OSI Group McDonalds: Excelling in the Food Service Industry

The food provider has its headquarters in Illinois. The management of the organization has introduced a wide variety of products including pizza, bacon, and poultry. Towards the end of last year, OSI Group McDonalds was honored by the British Safety Council with two awards due to its efforts promote the safety of its workforce and adopting environmentally friendly practices in the processing of its products.

It received the Sword of Honor and the Globe of honor Awards. The awards are given if the organization attains the standards set by the relevant authority. OSI Group McDonalds met all the required requirements which include achieving an overall rating of five stars. The British Safety Council’s CEO expressed his excitement for the increased commitment of OSI Group and other firms in conserving the environment and ensuring the safety of the employees. Ian Hurley of OSI UK revealed that the achievement was as a result of teamwork among the various stakeholders in the company.

OSI Group McDonalds is ranked 63rd by Forbes among the other food providers in the United States. According to the recent reports, the organization collects an estimated revenue of $6.1 billion annually. The food provider values employees and involves them in making key decisions. The workers enjoy working in a challenging and rewarding environment. Since its inception over a century ago, OSI Group has never compromised on quality, and that is one of the main causes of a positive growth rate over the years. The company has always focused on adopting innovative processing and packaging techniques to meet the changing needs of their customers.

OSI Group McDonalds hires its personnel through a competitive and vigorous vetting process to ensure that only highly qualified candidates are employed. All the interested candidates are given an equal chance irrespective of their nationality, gender, or age. The workers are always encouraged to contribute their ideas on how to improve the running of the company. It is a great opportunity to grow a person’s career and attain their full potential in their lives. The leaders of the food provider have always facilitated measures that ensure that customers get value for their money.

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