Fortress Investment Group Achieves what other companies have only dreamed of

Fortress Investment Group started operations in 1998 by three brilliant elites; Wesley Edens, Randal Nardone, and Rob Kauffman. It began as a private equity firm with its headquarters in New York City. The company made a huge mark in 2007 to become the first large private equity firm to be traded publicly on the NYSE.

As it stands, Fortress Investment group has over $45 billion in assets value in which more than 1750 investors are rallied behind the private equity and hedge funds. Its management panel consists of Randal and Wes Edens who were its initial founders while Rob Kauffman retired in 2012 to pave the way for Peter Briger another current co-principal.

Behind the success of Fortress Investment Group were the founders who had in-depth knowledge, expertise and financial experience having worked in other reputable firms such as Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, UBS, and BlackRock Financial Management. With the incorporation of better innovation, the investment grew quickly from $400 million to an estimate of $ 3.9 billion in only five years into the industry. By 2007, the assets the firm managed were valued at a massive $ 32.6 million figure.

Fortress Investment group launched its first investment fund in 1999 and drove it to real estate in New York and Toronto markets. It later ventured into hedge funds and debt securities and started enjoying the returns in enormous amounts. In 2007, the group made significant buyouts such as Intrawest, the largest ski resort operator in Canada, Penn National Gaming, Florida East Coast Industries, and Rail America. With significant improvements after the acquisitions, the company expanded territories and moved abroad. Today, the firm has two headquarters situated in United States; New York and San Francisco as well as in Asia particularly in Singapore and Shanghai.

By 2010, Fortress Investment Group’s force has been felt in the finance industry, and it was acknowledged for its success and innovation. The Institutional Investor magazine rewarded the firm the “Credit-Focused Fund of the Year” in two consecutive years, 2010 and 2011. In 2012 it was awarded the “Discretionary Macro-Focused Hedge Fund of Year.” The group named “Management Firm of the Year” in 2014 to solidify grounds that indeed the company had made significant strides into becoming the best.

Sussex Healthcare Announces the Arrival of New CEO

Sussex Healthcare, a well-known chain of homes for senior adults has now made the announcement that they are welcoming a new CEO to the crew. While taking on the new role, and getting acclimated over the summer, Ms. Morgan-Taylor is proud to focus on a new agenda with the healthcare organization. Upon meeting with the management team, she wanted to create a position quickly that was much needed. This would include a new Director of Quality, Compliance and Service Improvement. Learn more about Sussex Healthcare at Crunchbase.

The position requires a battery of qualifications, all of which are important when working in the healthcare industry. This is especially true when working with senior adults. there are numerous individuals who often struggle with trust regarding their parents health and their quality of life as they age. Ms. Morgan-Taylor has more than 30 years of experience in these areas, making her a highly sought after individual for this position.


Specifically, her history working in healthcare includes her time spent working in independent healthcare, as well as in public healthcare. It was in 1984 that she went to work as a Mental Health Nurse, and later she became a Managing Director, as well as a Quality Development Director.

Ms. Morgan-Taylor is a wonderful fit for Sussex Healthcare, and her proven track record shows this. Her ability to take her position as a nurse, and apply those principals in higher positions is nothing short of amazing. It has allowed her to share her skills with other organizations when she was asked to come and help them sort out their challenges from an operational point of view. Having worked on both sides of the coin, Ms. Morgan-Taylor has captured the hearts of everyone she works with, and working with the senior management team at Sussex Healthcare will be no different.

Bringing her operational skills to the table, and her ability to care for others, makes this transition of hiring her on as CEO a winning combination. The benefits are sure to be seen shortly after she spreads her wings with Sussex Healthcare. Visit to know more about Sussex Healthcare.

Stream Energy’s Philanthropic Activities in the United States

Stream Energy is an energy selling company and offers protective, wireless, Virtual MD, digital voice solutions and other home services to its customers. The company has generated more than $8 billion in revenue since its innovation in 2005. Besides Texas, the company is available in Georgia, Illinois, Delaware, New York, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Washington D.C. Stream Energy believes that philanthropy is part of its daily agenda and in line with that initiative, the company launched Stream Cares as a vehicle to deliver its charities to the community. The company has engaged with the Texas community for the last twelve years.

When Hurricane Harvey swept through Houston and its environs, many companies watched in disbelief as the floods damaged property and killed many Americans. However, Stream Energy acted fast in assisting the affected communities by providing relief and other humanitarian services. In Dallas, Stream Cares collaborated with Hope Supply Co. to sponsor over a thousand homeless children free entrance and meals to an annual splash for Hope. The occasion saw the children leave the event with gifts money from Stream Energy employees. Hope Supply Co. has supported the homeless with diapers, school equipment, and clothing for over more than four years in conjunction with Stream Cares Foundation.

In 2016, Stream Cares assisted tornado victims from Northern Texas on Boxing Day. Stream Energy together with its employees acted swiftly to help the victims. The company involved its over 200,000 associates and Salvation Army to raise money for the victims who lost their businesses and homes. The initiative raised thousands of dollars, and the company contributed double the contribution of each associate. The company hosted veteran Dallas former military veterans and their families in an event dubbed Operation Once in a Lifetime. The event’s participants enjoyed free transport and a special meal of steaks, burgers, and ribs at a top Texas restaurant. Ten daughters of military employees took part the following day in a fully paid event called American Girl Doll Experience co-hosted by Stream Cares. The participants enjoyed lunch at the American Girl Cafe, and they each selected an American Girl doll.

Jacob Gottlieb Altium

Dr. Jacob Gottlieb was the former CIO of Visium Asset Management which he co-founded in 2005 with close friends and members of his family. Visium Asset Management grew exponentially under Gottlieb’s leadership. At one point in time, Visium had offices in London, New York, and San Francisco with an investment fund of $8 billion dollars.

Dr. Gottlieb carried a reputation for investing and growing lucrative fund portfolios, therefore it was easy for him to earn the trust of other prominent investors. However, in 2016 Visium Asset Management came crumbling down. Several Visium management staff members were charged with insider trading, creating returns that did not exist and inflating various management fees.

Dr. Gottlieb had to close the company because of the stampede among investors and Visium employees. But, it is hard to keep a good man down! Dr. Jacob Gottlieb was not held responsible for the sins committed by a few unscrupulous employees, thus he founded a new firm called Altium Capital.

Retaining his reputation as a leading healthcare investor, Jacob Gottlieb began rebuilding his investment portfolio with investments in Oramed Pharmaceuticals, Inc., and Sellas Life Sciences. His Altium Capital offices are located in New York City which he shares with Iguana Healthcare Partners and Bay City Capital.

Both Oramed and Sellas are very innovative pharmaceutical companies who already have produced products that are in the final stages of an FDA approval process. They are also the first decisive investments by Dr. Gottlieb as he continues the next-stage in his entrepreneurial ventures.

David Gottlieb began his interest in investing when he won a stock picking contest at his high school. He thought that he wanted to study medicine, so he graduated Magna Cum Laude from Brown University and received his medical degree from NYU Medical School. However, after completing his internship he lost interest in medicine and turned to Wall Street.

Dr. Gottlieb began his young financial career at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., while also working to achieve his Certified Financial Analyst designation. After Sanford, Gottlieb became a healthcare portfolio manager at Merlin Biomed Group, followed by a massive climb upward at the Balyasny Asset Management where he became the firms’ top-earning agent and which then led to his work with Visium.

Robert Ivy, Succeeding with the Help of Professional Organizations

The Perks of Professional Organizations article, written by Rebecca Koeing, emphasizes the importance of professional organizations and societies for its members. Professional organizations provide members an opportunity to network, build credibility, strengthen their skill sets, and advance their careers. By offering co references, journals, and job-hunting resources, professional organizations can serve as a hub for both individuals who are new to the workforce and veterans alike. Robert Ivy, Executive Vice President/Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architecture (AIA), is no stranger to professional organizations. Mr. Ivy has served on numerous boards of directors and advisory boards, including AIA, American Architecture Foundation, Tulane University, Mississippi State University, Auburn University’s Rural Studio, and Tongji University School of Architecture and Urban Planning. Robert Ivy can be quoted in the article stating, “Architects know the association stands for certain values and to be a member, you adhere to those values, and you’re held accountable.” Mr. Ivy also states that while in comparison to other organizations, architects may be in small numbers, but they have a significant influence in their field, particularly when advocating for issues affecting their workforce. Find out more about Robert Ivy at

As evidence of Robert Ivy’s success, he has been recipient of multiple awards, including the:

  • Voted Master Architect in 2010 by the Alpha Rho Chi, a professional fraternity for architect; which only seven individuals over a 100-year time frame have been selected;
  • Granted the highest award offered by the American Business Media, the Crain Award in 2009;
  • Received the McGraw-Hill Award in 1998 for Management Excellence;
  • First architect to receive the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award in 2018, granted by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters.

Starting in 1996 as the Editor-in-Chief, after 14 years with AIA, Robert Ivy assumed his current position. Before AIA, Mr. Ivy served as a principal at Dean, Dale, Dean, and Ivy for over a decade, was the vice president and editorial director of McGraw-Hill Construction Media, and a Design Council Senior Fellow. Moreover, Mr. Ivy published is an autobiography, Fay Jones: Architect, which was published by AIA in 1992. Robert Ivy holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of the South and a Master of Architecture from Tulane University.

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Dr. Saad Saad’s Pediatric Inventions Continue To Bring Hope To Many Children

During his 40-year career as a pediatric surgeon, Dr. Saad Saad has been able to conduct several complex surgeries on young children. Although many of these surgeries were conducted in the U.S, others took place in distance lands away from the United States.

It was evident that during the time Dr. Saad Saad was handling the surgeries, he was also keen to find ways that finally would help ease the pain children undergo during any form of surgery.

Saad Saad constantly asked questions on the medical procedures that were used on children and sort to find the best solution to the problem. Finally, when the right time came, he spent many years to study in a bid to find the best way to help alleviate the pain children faced when on operational tables.

At some point during his career, Dr. Saad Saad made several foreign volunteer missions to West Bank as well as Jerusalem. The aim was to perform complex surgical procedures on children whose parents could not meet any medical cost.

Two Inventions

After several years of intense research, Dr. Saad Saad finally achieved what he wanted. He managed to come up with two medical devices that would finally be what the world needed to alleviate the pain young children go through when doctors operate on them. The first of these inventions is the Catheter With Integral Electromagnetic Location Identification Device. This device is patented under 5, 727, 553.

It is common practice for qualified medical practitioners to use catheters on patients who have been diagnosed with internal complications that require urgent drainage of fluids, toxins, and some harmful gases. However, the challenge is to locate the exact position inside the body of the patient, where the catheter will be placed. It is for this reason x-rays, CT Scans, and MRIs are done.

These examinations not only cause instant pain to the patient but also leave the patient with permanent negative effects of radiation. With Dr. Saad’s first invention, doctors do not need to do any examinations that require radiation. Read more: Hard to Swallow Adivice From Dr. Saad Saad | Medical Daily Times and Dr. Saad Saad | Crunchbase

The second invention is Methods and Apparatus For Providing Suction, And/Or Irrigation In A Rigid Endoscope While Maintaining Visual Contact With A Target Area Through The Endoscope (5, 725, 478). When examining the throat, the windpipe, the bladder, the colon or even the stomach itself, doctors use endoscopes. Again, this second invention helps surgeons to avoid the use of any radiation examinations on their patients.

Saad Saad has created a legacy as one of the top pediatric surgeon in the country an industry innovator. The two inventions will go a long way ion boosting the industry. These devices are expected to make surgical operations efficient. Very soon, these devices will be in every hospital.

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Reading Reviews Of Infinity Group Australia

Infinity Group Australia reviews are very helpful for people who are trying to learn where to get a new loan. People who need loans are looking to this company because of the work they have done, and they could sign for a loan that has much lower costs overall. If someone is trying to find a loan, they must start doing their research online. Look at what can be done once someone has learned from the reviews they have read.


  1. The Infinity Group Difference


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The company offers better service, and they are competing with the banks for customers who are hoping to get help. Customers come to this company because they want to feel as though they are welcome, and they want to be educated about what the company offers. This is a very simple thing for people to see when they contact the firm for the first time, and they could work with the same person over and over again.


  1. Conclusion


The people who come to Infinity Group Australia are given the very best service, and they start to feel like they have a chance of getting the money that they need. They could get a loan that helps their family, or they could get a loan for their business. A company that comes to Infinity Group gets much more cash, and they do not waste their time with all the red tape at the bank. Learn more: