News watch partnerships and assistance to better others

News Watch is a brand associated with CBN News, The Christian Broadcasting Network, Nat Geo News Watch, and many more. From their constant providing of quality news and information, they have gone great lengths to not only offer for viewers but also their partnered affiliates, by bringing them a substantial amount of income and revenue. Assisting with large mega-corporations such as “Avanca”, “Contour”, “Steelseries” and many others, as well as even small businesses looking to gain some form of recognition and eminence. They’ve also helped with spreading the words with independent app developers and non-profit organizations. With the many advantages of spreading the word about these companies existence, the affiliates and News Watch its self is more than pleased to express its delight in working with them.

Contour is a lesser-known business based in Utah that is invested in allowing people to purchase sports cameras and camera related products. Its goal is to market its products and increase exposure to the public like any company would. With the assistance of News Watch’s media outlets, Contour’s Design campaign has seen a growth in sales and plenty more prominence. The marketing manager has shown his great appreciation in a thank you note. News Watch has allowed the company to also see a market reach over 95 million households as well as over 6 hundred thousand online impressions.

The Avanca Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign has received an amazing amount in growth that has exceeded the initially intended goal of income. The electronics wholesaler company was in dire need of exposure to gain some amount of momentum. With News Watch’s help, in a span of 30 days the Avanca’s income reached over four-hundred thousand. With this much of a boost and exceptional results, the company decided to continue to work with News Watch after the fact.

Along with these many fortunate and providential companies, News Watch has also assisted some more well-known companies such as “Audi”, “D-Link”, “Intel”, and few others.

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Eric Pulier’s Lead up to Tech History

Eric Pulier is considered to be one of the more fascinating entrepreneurs in the tech industry over the past decade. Pulier came up alongside of the internet as a child and he grew into his fascination with technology at the same time. Pulier is now the founder of XPrize, a vaunted foundation focused on technological innovation, as well as the founder of numerous other tech companies — including vAtomic Systems. Eric Pulier’s ascent to the top of the industry has been remarkable to watch and sufficient to say, we are digging right into it.

Eric Pulier can tell you right off of the bat that he wouldn’t be where he is today without a childhood that was dedicated to technology that he fell in love with. By the time Pulier was in fourth grade he was already spending massive amounts of time learning how to code. By the time Pulier graduated from high school he had already been running his own computer database company — and this was only in the 1980s’! Pulier moved on quickly from his home in New Jersey in order to attend Harvard where he would go on to graduate Magna Cum Laude. At Harvard Pulier would cut his teeth as the editor of the school paper, the Harvard Crimson in the following: click here.

Landing in Los Angeles in the early ’90s meant that Pulier was on the ground floor of what would soon become the huge tech boom. Knowing how to operate within the industry is all about spotting trends, watching companies, and making a move right when it is most opportune. Pulier succeeded by shifting gears from the medical industry into the education sector before breaking through as a tech innovator.

Nowadays Pulier is focused on doing what he does best: staying ahead of the competition. Pulier relies on his meticulous notes, his forward thinking instincts, and his willingness to take risks in order to stay ahead of the best in the business. Pulier is busy with his work at vAtomic Systems, a micro transaction company, but he is also interested in biotechnology such as genome editing with the CIRSPR-CAS9.

Securus Technology Improving Lives

The leading provider of both criminal and civil justice solutions in technology, Securus Technologies, effectively put forward its case to the United States Court of appeal. The case presented was that the Federal Communications Commission could not add to the rates on intrastate rates.

In just a fortnight, Securus has had two major issues that it has won. Both cases were presented to the US Court of Appeals in accordance with the rates of inmates. To begin with was the permission for a stay in the opinion of the FCC regarding the fees as well as the rates. Secondly, there was an issue that was to do with the unacceptable extension of interstate rates to intrastate rates. The legal bar that is required to get a Stay by the Court is high; however, this firm could handle the challenge.
Apart from being professional and focused on what we do, the court realized that the FCC had sought after inappropriate legal guidance that was only going to threaten the industry. The Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technology, Smith, believes that with unity, the right public policy concerning the respect of inmate communication can be achieved.
Smith explains their ongoing cases and how they have discussed and debated on the cost, safety and security as well as the influence it will have with the Federal Communications Commission for about 16 years. With all their persistence, the FCC has finally agreed to meet them and from there, progress can take its course.
Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, Texas. It is an agency that deals with law enforcement as well as corrections. It serves up to 3450 public safety facilities with more than 1,200,000 inmates in North America. This company offers various services with the intention of making the world around us a safer place. Some of the services provided include quick emergency response, public information, biometric analysis, communication, monitoring as well as inmate self-service among others. Connecting what matters is the rule that Securus Technologies pledges to work on. There are many solutions that Securus Technologies can offer.
To make it to the position it is at currently, Securus has had to use fortified strategies to help it grow such as coming up with a software-based sales team to help expand the portfolio, which s more than 800 patented products. These products are mainly for law enforcement as well as correction sectors. The company also introduced more senior sales executives to develop this software that is high-tech.


Securus Technologies is in not affiliated with the Securus America agency site nor the Securus health product.

Securus House is a safe space for domestic violence victims and is also a separate entity.

Skout Feeds the Hungry

Skout has partnered with the SF-Marin Food Bank in order to help feed the hungry. One thing that many people know is that there are tons of people that are starving even in developed cultures. Fortunately, the people in charge of Skout are looking for ways to provide assistance to people that are in need of assistance. Their goal is to provide meals for 20,000 people that are either starving or are merely struggling in the city. Skout is encouraging users to give a virtual gift in the app. These virtual gifts will be converted to actual donations in the real world. The idea is to convert a virtual bag of chips into a cash donation for the Food Bank.

One thing that could be said for Skout is that it is built with the purpose of serving people. For one thing, their social media app allows people to do more than just interact online. People actually meet each other through their social media app and connect in person. For one thing, Skout makes it easier for people to meet. They encourage and enable all kinds of meetings whether it is meeting up with friends, or meeting for a date. The imagination is the limit when it comes to using Skout for social media.

Skout is also designed with travelers in mind. One group of people that is often forgotten with Skout is the traveling group. People can meet at different regions with contacts. Skout has a community of almost 200 countries and is accessible to people in 16 languages. The whole point of Skout is to help people build connections and network with each other. For one thing, Skout actually brings out the social aspect of the social network.

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Random Acts Of Kindness Brought To Us By Skout

Skout is the global social media application that is helping people all over the world meet each other and find new friends online. It is helpful for anyone who is looking to make new friends, and it is also a great way to find new romantic connections. If either of these connections is something that you are looking for, then I suggest that you try using Skout to widen the world that you live in by setting up an account today. Setting up an account on Skout is free to do, and it is so easy that anyone can do it in a matter of minutes.

The application guides you through the set up process the moment that you open it up for the first time. In a matter of minutes, you will have expanded your social circle by learning to talk with new people from your area or anywhere around the world. Did you know that Skout is connecting people all over the world with one another? This is probably due to the fact that Skout is available in 180 countries currently, and it is seen in 16 languages at this time. Skout originally started out in 2007, and it was founded in San Fransisco.

When Random Acts Of Kindness Week came around Skout decided to take part in the week long celebration by surveying its users. It has since shared the survey results with a few different media outlets in order to show others than kindness is relevant in today’s world. No matter how fast paced and technology driven our lives get, kindness will always have a place in our world. The employees at the San Fransisco company also took part in the Random Acts Of Kindness Week celebration. The employees at Skout actually helped bring in food at a food drive for their local food bank, San Fransisco Marin Food Bank.

The survey results showed that an above average percentage of the users surveyed were engaged in random acts of kindness. Actually, 93 percent of the people who were surveyed had already done a random act of kindness for someone that they did not already know. The survey participants were college students, so it is assumed that these people have busy lives. They still found the time to contribute to the betterment of other people. To read the original article published on Uloop, go to this link.

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