A different approach to providing medical care, Dr. Rand

Dr. Dov Rand:

Dr. Rand was born in Washington, D.C. He attended Rutgers University for his undergraduate work and Howard University for medical school. His residency was completed at the Albert Einstein Medical Center. Dr. Dov Rand specializes in the area of physical medicine and rehabilitation (also known as “physiatry”). He is the founder of Healthy Aging Medical Centers which has been in operation for over fifteen years.

He focuses on assisting patients attain their highest quality of health and functional ability through all phases of life. Dr. Dov Rand’s philosophy was initiated early in his life and in some part related to his interest in athletic pursuits. The concept of his Healthy Aging Medical Center started, in part, from a deep fascination with nutrition and health. Emphasizing good lifestyle choices helps to optimize one’s health and is key to a long and healthy life.

Dr. Rand’s treatments include many different areas of health including weight loss, hormone therapy, anti-aging services and others. Dr. Rand and his staff, unlike most practitioners, take the time to get to know the individual patients and their unique medical needs rather than focusing on the illness alone. His treatment philosophy includes preventative and regenerative standpoints, emphasizing to patients how they can maintain an optimal level of health throughout their entire lives (Gazetteday).

His philosophy includes leading by example by acting as a role model for his patients by enjoying a healthy and active life. Dr. Rand participates in a variety of physical health activities that includes cardio exercise, yoga, martial arts and strength training. Further, his lifestyle also includes healthy eating and taking supplements to support his overall goal of healthy living. Dr. Rand’s focus on his own holistic health demonstrates to his patients the importance of maintaining their health through a total health approach.

By getting to know his patients on a personal level and by taking a holistic approach to the patients individual needs has proven to be successful in helping his patients improve their quality of life through all stages of life. Dr. Rand practices what he preaches by the type of life he leads which serves as a role model for his patients and prospective patients.

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