Miley Cyrus’ interesting offer to Rebel Wilson

Miley Cyrus has offered Australian actor rebel Wilson an interesting offer after the Aussie born star actress said she had never gone on a Valentine’s Day date. This comes after Wilson, a star in the upcoming romantic comedy alongside Miley Cyrus’ hubby Liam Hemsworth, posted a video on Instagram about her “predicament.”

She was imploring her followers to go and watch the movie when she added that she had never gone for a Valentine’s Day date with anyone. The romantic comedy “Isn’t It Romantic” is set to premier on February 14.

In the video, Wilson says she had never had a date on February 14 and so should anyone like her; they definitely have a chance for a date to go and see the movie and become close spirits. Miley Cyrus responded “OMG! Let’s be a throuple! Be our date!’ Rebel replied with koala and heart emojis. This comes after Miley Cyrus got married to Liam Hemsworth in December.

Wilson has been positing videos from behind the scenes movie on social media including a phot of herserlf and Liam Hemsworth in front of a green screen. In the movie, Wilson is playing Natalie, a woman who idolizes pretty woman only for her mother to say to her she is “no Julia Roberts. When she falls and is knocked out, Natalie wakes up in a romantic comedy where everything is nicer, happier, and brighter. Wilson also gets to kiss Liam Hemsworth.

Currently, Rebel Wilson is filming the cinematic adaptation of Cats alongside Jenifer Hudson, Tailor Swift, Judi Dench, and James Corden. In this movie, Wilson is playing Jennyanydots.

About Rebel Wilson

She was born Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson on March 2 1980 in Sydney, Australia. Rebel is a producer, writer, and actress. She went to Australian Theatre for Young People. She has played different characters including Pizza that aired on the SBS and the Wedge. She is the writer, producer and the star of Bogan Pride, a musical comedy she wrote back in 2008.

Her performance in Bogan Pride enabled her to win the Tropfest nest Actress award. Rebel was cast in the City Homicide and later moved to the United States, and was secured a role in Bridesmaids. Rebel says that she was remarkably shy while growing up, which bordered social disorder. Rebel Wilson has three siblings, Anneliese, Liberty, and Ryot.

She was first interested in Mathematics, saying that she was good in numbers. She went to the University of South Wales to study Bachelor of Arts, theatre, and enactment studies. She also has a law degree.


Her role in the Bridesmaids is the one that thrust her to the limelight as well as the captivating character, Fat Amy that she portrayed in the Pitch Perfect franchise. Rebel is a funny, daring, confident, and down-to-earth person.

She says her law degree has assisted her to discuss some of her acting contracts. She continues to grow in her acting career and she shows no signs of relenting. For now, she is working and waiting for the premier of “Isn’t It Romantic?”

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