Serge Belament the Creator of Blockchain Technology

Serge Belament is a founder and Blockchain technology inventor. Belamant was born in 1953 in Tulle, France. He is also known by the name Serge Christian Pierre Belamant. At the age of fourteen years old, his family relocated to South Africa where he was admitted to Highlands North High School in Johannesburg. At Highlands North High school he learnt to speak English fluently and besides that Belamant managed to participate in various school curriculum activities such as rugby and other athletics. He also managed to play chess, where he represented Southern Transvaal, he finished at sixth position in South Africa school chess championship in 1972, in that year also he won Victor Ludorum award. Belamant bright nature in school led him to graduate with an excellent grade for the university. He joined Witwatersrand University to study Engineering for his first year, in second year he choose to study Bachelor’s degree in computer science and applied mathematics while at third year he transferred to study Bachelor’s degree in information systems at University of South Africa.

At 22 years old, before completing his studies, Serge Belament made a bold decision to start career life. He was employed at a large civil engineering company called Matrix where he managed to come up with an application for analyzing levels of water in a dam via the RSA. He also created several computer models at the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. In 1980 he was named analyst of the year when for working on Cyber net application support team at Control Data. He also worn analyst of the year in 1982 while working for his ESKOM division as the head analyst. While working with Control Data equipment at DATABANK, Belament created first financial system which was scientifically driven. He also developed VIB network which he later sold to Volkskas. Serge Belamant became consultant for Bancorp firm which mainly dealt with management and analysis of risks. Later, Serge Belamant was employed at SASWITCH as the head of IT division.

In 1989, Serge Belamant resign from SASWITH to start his foundation called Net1 Technologies. Net1 Technologies was mainly built from his initial achievements known as Funds Transfer System. In 1995, Serge Belament invented a new application from Funds Transfer System technology. When Serge Belamant relocated to United States, he successfully integrated Funds Transfer System and Universal Electronic Payment System technologies which resulted to Chip Offline Pre-authorized Card. Due to the advancement of technology Net1 technologies resulted to development of Blockchain Technogy.

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