The Brexit Affect on Economy

The whole world is connected. It is inevitable that the relations of nations are becoming stronger and of more valuable than ever. The flow of information and influence is an unstoppable process, it gives benefit for those who know how to use it. However, the stronger the country is the stronger its’ influence. In recent events there has been many changes in the political organization of Europe. What we feared, but yet expected, is the Brexit situation. Their decision to leave European Union was not hasteful but it certainly caused an uproar since the people we’re not united in the idea. A large proportion of them wanted to stay in the European Union. This situation has influenced relations between UK and the other countries. Even if we put that aside there is a factor which cannot be neglected. That factor is economy. The economy has a global influence and it’s connected through stocks.

When the economy of a certain country hits the crisis, the influence of that crisis will have a
global impact. Since we’re talking about a strong and developed country the influence can be seen on the stock market. A lot of people are scared that the UK economy will collapse and that the pound will lose its’ value. So that had to think of an idea how to preserve their money and their other values. When you lose trust in paper you can always go back to the roots. Those roots would be gold and silver. Their value is not so easily influenced and that is a great way to preserve your money if you’re not sure in the economy. This situation has led up to a phenomenon in which people are converting as much as 50% of their values into gold. Gold has played a great role in the history as an exchangeable item and now people are turning back to it as a prosperous investment. All of this has been an amazing business opportunity for some as the price of golden has gone up. The golds’ value is constantly high and it is resistant to changes. Keeping your money in the form of gold is a right call for now as the Brexit influence on this matter is not declining. The consumption of gold has plummeted and it is not showing any signs of stopping for now, we’ll see will this be a smart decision.

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