Making Sense Of Tech In Politics With NGP VAN

Politics has almost always been a game of impressing others and making one’s public persona open to most potential voters’ viewpoints without taking both sides of the political aisle.

However, in today’s world, most political office races are won through the constant competitive advantage provided by technology. Long ago, pulling together campaigns required extensive legwork, countless hours spent driving to areas of interest and otherwise breaking one’s back to support a competing candidate.

Today, labor isn’t as prevalent in making sure campaigns are successful. Rather, siding with tried-and-true software and other forms of technology is the most surefire way of securing success in any political endeavors. As a matter of fact, the use of modern technology and the proper analysis of big data as it relates to political campaigns are both more important than hard work and the sweat, blood, and tears it burns on.


Here’s how Barack Obama spent eight years in office

To best understand how helpful technology can be, learning about Barack Obama’s and his campaign’s efforts to get him elected in both 2008 and 2012 is essential.

Obama and his political affiliates he hired to ultimately win the 2008 and 2012 United States presidential elections was NGP VAN, a company based in Washington, D.C., best known for its helping of Democratic and progressive campaigns all across the United States.

Led by founder and CEO Stu Trevelyan effectively earned the Obama campaign a whopping 14.5 million additional votes that almost certainly wouldn’t have been cast in his favor without NGP VAN’s help. In 2012, when Barack Obama was seeking reelection to office, he stood on the shoulders of NGP VAN to boost votes cast in his favor over opponent Mitt Romney, whose ORCA platform didn’t work successfully for him.


NGP VAN was created in 1997 by CEO Stu Trevelyan. The company is co-headed by CTO John Lee, CRO Michelle Stephenson, and Amanda Coulombe, its General Manager of Organization.

Last year, the group released its 8th edition of NGP VAN software for its candidates to use. The company has more than 10 years of work history behind it.

PSI-Pay: Contactless Payment Methods Override Coins and Notes

It is 2018, and most people can expect the further use of contactless payment with debit and credit card enabled payment channels. Therefore, this would mean, the strategy implemented by most non-banking platforms will satisfy their needs in many ways including working with merchants, institutions and varied consumers including vendors. Moreover, as the year’s turn, over 650 millions NFC-enabled smartphones are expected to take a contactless diversion by adopting the new niche.

Background Information

Therefore, the British Retail Consortium believes that half of the purchases in the country are conducted by using credit cards. Moreover, the recent reports released by the PSI-Pay management and Kerv Wearables, its affiliate indicate that the cashless payment methods will vastly dominate the market. For that reason, the two companies have been championing the use of cashless channels of payment through combined efforts. Moreover, the duo is set to release the significant contactless payment ring with the intention of injecting this revolutionary payment method to the industry.

Paperless Money Conquers

Possibly, it is time to ditch to wallet payment methods and the hassle of having to think of and remember your PIN number every now and again. Additionally, the rising number of retail stores in the United Kingdom makes consumers turn to contactless payment methods as the only solution to make faster payments. Other than that, the United Kingdom’s coin industry is experiencing an overriding game that is taking over all coin worlds as the contactless channels of payment pose as a threat for the other sectors.

The Church of England Adapts Payment Method

If you think that the contactless payment method is all about business and how it can thrive in new markets, then perhaps you are wrong because even the Church of England has adopted the payment method and is now implementing it. Moreover, it is being piloted through electronic collection terminals across forty churches. What is even worth looking at is the fact that this payment method is being used to collect church donations. Perhaps this is the onset of the paper cash use, right?

Coins and Notes are Overthrown

For the first time in the history of the United Kingdom, paperless money is now overtaking coins and notes. For that reason, Kev’s contactless payment method has poised as a threat to many traditional transactions.

More about PSI-Pay

PSI-Pay is a United Kingdom-based company that provides sponsorship payment solutions for businesses and individuals through an FCA institution of regulations. As a leading Fintech company, it has been a significant member of the MasterCard Business Solutions since 2009.

Whitney Wolfe’s Impact on Gender Issues

Whether the date is initiated in person or via the internet, there has been this idea that men are supposed to initiate contact and the first date. Not only is this frustrating for women, who are just as capable as sparking a conversation about dating, but also a bit unfortunate for men, as they are under pressure to always make the first move. Whitney Wolfe Herd realized that both parties could benefit from an app that encouraged women to make the first move, so she created Bumble, which is one of the top dating apps at the moment. Essentially, Bumble enforces that the woman of each match initiate contacting the match mate, and with over 30 million users, it is clear that this idea has been quite a success!

It appears that Whitney knows what she is doing when it comes to relationships, as in fact, she recently just married her hubby, gaining the last name Herd to her profile. Romance isn’t the only expertise of Whitney Wolfe Herd, as she has also created the successful apps known as Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz. Whitney Wolfe Herd’s intention for Bumble BFF was for people to make new friends via the online app, while her goal for Bumble Bizz was to help people connect with business contacts, allowing others to succeed in their career endeavors, too.

Realizing the impact that technology has on today’s society, as well as the current issues that reside within it, Whitney Wolfe has created multiple platforms for people to gain social contacts from. Bringing her work to life, Whitney Wolfe Herd has even made a location in Soho New York, where a (pretend) bee hive is now present, allowing those who connect via any of the Bumble apps to hangout in a beehive themed location. Bumble founder feared she’d be blacklisted after Tinder lawsuit.

With Whiney’s female empowerment successes gaining buzz worthy attention, we can be eager to see what her next great hit is!

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The chainsmokers before success

We know artists Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart as the American DJ duo group the Chainsmokers, but before their success came about they were two men destined for a dream. They never imagined that their dreams and hard work would lead them to write several top chart hits and several awards. They landed themselves with a Grammy, Billboard Music awards, mtv music awards, iHeart Radio awards, and more. Their songs have been on the top of the charts and their popular hit “closer” reached number one for weeks straight. People fell in love with their electric pop music that is perfect for dancing and having a good time.

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They reunited the Chainsmokers in 2012 with their new member Andrew Taggart. They started playing shows and hit their breakthrough in 2012 and 2014. They have went on to launch seven different albums and they are currently working on some new projects. They pride themselves in creating music that everyone can relate to and enjoy. According to Andrew and Alex, their new music isn’t going to be the same as their old music. They are looking to put a whole new spin on things and gain an even bigger crowd.

Alex lived In New York when he created the now famous Duo group. He was part time DJ, and he made the decision to take his dream seriously, and worked hard to make it in the music business.

Andrew was a student in the state of Maine when he heard the good news that the chainsmokers needed a second member to make up their duo group. He jumped right to the opportunity and sought out to meet Alex.

They started creating music and knew that it was meant to be. They never could have guessed that they would end up selling millions of albums and gaining millions of loyal fans around the world!

Randal Nardone Career as an Investor

He is one of the founders of Fortress Investment Group. Over the past few decades, Fortress Investment Group has benefited thousands of investors. The company focuses on investment strategies that are different than most investment companies. Instead of focusing on stocks and bonds, the company invests in alternative asset classes. These investments are a proven way for the company to help clients reach their financial goals. Randal took the opportunity to found Fortress Investment Group many years ago. Although it was a financial risk for him, he wanted to start a company that impacted the world and more

Investing Returns

One of the reasons that Fortress Investment Group is so successful is the investment returns that clients earn. The clients at Fortress Investment Group have earned a high return than the market average over the past few years. Randal was an early investor in Bitcoin, and many clients made a substantial profit off of these investments.

He also believes in diversifying assets. Although most financial planners recommend stocks and bonds, Randal recommends that people also add gold and real estate to their investment portfolios.

Future Goals

Randal Nardone has worked hard to develop Fortress Investment Group into what it is today. Many people enjoy working at the company due to the positive work culture. Anyone who has ever received investment advice from Randal knows that he is passionate about clients. He firmly believes that anyone can build wealth if they take the right approach. Some people do not want to follow his advice, but he is still willing to help them when they ask. Anyone who wants to achieve their financial goals should work with Fortress Investment Group and more

The New Expansion Plans for OSI Food Solutions

Chicken products in Spain and Portugal have been experiencing increased demand. The growth has been consistent over the past ten years, but recently it has shifted from 6% to 8%. Jose Maria del Rio, the Managing director of OSI Food Solutions, is optimistic that the trend is expected to be persistent in future. Following the positive results, OSI Food Solutions Spain increased their chicken processing capacity. Initially, the OSI Group would produce 12,000 tons per year, but it can now deliver twice the number. Cumulatively, the company can now manufacture 45,000 tons of beef, chicken, and pork products.

Increasing the production quantity required the OSI Food Solutions to restructure their building so that they can have adequate kitchen space to meet all the needs of their consumers. Besides, the move has led to the hiring of twenty additional staff to serve in the production line unit and other areas within the firm. The management focused on obtaining personnel that is committed and with leadership skills to oversee the new product development.

David McDonald, the President and COO of OSI Group who is highly experienced in global business was pleased with the expansion plans made in the Toledo, Spain branch. The development was beneficial to the company as it led them to receive donations from the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund to finish the expansion project. The government was pleased with the firm’s input towards caring for the environment. OSI Group was installing new production equipment that consumed less energy by 20% and supported a cogeneration and refrigeration system that boosted energy efficiency.

Globally, OSI Group has more than 20,000 workers. The CEO and Chairman of the firm, Sheldon Lavin is pleased with the progress has made over the forty years it has been in operation. In 2016, he received the Global Visionary Award and the Edward C. Jones Community Service Award. In addition to the personal recognition, the company has also been honored repeatedly.

Before the recent expansion plans in Toledo, Spain, OSI Group acquired new properties in 2016. In Chicago, they bought a processing plant and warehouse and later ventured into the international market through the acquisition of Baho Food. They then purchased Flagship Europe that was under the Flagship Food Group and renamed it Creative Foods Europe. The OSI Food Solutions was the company’s most recent acquisition. The firm aimed to increase its production capacity and serve their international clients.

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Success of Wes Edens in Investment Industry

Wes Edens is among the founders and principal of Fortress Investment Group. Also, Edens is a Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Fortress Investment Group LLC. The Fortress firm was started in the year 1998; Fortress is a $ 72 billion alternative asset management firm that has its headquarters in New York and several offices in many parts of the world. Wesley R. Edens takes care of the private equity business of Fortress that invests in the transportation and infrastructure sector, the healthcare, financial services, real estate and media. Before the founding of the Fortress Investment Group, Wesley had a partnership and was a managing director of BlackRock Financial Management Inc. In this company, Edens headed BlackRock Asset Investors which is a private equity fund.

In addition, Wesley was initially a partner and also a managing director of Lehman Brothers. Wes Edens attended school at Oregon State University where he received a B.S in Finance. Wesley Edens the Bucks co-owner as well as the Fortress Investment Group has launched the FlyQuest, eSport brand. FlyQuest is a professional “League of Legends” team which is found in the United States. Edens and his Fortress group bought the team from Cloudy9 for $ 2.5 million. The team is the first foray of the group into the eSports, but it might not be the only virtual venture. Wes Edens and the company are planning to explore other gaps in the market. Edens has served with different big industries through his career course, and he has shown a lot of incredible skills in the work that he does.

Among the jobs that Edens had while working in the corporate sector is at the Lehman Brothers, it was a popular name in the field. Even if Wesley was at the start of his career, he well knew that when he looked up to the people in that company and do exactly as they do; there is much for him to learn. This is the routine that he decided to follow. After some time Wes Edens started being more recognized as a person who knew the business well and who delivered financial services to the clients in need of them. His experience made him hold an executive position in the company since the clients chosen him over others. After many years leading the company, Wesley decided to venture out and come up with his investment advisory and financial company.

Richard Dwayne Blair Explains A Three Pillar Approach To Financial Planning

Richard Dwayne Blair believes that everyone has to have a plan in place if they are going to pursue their financial goals and actually make them come true. When he works with his clients, he uses a three pillar approach to help him understand what those people are facing and to help those he is assisting reach their goals.


The first pillar of the financial planning that should be done is figuring out what a person’s unique road map should be. This is done by looking at the goals of an individual as well as their strengths and their opportunities.


The second pillar of financial planning is used to come up with long-term investment options for an individual. This pillar uses the goals that a person has and finds investments that make sense for them and their finances.


The third pillar of financial planning is actually putting everything into action. This pillar involves helping people understand what is going to be taking place and assisting people in actually putting everything into motion.


Richard Dwayne Blair is an investment adviser at Wealth Solutions. He helps people figure out what they should be doing with their finances and how they can best set themselves up for a good future. He helps people in the financial planning that they do and he works with his clients to make sure that they know what is all going on when it comes to their finances.


There are many skills that are required when it comes to the work that someone like Richard Dwayne Blair does, and he is someone who is set up with those skills that he needs to serve his clients well. He is skilled when it comes to leadership and setting financial goals, and he is skilled in the areas of portfolio management and dealing with mutual funds.


Jason Hope and Aubrey de Grey Contribute to Longevity Research

Jason Hope is one of the most well-known and influential entrepreneurs in the state of Arizona. He has had an incredibly industrious career. However, in recent years, he has turned his focus away from business and towards the port of philanthropic endeavors. One of the most prominent and potentially important causes that he has chosen to support is that of the SENS Foundation. The SENS Foundation is a biotechnology research organization that operates as a nonprofit. The acronym in their name stands for scientifically engineered negligible senescence. This is the scientific terminology used to describe antiaging research.

The SENS Foundation was founded nine years ago by an individual known as Aubrey de Grey. He is an incredibly intelligent man who has based his life on researching potential ways to eliminate the process of aging from humans altogether. Jason Hope and Aubrey de Grey along with the researchers at the SENS Foundation believe that it will be possible to extend the lifespan of humans significantly. They believe that this will be possible if they are able to learn the underlying causes of cellular aging. If they are able to understand the underlying causes of cellular aging they will be able to develop processes that will target these causes and potentially eliminate or even reverse them altogether.

Jason Hope and Aubrey de Grey also hope to help change the medical community’s perception of aging. For most of human history, aging has been seen as something that is entirely unavoidable. They believe that it will be possible for humans to experience not only significantly extended periods of life but also extend the period of healthy living that humans have.

In 2010 Jason Hope donated $500,000 to the SENS Foundation. The SENS Foundation will be using these funds in order to develop medications that will help to eliminate advanced glycation end products. Over the course of a person’s life, these substances build up in an individual’s skin. The end result of the buildup of these compounds is the hardening of veins and skin. This increases the rigidity of these tissues and can contribute to higher blood pressure and other age-related issues. The research that has been developed at the SENS Foundation has identified the most prominent kinds of glycation end products that are present in the human body. They hope to eventually develop strategies that will help to eliminate these products from human skin and arteries.

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Reporter and Publisher- Jeff Yastine

Jeff Yastine is a self-made entrepreneur and investor. Mr. Jeff has been a financial journalist who did not only report on financial matters but he also took advantage of financiers as well as investors h meet took their advice and he became among the successful investors today. After his graduation from High School he joined Florida University to pursue journalism, and after his graduation, he joined the media industry where he got an opportunity to work as a reporter for a local television station. Yastine was working hand in hand with markets such as Raleigh Durham which is located on the Northern side of Carolina. Read this article at

Jeff’s career as a journalist continued to grow as he was more involved in the industry. In 1993, he joined another organization; PBS’ nationally-broadcast Nightly Business Report. Jeff served as an anchor and a correspondent in Miami. The media house recorded the largest number of viewers at the time wit about a million homesteads watching the financial broadcast. While still serving in the media house, Jeff did not only work as a corresponded but he was also busy finding other business ventures for the organization. As time went by Jeff was able to get new business opportunities for Nightly Business Report’s viewers among them; Royal Caribbean, Intuitive Surgical, Petmed Express, SBA Communications, Mako Surgical, Lennar Corporation, as well as Carnival Corporation.

During his time as a financial journalist, Jeff was able to interact with different people especially those who have influence in the financial world. Some of the people he interviewed include; Frank Perdue who is the Perdue Chicken owner, Bill Gross, Herb Kelleher the founder of Southwest Airline, Warren Buffet, founder Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft Steve Ballmer, as well as Michael Dell among others. Jeff Yastine also had an opportunity to interview Richard Thaler who won the Nobel Prize in 2017.


In 2015, Jeff joined Banyan Hill Publishing and was given the responsibility of Editorial Director. When he joined Banyan Hill Publishing Jeff Yastine brought with him his over two decades of skills and experience in the financial markets as well as financial journalism. Apart from being the Editorial Director he also contributes to Winning Investor Daily and Banyan Hill’s Sovereign Investor Daily which are written on a weekly basis. During his days as a journalist, Jeff was at the forefront of assisting investors especially those in the real estate industry to know the seasons. Jeff Yastine was an Emmy Awards nominee in 2007. Follow Jeff Yastine on Facebook.