JD.com’s Blockchain Pharmaceutical Company

On December 7, 2018, JD.com announced the launch of its new business venture, blockchain technology-based company, JD Pharmaceutical Open Tracing Solution. The endeavor is supposed to deliver much-needed medical data tracking and management software, to the Chinese health industry.

This consideration originates as more consumers and businesses in the health industry, are calling for further transparency with China’s medicinal providers. China in the past, has had a problem with medicine verification and validation, suppliers have been marketing pharmaceuticals that are either expired, low-grade, or counterfeit. According to Jingdong, those who are responsible for the expired or counterfeit drugs, are believed to be targeting vaccines. To safeguard product value, JD.com says that JD Pharmaceuticals Open Tracing Solution will verify the drug source, and then monitor all pharmaceutical orders every step of the way, until they reach the customer.

The expansion was made known at Jingdong’s 2018 Big Data Summit in Bejing. What JD.com does well as a corporation, is to identify and listen to consumer problems. The company is not afraid to take consumer issues straight to the source, and collaborate with experts in those areas. Through collaboration, Jingdong can produce a marketable product, that not only generates a working resolution, but gives back to the community.

The blockchain project is supposed to be one tiny component, in a whole sequence of blockchain initiatives, set to be launched in the future. The software is user-friendly and designed to be used by someone who has little, to no computer experience.

A true advocate for Chinese business, Jingdong informed the public on November 17, 2018, that the corporation had been awarded the 2018 SEAL Business Sustainability Award.

This prestigious award is given the worldwide businesses presently excelling in environmental leadership. Jingdong is genuinely honored to be presented the award, as it reminds them of their mission. JD.com now joins other awardees, such as Nvidia, HP, Adobe, Mitsubishi Motors, IBM, Samsung, Best Buy, BMW, Seventh Generation, Windows Microsoft, Komatsu, Apple, Patagonia, to name a few.

Jian Pei is head of the JD Big Data and Smart Supply Chain, he is charged with overseeing the sectors business operations. Click here

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