Innovative, Futuristic & Profecient: OSI Group

Living in today’s contemporary society is all about being efficient, especially when it comes to conducting business. Efficiency is the key to success and if you remain efficient for a period of time, you’ll definitely outperform your competitors. This is the case with OSI Group. This innovative food processor has gone global, and it hasn’t looked back. The company has a rich history that starts in Germany. The company’s founder, Otto Kolschowski, burst onto the scene back in 1909. He was just one of many German-immigrants that made their way into the Chicagoland area. This Midwest entry point would go on to be named the “hog butcher of the world.” Back in the day, OSI was known as Otto & Sons. This tiny meat locker fit in very well with the Midwest’s agricultural industry, and it thrived considerably.

As cities all over the country began to spread outward, the economy began to grow mush faster. This period of time is known as the postwar economic expansion. Newer retailors and restaurants were sprouting all over these metropolitan areas, which helped to create more jobs. OSI Group benefited greatly as it began to secure deals with many leading brands. The company relocated from Oak Park, Illinois, to Maywood, Illinois. Otto Kolshowski’s sons were able to secure a deal with an up-and-coming hamburger chain that was known as McDonald’s. By doing so, OSI would become of the restaurant’s top suppliers of beef. When the cryogenics revolution came onto the scene, OSI Group was able to expand its services by leaps and bounds because the fresh meats could now travel for longer distances.

As of today, OSI is a multinational food provider. Thanks to the company’s great leadership, it has been able to make plenty of business acquisitions. Tyson Foods and Flagship Europe was just two of its major acquisitions in 2016. All in all, OSI Group isn’t going anywhere in the near future, and it will continue to provide the best services in processing, in development and in sourcing for the foodservice industry.

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