The Journey of David McDonald to the helm of leadership at OSI Group

From an early age when David McDonald was growing up on a farm in Iowa, he showed great interest in Agriculture. He grew up working on his family farm, and this gave him a sneak preview of what agriculture entailed. He would consequently establish passion in dealing with animals and cultivated this love every single day he spent on the farm. Little did he know that his passion would someday land him the Presidency of a multi-national food company. His journey to the top was heavily favored by his agriculture background and also his education background.

David attended Iowa State University where he pursued a degree in Animal Science. According to McDonald, he was lucky to have very supportive parents who encouraged him and supported him through his journey to success. Today David McDonald is the president of OSI Group, a global food company that has made a legacy as the top food manufacturer with branches all over the world, including China and Germany.

David McDonald joined OSI Group soon after completing his studies at Iowa State University in 1991. He started as a normal employee but his knowledge, dedication, and passion for the work fueled him to management positions. David would experience massive success while at the helms of power and continues to do so today as the current President and Corporate Operations Officer of the food company. Under his watch, OSI has grown to a global food company with outlets on virtually every corner of the earth. He has also led the group to a series of major acquisitions and mergers, the latest being in Australia with Turi foods. OSI Group acquires Flagship Europe.

Via their child company, OSI International Foods (Australia), the company has successfully completed a merger with Turi foods, which effectively summarizes all their operations in Australia. They will now operate under Turosi Pty Ltd, which was formed after the merger. McDonald says that the merger between Turi and OSI will increase their potential to serve their collective customers more effectively. He adds that the merger gives them an opportunity for the two teams to operate and work towards more progress under the new Turosi.

More about David McDonald

David is a highly philanthropic person and has pledged lifelong support to a string of charities and noble initiatives among them St. Michael Parish in Wheaton, Ill and Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative in Iowa State. David has also pledged lifetime support to Iowa State University and he also supports his fraternity by giving out fully funded scholarships.

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