Betsy DeVos: Pleading for a Better Education System in the United States

Before anything else that she doesn’t life, Betsy DeVos is a wife and a mother. She understands how important it is to love a child and want them to do well. Her position as Secretary of Education has given her a special platform for which to advocate for individuals who do not have the ability to advocate for themselves. This is also something that she learned as a mother. Mother’s will do anything for their children and they want them to be better than they were themselves. One of the avenues that they look towards to help meet that goal is education. What happens when a parent feels as though their child’s education is substandard? All of the hopes and dreams that they had for that child are shattered and they can often feel very powerless in the process. This frustration affects more than just the child’s day at school.


Philanthropy Roundtable gives readers a better look into the motivations of Betsy DeVos through her previous interview that discusses “school choice”. School choice has been on the minds of the American public for many years but they have been hesitant to pull the trigger. To push against the public school education system would be like putting a hole in your own boat. A lot of people feel as if the public school system is the only option for them, especially if they are from a lower income family. Betsy DeVos has been pushing for school choice specifically for these individuals. She wants them to understand that there are options available to them. Additionally, she wants to use her position to help create more resources for these families. Her goal with private education is not to alienate people of lower incomes but to increase the education level of the entire nation.


The only way to ensure that the education in the United States remains competitive is to challenge it. This attitude of malicious complacency is not the answer to the growing problem in education. Individuals like Betsy DeVos are pushing because they don’t see it happening on an individual basis. Parents can learn a lot about the education system by viewing some of the things that are most important to Betsy DeVos and her administration. Her work is centered around the goal of furthering education in all groups of people from very different walks of life. As she continues to serve in her role there is hope that she will find a way to overhaul and consolidate both the public and private systems in America.


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