During the past year, the pizza restaurant chain Papa Johns has been dealing with a major sales slump. After the founder of the company made some controversial remarks, there was a public backlash. Both customers and sponsors expressed their displeasure which forced Schnatter to resign as a member of the company board. Due to slumping sales, the company chief executive officer Steve Ritchie has teamed up with an investor to help infuse funding into Papa Johns. This investment from Starboard Value LP will likely help Papa Johns remain in operation and work towards increasing their sales.

With an impressive track record of providing funds for major companies, Steve Ritchie has looked to enlist the assistance of Starboard Value LP to turn around Papa Johns. Once Starboard Value LP invested in Papa Johns, the top executive of Starboard Value has become a board member of Papa Johns. Over the past few months, Papa Johns and Starboard Value have looked for a buyer for the company. The founder John Schnatter has looked to buy the company back, but Starboard and the management of Papa Johns rejected his proposal. As a result, John Schnatter owns 30 percent of the company and is gradually being shunned away from Papa Johns.

As well as getting funds from investors such as Starboard Value, Papa Johns CEO Steve Ritchie is looking to make changes to the strategy of the company. One of these changes in strategy is to shift the focus from helping franchisees to increasing sales. He found out that the company must significantly increase its sales so that it can become profitable again. Another strategy is to restore the company’s reputation. Steve Ritchie spent a lot of time visiting franchise owners to talk about how they can help improve the company’s image among consumers. Ritchie has also suggested that the company offer more community outreach as well. As the company increases its sales, Steve Ritchie will look to pay off the debt from the capital provided by investors. These efforts will hopefully enable Papa Johns to regain its status as the leading pizza restaurant chain.

Miley Cyrus’ interesting offer to Rebel Wilson

Miley Cyrus has offered Australian actor rebel Wilson an interesting offer after the Aussie born star actress said she had never gone on a Valentine’s Day date. This comes after Wilson, a star in the upcoming romantic comedy alongside Miley Cyrus’ hubby Liam Hemsworth, posted a video on Instagram about her “predicament.”

She was imploring her followers to go and watch the movie when she added that she had never gone for a Valentine’s Day date with anyone. The romantic comedy “Isn’t It Romantic” is set to premier on February 14.

In the video, Wilson says she had never had a date on February 14 and so should anyone like her; they definitely have a chance for a date to go and see the movie and become close spirits. Miley Cyrus responded “OMG! Let’s be a throuple! Be our date!’ Rebel replied with koala and heart emojis. This comes after Miley Cyrus got married to Liam Hemsworth in December.

Wilson has been positing videos from behind the scenes movie on social media including a phot of herserlf and Liam Hemsworth in front of a green screen. In the movie, Wilson is playing Natalie, a woman who idolizes pretty woman only for her mother to say to her she is “no Julia Roberts. When she falls and is knocked out, Natalie wakes up in a romantic comedy where everything is nicer, happier, and brighter. Wilson also gets to kiss Liam Hemsworth.

Currently, Rebel Wilson is filming the cinematic adaptation of Cats alongside Jenifer Hudson, Tailor Swift, Judi Dench, and James Corden. In this movie, Wilson is playing Jennyanydots.

About Rebel Wilson

She was born Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson on March 2 1980 in Sydney, Australia. Rebel is a producer, writer, and actress. She went to Australian Theatre for Young People. She has played different characters including Pizza that aired on the SBS and the Wedge. She is the writer, producer and the star of Bogan Pride, a musical comedy she wrote back in 2008.

Her performance in Bogan Pride enabled her to win the Tropfest nest Actress award. Rebel was cast in the City Homicide and later moved to the United States, and was secured a role in Bridesmaids. Rebel says that she was remarkably shy while growing up, which bordered social disorder. Rebel Wilson has three siblings, Anneliese, Liberty, and Ryot.

She was first interested in Mathematics, saying that she was good in numbers. She went to the University of South Wales to study Bachelor of Arts, theatre, and enactment studies. She also has a law degree.


Her role in the Bridesmaids is the one that thrust her to the limelight as well as the captivating character, Fat Amy that she portrayed in the Pitch Perfect franchise. Rebel is a funny, daring, confident, and down-to-earth person.

She says her law degree has assisted her to discuss some of her acting contracts. She continues to grow in her acting career and she shows no signs of relenting. For now, she is working and waiting for the premier of “Isn’t It Romantic?”

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Leader, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist: Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry SchneiderJeffrey Schneider is a renowned entrepreneur and the founder of Ascendant Capital. He also works as the CEO of the company. Before Ascendant Capital, he gained lots of experience while working for Alex Brown, Merrill Lynch, and Smith Barney. He is also known for his philanthropic efforts in that he has participated in activities that promote charitable organizations and in helping the underprivileged.

Jeffrey Schneider studied in the University of Massachusetts, Amherst where he graduated bachelor’s degree in arts. He has had more than 25 years working in financial services, he has also made an extensive network of both private and public pensions, he has served in global financial companies, and family offices. In Ascendant capital he leads the firm of over 55 employees, in distribution, structuring, offering security and servicing its partner GPB Capital Holdings, via AAS (Ascendant Alternative Strategies). He ensures that every advisor’s business is improved by giving them alternative products to invest in so as to multiply whatever they are offering and this way the portfolio of the client becomes stronger.

Jeffrey Schneider’s success is attributed to his dedication to doing what he loves (his work) for up to 18 hours a day. He also owes part of the achievements to the employees who work collaboratively in a culture that has gone a long way in ensuring that all the business ideas have been implemented well. He believes in investing more on the alternative assets other than the traditional assets.

Jeffrey Schneider is a hard worker who will stop at nothing to do the best of he loves. He believes in transparency and accountability for every job that should be done. He is compassionate, charismatic and a visionary investor and who loves his family. He also loves travelling and making connections with experts who share same business ideas.

SoftBank Acquisition Of Fortress Investment Group Now Complete

The New York-based Fortress Investment Group, which is known for managing alternative assets in private equity, liquid hedge funds, and credit funds, was acquired by SoftBank Group Corp. The acquisition was completed in 2017 with the term of $3.3 billion in cash. With the completion of this transaction, SoftBank Group Corp. or SBG now owns all the outstanding shares of Fortress. All the demands and conditions were met in this transaction, while Softbank waved its day to ay control demand to win the deal.

SoftBank’s acquisition of Fortress is a mutual transaction which will help both of the firms to reach their goals. For years, SoftBank has been searching for a top company that will help them realize their goal to become a top global investment firm. Meanwhile, Fortress has been a firm which will adapt to any changes in the market to remain competitive. All shareholders of Fortress received $8.98 per share because of the 39% premium to the share price. This is set by FIG’s definitive proxy dated June 7, 2017. As a result of the acquisition, Fortress Investment Group was delisted in the New York Stock Exchange and has been reflected in SBG’s financial management.

Fortress Investment Group will still manage its funds which amount up to $40 billion in assets. The firm will still be led by its founders Pete Briger, Randy Nardone, and Wes Edens. Nothing will be changed from its day to day operations – its personnel, brand, business model, company culture and processes will be the same.

SBG’s chairman and CEO Masayoshi Son is confident that this acquisition will benefit the tech firm. The firm has been hunting for companies like FIG to acquire for two years. Because of its excellent track record, Son believes that Fortress Investment Group is the best option for SBG’s goals.

SoftBank Group Corp is a known tech firm that covers a lot of fields in the tech world. Its operations are focused on Information Revolution, with services spanning from advanced telecommunications, internet services, IoT, and clean energy tech.

Fortress Investment Group is an investment company that manages assets around the world. It was founded in 1998 and has been managing portfolios of over 1,750 institutional clients and private investors.

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Stream Energy Charity Efoorts

Stream Energy

Stream Energy is a Dallas based energy sales company that has charity written in it’s history. Stream Energy has recently started the Stream Cares foundation to help prevent homelessness in the Texas area for victims of Hurricane Harvey. They have partnered with the Hope Supply Company.


It is done through allied giving. The employees at Stream energy are paid to build a loyal clientele base that distributes various types of services. Both urban and corporate services are offered. The associates commissions through this energy sales process, from there they are able to select what type of charity they would like to support as a thoughtful, ardent personal. One of the more favored options they have addressed is homelessness throughout the state of Texas. They have done this through hope and raising awareness, along with community paying it forward opportunities.

Partnering with Hope Supply Company

Each year Stream and Hope partner up and host an event that provides homeless children the opportunity to join them in going to the local water park with all expense paid. This opportunity leaves a lasting impression on these children and provides the employees of Stream as well as Hope to share leadership to the younger generations they get to help and share memories with. In 2016 Stream matched the funds donated from its associates for the victims of the tornado that struck Texas.

Stream strives to find new opportunities to pay it forward for the community, especially those opportunities that allow their employees to participate. Because Texas is one the states that usually has resistance on paying it forward, the efforts provided by Stream Energy to date have greatly impacted that entirely. By paying it forward one day at a time as anything in life goes, Stream is slowly, but surely raising the rates of generosity throughout the Texas area. One person and one dollar at a time for those in need of help. This goes to show that you can teach an old dog new tricks.

The Incredible Success of Richard Liu

Richard Liu is the mastermind behind the third largest eCommerce site in the world. is a Chinese company that allows customers in any area, heavily populated or rural, to get the products that they need quickly and effectively. Starting as just one storefront in 1998, this retailer was creating $9 million in revenue in just five years. Once they realized that it was time to take their business online, Liu started to see amazing results. Instead of buying the products from the supplier and then selling them to his customers, he instead worked with suppliers directly to cut out the middle man.

It was only a matter of time before became the largest online retailer in China. This also made it the third largest eCommerce site in the world. With this level of massive success, the future looks very bright for Liu and

Angolan Businesswoman Isabel dos Santos Speaks on Africa’s Future

Recently, Angolan businesswoman Isabel dos Santos gave two major speeches in which she described her vision for Africa’s future. At Yale University, she spoke on developing a new economic model for the continent. More recently, members of the European Parliament along with attendees of Africa Summit 2019 listened to her remarks on Africa’s coming digital revolution.

In 2018, Dos Santos was the keynote speaker at the annual Yale Conference for African Peace and Development. According to dos Santos, Africa has the world’s largest concentration of young people. Such massive population growth presents challenges in the areas of education and job creation. To address Africa’s population growth, Isabel dos Santos says that Africa needs a new economic paradigm, which she calls “the New Africa Story.”

Proper treatment of the environment is part of the economic model that Isabel dos Santos envisions. She says that Africa needs “clean water, clean energy, clean soil, and clean air.” However, establishing local markets for small and medium-sized producers is central to her new model. She believes changing one person’s life at a time is key to Africa’s transformation.

Isabel dos Santos addressed European Parliament and Africa Summit 2019 delegates in January 2019. She was as a member of a panel on “Africa and Emerging Technology”, which is her area of expertise as chairwoman of Unitel, a mobile service provider. Since Africa has already experienced a mobile revolution, dos Santos believes a digital revolution is in the continent’s future. She believes that e-commerce transactions will outnumber brick-and-mortar ones and that Africans will embrace digital banking.

The businesswoman said companies can participate in Africa’s digital future. As an example, she pointed to Unitel’s collaboration with Google to have an underwater fiber-optic cable to connect Africa, Brazil, and America. She also reiterated some themes from her Yale speech, such as the challenges of rapid population growth, the need for good education, and sustainable management of the environment.


Heather Parry booming With a Star is born

The nominees for the Academy Awards have been announced, and A Star is Born scooped eight nominations. Bradley Cooper bagged the Best Actor. Lady Gaga was nominated for Best Actress in a Motion Picture. Fans were elated at the Golden Awards when ‘’Shallow’’ was awarded song of the year award. In the film, the song was performed by Bradley Cooper as well as Lady Gaga in writing that was produced by Mark Ronson. It’s clear that history has repeated itself in the collaboration of Gaga and Cooper.

A Star is Born is a love story of the ups and downs of love as well as fame. Lady Gaga plays Ally, an upcoming artist who falls in love with an established singer Jackson Maine (Cooper) when his career is spiraling downwards. On the other hand, her star grows. Gaga and Cooper have been nominated for Best Actress and Actor alike. The film has also been nominated for Best Supporting Actor and Best Adapted Screenplay. Other nominations include Best Cinematography as well as Best Sound Mixing.

Shallow, a song that Gaga plays in the movie has been nominated for several 2019 Grammy Awards. It’s also been nominated for best overall music track and Song of the Year. This focuses on songwriting. Gaga called in a counterculture in many ways. She added that even though the song didn’t fit into the perfect parameters of a commercial track, fans are still connecting with the music, which meant a lot to the artists.

For Heather Parry the executive producer, this movie has represented a vital move into scripted films as well as a natural progression into the television industry after releasing smaller projects with a budget of under $5 million. Such documentaries regarding artists in music embark on their journeys.

Heather Parry also adds that it’s invaluable to take such risks in a movie that highlights the personality of an actor. She adds that A Star is Born entailed risk-taking. When she heard that Bradley Cooper would play a role in the movie, she knew that he would do a great job. She then requested to be part of it. Other movies she has produced include Believer, the Imagine Dragons documentary and Five Foot Two, a documentary for Lady Gaga.

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