is what matters. He has taken action in some cases which have left everyone worried about the way he is going to lead the country. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

President Trump has pardoned one of the lethal officers in the history of the country Joe Arpaio. Arpaio was leading the country in fighting immigration especially in the county of Maricopa. Joe Arpaio was concerned that a high number of Latinos were accessing the United States through the border without the necessary documents.

He decided to take the matter into his own hands and deal with the issue once and for all. Joe Arpaio took everyone who was in the county illegally to jails which he established. This was against the law, but he continued doing it. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

Joe Arpaio conducted the manhunt for immigrants like they were criminals. He did not care about their rights to enjoy human rights. He would look for them and put in jail awaiting deportation. The jails which Arpaio had started were lethal. They lacked almost everything that is needed for human survival.

There was inadequate supply of water and food. The temperatures in the camps during summers were sweltering. In fact, it was almost impossible for any human being to live under such conditions. Joe Arpaio never cared. To him, the mission to remove the immigrants out of the county was more important than their human rights.

Joe Arpaio continued to oppress the people with recklessness. He did not care whether the immigrants needed human right. He tortured them and even caused death to some. Women would give birth while chained to their beds while others died due to lack of mediation.

Sex crimes were at an all-time high in the camps, and the living conditions were unbearable. Joe Arpaio was not concerned with the human rights violation acts that were being committed by his officers. To him, everything was alright as long as immigrants would be kicked out of the country.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are two people who did not take the matter lightly. They were concerned that Arpaio was committing crimes without being reprimanded. They decided to use a publication they owned called Phoenix New Times to publish stories on crimes he was committing. As a result, Joe Arpaio decided to punish them.

In October 2007, Lacey and Larkin were arrested in the middle of the night by plain-clothed officers and out in car trunks, then driven to unknown locations. They were later released the following day following public outcry. Lacey and Larkin took the matter to court, and they were rewarded $3.75 million.

Bob Reina

There aren’t many CEO’s on the planet that can rival what Bob Reina has accomplished in his career. He has achieved so much that many professionals consider him the world’s greatest CEO. It hard to believe someone could be so great at what they do and also remain humble and welcoming. As the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion he has every right to stick his chest out but chooses not to.

Though Reina is extremely successful the path he took to becoming an entrepreneur and business owner was definitely not conventional. He is a former Sheriff’s Deputy. Even as an officer of the law Reina was striving for more. In fact, he was working in direct sales while maintaining his position with the department.

Reina put his heart and soul into direct selling. He knew it was an opportunity he could capitalize tremendously from. Because of his commitment he was a top salesman in no time.

What he learned doing direct selling came in handy when he founded Talk Fusion. The video technology company is changing the way people communicate. Talk fusion showed its knack for innovation when it released video email. Something thought impossible just a few years before.

Reina is also a passionate philanthropist. Since founding Talk Fusion he has made the company’s mission to change lives. He has made it a staple to give back to the community. Reina is also a devout animal lover. He loves god’s creatures so much he donated $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. The donation was a record breaking amount.

He frequently provides funding for reputable non-profits all over the world. he is more than happy to do whatever he can to help charitable organization spread their message to as many individuals as possible. Learn more:




The Excellent Legal Service of Ricardo Tosto’s Law Firm

The 2018 Chambers Latin America Guide listed Ricardo Tosto’s law firm as one of the best law firms in the industry. The Chambers Latin America Guide is among the reputed international directories that rank law firms and law professionals internationally. And for this year the Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados law firm made it effortlessly to the Chamber’s list because of its exemplary performance in Dispute Resolution of the Litigation Sector. The firm at present has 15 partners and 91 lawyers.

For the latest issue of the Chambers Latin America Guide, the lawyers who are affiliated with Ricardo Tosto’s law office were spoken about and highly praised by their clients. They were described to be very proficient and played a dominant part in providing consistent support in all kinds of litigation to clients who are in the banking, energy, and infrastructure industry. The Chambers Guide as well mentioned that sponsorship on arbitration engagements was likewise done on engineering and construction areas.

The Guide highlighted the client’s remarks that the strong points of Leite, Tosto e Barros are the proven enthusiasm in case follow-ups, their extensive knowledge of law areas and their strong commitment in getting the job done. One client was noted in saying that the team of lawyers at Leite, Tosto e Barros were very proactive and can provide instantaneous answers to various questions related to the case.

One of the high profiled cases of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados law firm mentioned in the 2018 Chambers Latin America Guide was the million dollar case of JBS versus Banco Safra. The Guide also mentioned some significant clients of the firm such as Azul Linhas Aereas, Rabobank, Paranapanema, GM, and Banco Fibra.

Ricardo Tosto is one of the founding partners of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. He specializes and is an expert in the following legal areas: Administrative Law, Acquisition Review, Banking contracts, Bankruptcy, Business Restructuring, Credit Recovery, Civil Law, Commercial Law, Election Law, and Reorganization. He also served as an adviser and director for the Legal Management and HR of the Grupo Rede Company and the Fundacao Rede de Previdencia Privada.