Milan Kordestani Is A Business Owner Horseman And Author

Milan Kordestani is a CEO, entrepreneur, business owner, author, and equestrian who is the owner and founder of Milan Farms. Milan Kordestani was born Stanford, California but moved to London at a young age. He began riding horses at the age of ten. His parents and teachers were impressed by his passion for horses, and his ability to get back on his horse after being thrown. Milan Kordesani became a champion equestrian with him winning the first leg of the Triple Crown. He has since gone onto take fourth place as the World Champion Horse Show, and third place at the final stage of the Triple Crown. Milan Kordesani won second place at the World Champion Horse Show in 2016.

Milan Kordestani has used his passion for horses, animals, and farming to establish Milan Farms. Milan Farms was established in 2015 while Milan Kordestani was still a college student. The farm seeks to provide organic products that are produced in a humane and honest manner. The farm currently produces pure saffron, organic chickens and eggs, and mint. The chickens raise by Milan Kordestani are given a cage free life where they are fed a vegetarian diet. Milan Farm’s products are popular amongst people who are interested in ethical and high-quality products. Milan Kordestani plans to continue to increase the number of products offered by Milan Farms.

Milan Kordestani is a published author with him being a regular contributor to The Huffington Post. He has also been published in The National Horseman’s Magazine, The Saddle Horse Report Newspaper, and The Northern California Saddlebred Horse Association. Milan Kordestani’s contributions to The Huffington Post have covered a variety of issues. He has published numerous articles about the plight of American farmers, animal cruelty in the poultry industry, and the problems facing migrant farmers. Milan Kordestani has also contributed articles on politics, mental health, and diet.

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