Sunday’s Philosophy on the Sunday Riley Skin Care Philosophy

This past April The Cut interview Sunday Riley the woman to get some incite in how Sunday Riley the skin care brand has taken off and become popular. Sunday Riley explained in the interview that no she is not a cosmetic chemist, but she acquires many skills as she goes through trial and error and thinks of what she is creating more as an art than chemistry. She explained that she launched the company to fill a “green technology” hole in the industry by balancing science-based active ingredients with botanicals in the hope to create skin care products that could help her ” live to 120 without ever looking 90″. Sunday Riley separates herself from her brand and is humbled by how her brand has become a staple in a lot of women’s’ lives.

Her answers to questions regarding Good Genes communicate that yes it is one of the best selling products and the company did notice an uptick in sales after it became popular on social media, but she is not proud of any product more than another. She believes Good Genes is so popular because there were not a lot of acid treatments on the market when it came out and it shows instant results. Like all her products her new foundation was a labor of love and she was determined to match as many human skins tones as possible when developing it.

She shared her detailed personal skin care regimen. She washes her face twice a day, using C.E.O serum, Tidal, in the morning and Luna and C.E.O. serum again at night. She uses Good Genes twice a week, and other products as needed. Her advice to anyone is simply to wash their face because products need deep skin cells removed to work.

She explains that many years ago was the wrong time for the brand so yes she let it die down. Now her company is taking off with a great name for Business “Sunday Riley” the name her father gave her. She also says she would love to make a hair care product in the future.