Boraie Development: Changing the Skyline of New Jerseys Major Cities

The major cities of New Jersey are currently experiencing an economic rebirth after the Boraie Development decided to extend their investment in state’s largest settlements. One of the most well-known projects today is the establishment of business districts within the downtown area, which will invite a huge number of wealthy people to move into the state. Boraie Development has been planning for years to revitalize the economy of Newark, New Brunswick, and Atlantic City, and they are now trying to bring in businesses back into these cities through the establishment of different residential units and complexes. In Atlantic City, for example, a huge portion of the population moved out after Las Vegas became the gambling capital of the United States, leaving many casinos in the city without less patrons. However, the Boraie Development started to consider building new residential complexes within the city center to encourage people who are living in suburban areas to move in. They are also offered with several incentives upon choosing to live in the city center. The affordable housing costs for projects involving Boraie Development also caught the interest of people who are in the middle class and the working class. Boraie Development has done a great job in revitalizing the interest of the people to move into the city center.

The same phenomenon is happening in Newark and New Brunswick. Newark has its economic sector stalled 50 years ago, as people started moving to New York City and other large metropolitan areas in the East Coast. However, Boraie Development saw that the city has the potential to regain their economic status, and they partnered with popular NBA player Shaquille O’Neal to build a residential tower in the middle of the city. Boraie Development marketed the structure heavily, gaining a lot of buyers. This influenced the company into building more residential complexes around Newark, and the popular basketball player thanked the management for choosing the city where he grew up to benefit from their project of revitalizing the economy of the state.

Lastly would be the developments in New Brunswick, and Boraie Development initiated the construction of The Aspire, which became one of the best residential complexes in the city because of the luxurious living experience that it provides. Each unit within the Aspire is decorated with only the best materials, and the residential complex is being secured 24/7, with a lot of amenities available to its residents.

Upwork Daily To-Do List Hacks

You’d think that making and completing a to-do list would be a simple task. However, for an entrepreneur, this is a huge list of tasks, some which are difficult to accomplish.

How do you make completing your to-do list simple? How do you increase the likelihood of success with your daily to-do list? Make it something that cannot overwhelm you.

  1. Write it down. Your brain can only concentrate on one thing at a time. Make sure it only has to remember the next thing on your list.
  2. Make your to-do list the night before. Early morning is when you get the most done. Don’t spend that highly active time on planning.
  3. Keep your list in one location. Don’t allow it to be spread across different platforms or in different media.
  4. Define steps and times of each task. Don’t just leave it up to your good judgment. Put down as many details as possible about how long it will take and any mini-steps involved so that your brain does not have to remember them.
  5. Priorities, priorities. If you only got three things done tomorrow, what would they be? Make sure you put the most important things first, just in case you don’t get even 60% of your list done.
  6. Can anything be deleted? If there is a task you keep putting off, perhaps it is a “should” task, rather than a “desire” task. Put anything you “should” do at the end of your list and delete it if you skip it repeatedly.
  7. Delegate to people who do it better. This is not a pride thing. This is a specialty thing. Allow other people in your life to do what you cannot do better. Allow the time of the task to be divided among friends.
  8. Small tasks and the big picture. Make sure you view your schedule in the context of the full day while also giving undivided attention to each small step.
  9. Group similar tasks together. Get everything in the same category done all at once, one after the other, quickly.
  10. Put higher energy tasks in the morning. Save the tasks which make your brain foggy for the afternoon when you are working at a slower pace.

Tackling your to-do list can be fun and simple if you allow it to be. Happy working!


The Work of Doctor Clay Siegail

This includes information around a Chairman, President and CEO of Seattle Genetics Clay Siegail. There was a surprising statistic about the widespread presence of Cancer that came from the National Cancer Institute, almost forty percent of women and men can anticipate to find a diagnosis of cancer in their lifetime.

There is a focus on a finding for treatment of cancer through research drugs. This is keeping the company on the edge of a lead for medical science for patients that require it the most. An important cancer drug available is called (ADC) antibody drug conjugates. This could give better future possibilities for patients of cancer. It is considered by the company to be an important component of the cancer paradigm treatment. This is because of the potency and stability targeted in specific conditions.

The most popular kind of cancer in men is prostate. Also, in women it’s breast cancer, these types remain the most popular types which affect thousands of Americans every year. It seems that an increase in cancers of skin and colon, and other kinds have led researchers to view new methods for the cancer treatment and diagnosis.

But, in the world of genetic tests there has been a reduced cost of genetic sequence and an increased speed seen. A lot of current research has been found on taking out the DNA code to diagnose cancer accurately and promptly. Then the information is used to make targeted disease treatments.

Now some general information about Dr. Clay Siegal. The Doctor found this company in 1998. In education, the Doctor has received a B.S in Zoology at the University of Maryland and a Ph.D. in Genetics from George Washington University. Also, he holds fifteen patents and authors over 70 publications.

The Doctor has led Seattle Genetics in activities raising capital. This has secured over $674 million in private and public financings. For example, the company in 2001 preformed an initial public offering. The company has built a pipeline of diversity of cancer therapies that are antibody-based. One of them was ADCETRIS that has been granted approval by the FDA.