Freedom Checks Draw Massive Attention

Master Limited Partnership reflect business opportunities for investors. The investors put their money into the business. Based on the business’ performance, the investors may receive distribution checks based on revenue. Under the law, the concept of an MLP gets fleshed out even further. MLPs expend 90% of business ventures into oil/natural gas and must pay out 90% of their revenue to investors. A huge trade-off here would be the tax benefits on the remaining 10%.

Excitement surrounds the news about “Freedom Checks.” What isn’t there to be excited about? The potential to receive a check paying out a tremendous amount of money on a monthly or quarterly certainly brings forth images of newfound wealth and independence. Others may simply be a bit confused about opportunities to receive these checks. Why would any entity want to issue out potentially six figures or more per year? First, let’s explain where the checks don’t come from. The government does not issue these checks. That’s a common misconception. The checks come from Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs). MLPs offer investment opportunities thanks to government rules and regulations, but the government’s involvement in the investments mainly ends there. Visit to know more about Freedom Checks.

For the average investor, the government’s relationship with MLPs means nothing. They want to know how an MLP can impact them. With $36.4 billion in freedom checks going out over the coming year, the way a successful MLP investment pays out becomes obvious.

MLPs must cut down on costs in order to succeed. No business that goes into debt to finance its endeavors will last long. Raising investment funds presents a better alternative for an MLP in need of cash. Investors also access potentially excellent benefits. Generous freedom checks could reflect a better alternative to more traditional and stoic investments.



Anything that generates great wealth has life-changing potential. Investors don’t want to suffer from the insecurity and instability of low net worth. Investing money to offset inflation cuts down on certain worries. Dynamic, high-payoff investments help even further. MLPs could provide an inroad to this type of successful investment. Investing in these opportunities involves nothing more than buying shares. They are publicly traded business partnerships. So, investing requires no out-of-the-ordinary steps.

Would-be investors should keep track of the oil and natural gas industry. Look at the price oil garners on the open market. Understand what ventures oil and natural gas businesses involve themselves with. Learn about the big picture of MLPs and freedom checks in order to make the best possible decision. Watch this video at Youtube.

Wes Eden and his Ambitious Career – Investor, Business Owner, and Sports Team Owner

Wes Edens was born in 1961, and he is an investor, sports team owner, and esports team owner. Edens went to college at Oregon State University, and he currently lives in New York City. Mr. Edens is currently the Principal and Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors at Fortress Investment Group, a company which he also co-founded.Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998, and it is an investment management firm based out of New York, New York. The company made history in 2007 when it became the first company of its type to be traded publicly in the United States as it entered the New York Stock Exchange. Wes Edens is also co-founder of the Milwaukee Bucks, a basketball team from the National Basketball Association(NBA.)

The Bucks was first created in 1968, and controversy surrounded the original title of the team. The team conducted a survey, asking fans what the name of the team should be and Robins won the vote. Bucks, the second most popular choice and the official state animal of of Wisconsin, was eventually selected as the team name. Mr. Edens purchased the company, along with Marc Lasry, for $550 million.In addition to owning the Bucks, Wes Eden has ventured into the world of eSports, purchasing a League of Legends team called FlyQuest. League of Legends is a multiplayer online game created by Riot Games.

In this game, players control a team of champions as they try to secure nodes and fight. The game was released in 2009, and today, League of Legends is till one of the most streamed games on Twitch. FlyQuest, the eSports team owned by Mr. Edens, was created in January of 2017. In addition to League of Legends, the team also plays Rocket League, which is a unique game that blends racing and soccer.

The Career Life of Jeremy Goldstein

The law career is for the passionate people, as one has to understand all the concepts of the country. You also have to be an educated elite to make it in the profession. It is your success that markets you and open doors for more opportunities. You are only as good as your number of victories.

Jeremy Goldstein is among the best Attorneys in the state. He is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. The law firm is committed to advising chief executive officers, management teams, among other executive bodies.

Many people are afraid of executing their plan for fear of failing and not getting the anticipated results. It takes courage to stand by yourself and decide to pour a substantial amount of your savings to the business. Connect with Jeremy on LinkedIn

Jeremy Goldstein says that when he founded the firm, he had realized a trend of many firms detaching themselves from the Mother Company and surviving by their own. He thought that a new law firm would do well at the time, and without any further thoughts, he plunged in and began the company. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Facebook and Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare

It is normal to have a typical day as it helps in ensuring that you do not miss any of the activities that you are supposed to do in a day. Jeremy Goldstein says that the matters that he deals with are very sensitive as they directly affect the lives of his clients.

They want advice on their earnings, and whether or not they should consider a job opportunity they are being offered. They also want to know how the job will affect their families. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein:

Due to the nature of his jobs, he has to be available for his clients for 24 hours. To be able to be effective in his work, he limits the number of cases that he is handling. The other thing that Goldstein does to see that he is efficient in his job is ensuring that he bonds with his clients.

He creates time to meet with his clients even when they have no business to talk. The meetings ensure that he is well acquainted with his clients, which helps in his decision making.

Running a business is sometimes not the easiest thing that one can do. Many people are stuck with their ideas, without the knowledge of how to bring them to life. Jeremy Goldstein says that for him, this is not hard because he has been in the field for two decades; most of his cases are a repeat.

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The Career of Francisco Domenech

Francisco Domenech Esq, is known as the Managing Partner of an organization know as Politank. The organization is a law firm that operates in the realm of government affairs. Politank specializes in coming up with plans to best represent private concerns before government forums.

Domenech is a previous Director of the Office of Legislative Services of the P.R. Legislative Assembly. This organization is the local legislative equal to the United States Congress’ Service of Congressional Research. Throughout his tenure, Domenech streamlined a staff of 130 workers; expanded the services given by the Legislative Library, which included access to the blind as well as the physically disabled; took part in the consideration of more than eight hundred pieces of legislation; and also managed a yearly budget of $11 million, ending up with surpluses throughout all three fiscal years.

Domenech graduated from the University Of Puerto Rico, at the Rio Piedras Campus, where he obtained a B.A. in Political Science, as well as his Juris Doctor. Mr. Domenech was the General Student Body Council’s President during the academic year of 1999-2000. Also, during the 1999-2000 academic year, he held the title of Academic Senator, serving before the Academic Senate of UPR’s Rio Piedras Campus. Before that, from the year 1998 to 1999, Domenech served as the President of the Student Body of the University of Puerto Rico’s College of Social Sciences. During his time in law school, he even attended University College London for one semester where he took many courses in comparative law.

Francisco Domenech was apart of the Democratic National Committee. He was a member of the organization from the year 2007 until 2012. As a member, he represented the Young Democrats of America. Mr. Domenech served as a delegate to the last four Democratic National Conventions. During 2008, he was Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Campaign Manager for her primary campaign in Puerto Rico. In Puerto Rico, Clinton Polled a 68-32 margin of victory over Senator Obama.

Individually, as well as even through Politank, Francisco has actively supported numerous philanthropic endeavors, such as The Clinton Foundation and The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute.

GoBuySide (NY)

Struggling to stay financially alive in this tough economy is a challenge for many businesses.

It seems that every day or every other day we hear about a business going belly-up; naturally this causes other businesses alarm and concern, ‘will my business be next?’, they fret. Read this article at Yahoo Finance.


A major reason why a lot of businesses are failing is because many of them lack competent corporate talent, people who know how to keep the ship afloat, as ot were, in stormy times of financial uncertainty, therefore it’s important to have a company that will help you to stay the course, and we do not hesitate to say that business is GoBuyside.

Established in 2011, GoBuyside has helped many a firm in Corporate America to maintain it’s financial equilibrium, which is why it has won the respect and accolades of many of its satisfied clients.

How do you contact GoBuyside? You contact them by going online, sign up to become a registered member and before you know it,you’re getting the professional advice you need in investment recruitment. In fact, if you’d like to see how GoBuyside is doing that, just go to and see how it meeting up to the 7 challenges recruitment firms face when choosing top corporate talent.

Do you have any questions? GoBuyside has a staff that will gladly answer all your questions pertaining to corporate recruitment and then some. Read more about GoBuyside at

You may be wondering, is GoBuyside an actual company? Absolutely; in fact, it’s located at 260 Madison Avenue, in the heart of the Business District, in Midtown Manhattan, if you already live in New York City, likely you know how to locate it, if not, not to worry, GoBuyside’s website can give you directions online.

There is no question that the financial effects that GoBuyside has produced in the business world is real, and it’s been phenomenal, as you will see once you come to this website.

So sign up today, become a registered member and get started on the road to financial security and helping to keep your business financially solvent. That’s GoBuyside’s commitment, to keep your business alive and thriving.

News watch partnerships and assistance to better others

News Watch is a brand associated with CBN News, The Christian Broadcasting Network, Nat Geo News Watch, and many more. From their constant providing of quality news and information, they have gone great lengths to not only offer for viewers but also their partnered affiliates, by bringing them a substantial amount of income and revenue. Assisting with large mega-corporations such as “Avanca”, “Contour”, “Steelseries” and many others, as well as even small businesses looking to gain some form of recognition and eminence. They’ve also helped with spreading the words with independent app developers and non-profit organizations. With the many advantages of spreading the word about these companies existence, the affiliates and News Watch its self is more than pleased to express its delight in working with them.

Contour is a lesser-known business based in Utah that is invested in allowing people to purchase sports cameras and camera related products. Its goal is to market its products and increase exposure to the public like any company would. With the assistance of News Watch’s media outlets, Contour’s Design campaign has seen a growth in sales and plenty more prominence. The marketing manager has shown his great appreciation in a thank you note. News Watch has allowed the company to also see a market reach over 95 million households as well as over 6 hundred thousand online impressions.

The Avanca Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign has received an amazing amount in growth that has exceeded the initially intended goal of income. The electronics wholesaler company was in dire need of exposure to gain some amount of momentum. With News Watch’s help, in a span of 30 days the Avanca’s income reached over four-hundred thousand. With this much of a boost and exceptional results, the company decided to continue to work with News Watch after the fact.

Along with these many fortunate and providential companies, News Watch has also assisted some more well-known companies such as “Audi”, “D-Link”, “Intel”, and few others.

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The Brown Modelling Agencys arrival in Texas

The Wilhelmina Brown Modelling agency announced their arrival to the Central Texas fashion scene with a runway show, featuring Austin designer Linda Asaf. The show highlighted her collection named,”Summer Frost” which showcased pieces in neutrals, whites and silvers.




With so much talent in Dallas, Austin and Houston, the Wilhelmina Brown modelling agency is a welcomed arrival to service the growing fashion scene in central Texas. The event was a success with many designers and models. Local artists in the fashion industry are now able to showcase their talents and embody the eclectic Austin scene, which has a wide range of interest, such as a vibrant music scene with a sporty flair. For more details visit crunchbase .



The Brown agency was created from the combination of central Texas largest talent agencies, Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South. The Brown Agency is a full-service talent agency, and one of the largest in Texas. The expertise from the marriage of both companies gives clients the upmost service, with a far reaching portfolio. Their clients have exposure to some of the largest companies in the world.


Justin Brown, the founder of the Brown Modelling Agency created his company his own way, from the ground up. Born in Reno, NV. Justin moved to southern California at 18 years old. At the early age of 21 Justin was helping models to operate like pros. Working in the field of development and placement gave him the experience needed to operate the successful, Brown Agency. The agency now watches over the careers of more than 450 clients.

Jeunesse Global creates breakthrough health drink with Reserve

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis are two of the most important names in the health and beauty industry. But it wasn’t always this way. Just 10 years ago, their company, Jeunesse Global didn’t even exist. Now, it ranks among the most important brands in the global health and beauty business. And the company is valued at more than $1 billion, an incredible rise for a firm that started as an unfunded hobby business run out of a retired couple’s garage.

But Ray and Lewis were no ordinary Florida retirees, either. The couple had already been well known throughout the North American direct-selling business, having founded some of the most successful companies in the space and having contributed many innovative products to the public.

With Jeunesse Global, however, Ray and Lewis outdid themselves. From the outset, the couple wanted to create a company that would totally revolutionize the health and beauty industry. In this, they have been successful. Today, Jeunesse Global has one of the most innovative lineups of products of any health and beauty company in the world. And each day, Jeunesse Global products help millions of customers worldwide stay young, health and beautiful.

One example of the company’s tendency to create revolutionary and utterly singular products is its Reserve health drink. Ray and Lewis wanted to create a drink that would confer all the benefits of moderate red wine consumption but without the risks associated with alcohol. They took one of the most potent isolates in red wine, resveratrol, one of the strongest antioxidants known to science, and they combined it with a formula that contains a number of so-called superfruits.

The result has been one of the best-tasting and healthiest drinks ever created. Reserve can help lower risk factors for heart disease, stroke and peripheral artery disease that roughly correspond to a five-year increase in life expectancy. It has also been shown to have nearly equivalent heart-protective effects to red wine. Yet Reserve doesn’t expose users to any of the risks of alcohol consumption, which are often so severe that doctors actually don’t recommend that those who don’t currently drink red wine begin doing so.

Tummy Tuck – Dr. Rod Rohrich’s insight to it

Tummy Tuck – Dr. Rod Rohrich’s insight to it

There are a lot of individuals who have issues with their fat tummies; females find it quite annoying as it prevents them from wearing the dresses they want or enjoy some summertime on a beach in a bikini. But there is a surgical procedure called as abdominoplasty or tummy tuck where additional skin from the abdomen area is removed to give a more firm and flat look to your tummy. After you are done with the surgery, you need to practice a religious form of exercise to make sure you are getting the most of your surgery. While this is not considered the most difficult type of plastic surgery, you would still need to contact someone like Dr. Rod Rohrich who is a household name in the Dallas area for plastic surgeries.

Besides proper medical history and no serious bodily injuries in the past, with smaller amounts of skin laxity and a good skin tone, you are likely to be a good candidate for Dr. Rod Rohrich. If you have extra skin below the navel area, a mini form of tummy tuck surgery would most probably take care of that. But if you have skin both above and below the navel area, then you shall consider a traditional form of abdominoplasty. This surgical procedure would not only lift the abdomen but would also have significant positive impacts on the thighs as well as buttock area. Since the incision in this is likely to extend to the back portion of the body, Dr. Rohrich would go into detail about the overall procedure to make you more comfortable before the actual surgery.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Rohrich would go over all the risks associated, if any, with the surgery. He believes in complete transparency before and after the procedure and with his immense knowledge and experience in the field, you could be assured that you are in safe hands. He will also explain the most suitable surgical procedures depending on your case. It is for this kind of genuine commitment that he is rated as the Best Plastic Surgeons in the great state of Texas by the Harper’s Magazine.

The Journey of David McDonald to the helm of leadership at OSI Group

From an early age when David McDonald was growing up on a farm in Iowa, he showed great interest in Agriculture. He grew up working on his family farm, and this gave him a sneak preview of what agriculture entailed. He would consequently establish passion in dealing with animals and cultivated this love every single day he spent on the farm. Little did he know that his passion would someday land him the Presidency of a multi-national food company. His journey to the top was heavily favored by his agriculture background and also his education background.

David attended Iowa State University where he pursued a degree in Animal Science. According to McDonald, he was lucky to have very supportive parents who encouraged him and supported him through his journey to success. Today David McDonald is the president of OSI Group, a global food company that has made a legacy as the top food manufacturer with branches all over the world, including China and Germany.

David McDonald joined OSI Group soon after completing his studies at Iowa State University in 1991. He started as a normal employee but his knowledge, dedication, and passion for the work fueled him to management positions. David would experience massive success while at the helms of power and continues to do so today as the current President and Corporate Operations Officer of the food company. Under his watch, OSI has grown to a global food company with outlets on virtually every corner of the earth. He has also led the group to a series of major acquisitions and mergers, the latest being in Australia with Turi foods. OSI Group acquires Flagship Europe.

Via their child company, OSI International Foods (Australia), the company has successfully completed a merger with Turi foods, which effectively summarizes all their operations in Australia. They will now operate under Turosi Pty Ltd, which was formed after the merger. McDonald says that the merger between Turi and OSI will increase their potential to serve their collective customers more effectively. He adds that the merger gives them an opportunity for the two teams to operate and work towards more progress under the new Turosi.

More about David McDonald

David is a highly philanthropic person and has pledged lifelong support to a string of charities and noble initiatives among them St. Michael Parish in Wheaton, Ill and Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative in Iowa State. David has also pledged lifetime support to Iowa State University and he also supports his fraternity by giving out fully funded scholarships.

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