Should You Try EOS Lip Balms?

EOS, which stands for Evolution of Smooth, is a New York-based company that is taking over the lip balm industry. The company started small, and now it’s nearly impossible to go into a grocery store or discount supermarket without seeing the spheres of lip gloss in a variety of colors.

EOS was cofounded by Craig Dubitsky, and the products have been said to rival Burt’s Bees, a company that is a leader in providing affordable organic products. EOS lip balms are available for around $3.29 at most retailers like Lucky Vitamin and Target, and come in several flavors.

Popular varieties include Vanilla Bean, a classic lip balm with a pleasant scent that is particularly popular during the holiday season. Strawberry sorbet is another popular lip balm from EOS, and includes smoothing ingredients to keep lips soft and shiny. Blueberry Acai is a great buy as well, since the lip balm contains antioxidants that keep the lips looking youthful and healthy. This balm is also 95% organic.

In addition to lip balms, EOS also features a number of hand and body lotions that help to nourish and smooth the skin. Berry blossom is a fruit-scented lotion with vitamins for lasting akin health. Cucumber lotion has antioxidants that keep the hands looking youthful and Fresh Flowers features a soothing scent and non-greasy formula.

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Chaz Dean’s WEN Hair Care Line Is Bringing Women The Hair They’ve Always Wanted

Women are very conscious of how they look at all times, and their hair is always apart of their look. This is why the majority of women spend quite a bit of time making sure their hair looks just right. The bad case here however, is when women are using so many products for style and specialize their hair, they can actually start causing damage. This is because many products out there actually have harsh chemicals in them, that with extended use, can cause the hair to become very brittle and dry. This is what spawned all the rage for all natural products that were completely safe to use on the hair.
WEN Cleansing conditioners are all natural products free from sulfates and any other typical chemicals that come in other hair care products. Chaz Dean and his team went through a lot of work to ensure the product worked effectively on all types of hair, and going all natural was a must. With WEN, women are capable of achieving results for their unruly hair, results they would normally need to go to a salon to get. This is not the case with WEN, coming in a variety of scents, the specially formulated cleansing conditioners provide a deep cleaning without pulling the natural moisture from the hair. WEN’s formula is labeled as being 5 in 1, and what this means for women is that it can take the place of many different conditioners and shampoos that they are already using in their hair.

Emily McClure tested out WEN’s fig version of cleansing conditioner. Working for Bustle Magazine as a writer, and being a hairstylist herself, Emily wanted to see how well the product lived up to its name. She published her review on Bustle and posted up before and after photos along with he detailed experience. Though skeptical, she was delighted to see that the product had worked on her hair, and in a faster time frame than she had ever expected. Learn more about WEN, visit their Facebook page and YouTube channel.

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Wendy Huang Paves the Way for Asian Beauty YouTubers

As the rise of social media continues to inform how women view brands and their efficacy, it is impossible to overstate the power that beauty YouTubers have over the beauty industry. Many of these beauty YouTubers directly impact companies by doing collaborative videos or can foster competition by beginning their own businesses for their audience, which can number in the hundreds of thousands.

Beauty YouTubers are the most powerful tools that a brand can hope to wield in order to bring new fans to their brand. These famous men and women are known for their personality and discerning tastes, and their reviews can lead to a previously unknown product to suddenly become a cult favorite in just a matter of weeks.

So how is it done? YouTubers are men and women, some amateur and some professional, who are proficient in makeup and beauty. They tend to have exuberant personalities, are charming and personable, and relate to people of all demographics around the world. When they release their makeup tutorials and videos online, they are creating a reality-like show featuring themselves. What follows is a growing viewership that becomes emotionally invested into not only the tutorials but the personality who is giving them.

That is how Wendy Huang, of The Wonderful World of Wengie, got her start. The 29-year-old Chinese-Australian began her YouTube channel in 2011, after having worked as a digital marketer for an agency. Since the inception of her channel and website, Huang enjoys a viewership of well over 700,000 people, leading her to be named the top-rated and highest-viewed Asian YouTuber in Australia.

Huang has made a name for herself by catering to the needs of Asian women. She focuses primarily on Asian makeup tutorials and brands, allowing her viewership — made up largely by Asian women — to find tutorials that are useful to them. Her work has been integral to many skincare and makeup brands gaining an international following, leading to several collaboration opportunities for Huang and her brand.

By building a brand on a social media site like YouTube, beauty vloggers such as Wendy Huang of Wengie have skyrocketed to a place of influence within the beauty market. And as legions of fans follow their favorite YouTuber through the beauty trends and brands, companies worldwide are learning how to collaborate with them to create a whole new way to advertise.