Doe Deere Uses Her Makeup Brand to Help Her Clothing Brand

Doe Deere is all about making bold choices and pushing to make those bold choices available for everyone. She ran a beauty blog and tried showing people they could do things differently than what the social norms were. Doe Deere also made a point of making sure her makeup brand was among the best so people didn’t have to worry about what they looked like or what they were putting on their faces. By always pushing to make her makeup brand better and by using quality ingredients, Doe Deere made a point of doing things the right way. It made her want to help people and also made it easier for her to try a different approach to the way she handled the makeup industry. Doe Deere saw a lot of success on her blog and met people who enjoyed similar color options.

It was important to Doe Deere to make sure she could help others with the makeup opportunities she had. She marketed her makeup brand so she could make a difference and so she could show people they were getting more out of it. The colors she used were bold and they were great for the brand. They also gave her a chance to try things differently. For Doe Deere, the point of creating the makeup brand wasn’t so she could try things on her own. Instead, it was so she could make the makeup brand the best it could be.

While Doe Deere was successful with makeup, she wanted to do more. Lime Crime is thriving and Doe Deere sees that she’s performing well with it. Now, she wants to take her brand a step further. She is going to create a clothing line that is similar to the makeup line. The clothing choices are different and they come in a lot of bold colors. They’re all something that can make Doe Deere understand what she’s doing and they might make it easier for people who follow her to try things that are different. Doe Deere believes in bringing changes to the way the fashion industry works while she does everything she can to improve it.’s Blockchain Pharmaceutical Company

On December 7, 2018, announced the launch of its new business venture, blockchain technology-based company, JD Pharmaceutical Open Tracing Solution. The endeavor is supposed to deliver much-needed medical data tracking and management software, to the Chinese health industry.

This consideration originates as more consumers and businesses in the health industry, are calling for further transparency with China’s medicinal providers. China in the past, has had a problem with medicine verification and validation, suppliers have been marketing pharmaceuticals that are either expired, low-grade, or counterfeit. According to Jingdong, those who are responsible for the expired or counterfeit drugs, are believed to be targeting vaccines. To safeguard product value, says that JD Pharmaceuticals Open Tracing Solution will verify the drug source, and then monitor all pharmaceutical orders every step of the way, until they reach the customer.

The expansion was made known at Jingdong’s 2018 Big Data Summit in Bejing. What does well as a corporation, is to identify and listen to consumer problems. The company is not afraid to take consumer issues straight to the source, and collaborate with experts in those areas. Through collaboration, Jingdong can produce a marketable product, that not only generates a working resolution, but gives back to the community.

The blockchain project is supposed to be one tiny component, in a whole sequence of blockchain initiatives, set to be launched in the future. The software is user-friendly and designed to be used by someone who has little, to no computer experience.

A true advocate for Chinese business, Jingdong informed the public on November 17, 2018, that the corporation had been awarded the 2018 SEAL Business Sustainability Award.

This prestigious award is given the worldwide businesses presently excelling in environmental leadership. Jingdong is genuinely honored to be presented the award, as it reminds them of their mission. now joins other awardees, such as Nvidia, HP, Adobe, Mitsubishi Motors, IBM, Samsung, Best Buy, BMW, Seventh Generation, Windows Microsoft, Komatsu, Apple, Patagonia, to name a few.

Jian Pei is head of the JD Big Data and Smart Supply Chain, he is charged with overseeing the sectors business operations. Click here

Investment Firm Executive Peter Briger

Peter Briger is a high ranking executive at Fortress Investment Group. For over 16 years he has served as one of the top administrators of this firm and helped it experience steady growth. He also spent many years as a member of another top investment firm known as Goldman Sachs. Peter Briger has used his knowledge and experience to help these firms reach their goals and further establish themselves as leading investment management firms. Along with having a very successful career in the financial services industry, Peter has also been very active in his local community. He has also been a member of the Princeton University Investment Club. All of these experiences and activities have enabled Peter to establish himself as a prominent member of the financial services industry. He is also one of the members of the Forbes list of wealthiest Americans as well. Read the article at to learn more about Peter Briger.

Briger comes from a very prestigious educational background. This has helped him gain high ranking positions in the finance industry. It has also allowed him to experience rapid career advancement as well. Peter Briger attended business school in Pennsylvania and received a graduate degree in business administration. Along with having an impressive educational background, Peter has also been active in educating himself and others about investing. As a member of the Princeton University Investment Club, Peter spent a few years gaining lots of knowledge about different types of investment vehicles which would prove to be very beneficial for his career.

For several years, Peter Briger was part of the leading investment management firm Goldman Sachs. There, he helped the firm expand to Asia which allowed it to become a top global firm in the finance industry. While he was a member of Goldman Sachs, Peter would manage a number of investment advisors and departments pertaining to credit backed securities. During his time with Goldman Sachs, Peter was also involved in numerous Asian committees. These groups helped promote the firm to Asian investors as well as helping them more efficiently manage their capital. Peter Briger would eventually move on to pursue employment opportunities at Fortress Investment Group. Today, he serves as the co chief executive officer and principal at the firm’s office location in San Francisco, California.


Matthew Fleeger’s Efforts in the Success of Gulf Coast Western

Gulf Coast Western is considered as the managing entity of Gas and Oil General Partnerships which is (Joint Ventures). The company combines resources, experience, industry experience and talent to meet its goal of developing, exploring, acquiring domestic gas and oil reserves in the US Gulf region. Gulf Coast Western looks for partnerships with companies that have qualified downside risk and substantial ROI.

The success of Gulf Coast Western is all attributed to Matthew Fleeger who is both the CEO and president of the company. He has helped the company to maintain a transparent and open relationship with its partners, thus leading to its success. Through the partnerships, the company has managed to expand to various oil and gas producing areas of the country and beating competition. For example, the company has taken over Southwestern Louisiana through its partnership with Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration.

Gulf Coast Western acquired most Orbit Energy assets located at Lafayette, Louisiana. The partnership between the two companies has allowed Gulf Coast Western have more ventures in the region that both parties were interested in. The partnership also allowed Gulf Coast Western to obtain the custom 3D seismic data that is associated with the innovative Bonanza Project situated at Saint Landry Parishes and Evangeline. This will allow the company to maximize on its production.

Northcote Energy Ltd is another company that Gulf Coast Western has partnered with so as to expand into other areas of Southeast Louisiana. Through the partnership, Gulf Coast Western has managed to acquire fifty percent of assets and working interest. The partnership between the two companies involves a well drilling project in Frio, Wilcox, and Cockfield.

Matthew Fleeger has played a significant role in the success and growth of Gulf Coast Western. He is competent in team building, strategic planning, entrepreneurial abilities, and contract negotiations.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong Shares his Plans for Jingdong in an Exclusive Interview

Richard Liu Qiangdong is a popular name in the e-commerce world and the last few years, he has become the role model for the many internet entrepreneurs that are surfacing in this booming internet age. Richard Liu Qiangdong founded in the year 2004 and before that he used to conduct business through the retail stores. The business of selling through the retail stores faced many challenges during the time China witnessed major SARS outbreak. It forced Richard Liu Qiangdong to take harsh business measures and take major decisions, and it is how came into being. Richard Liu wanted to cut down the operational cost while ensuring that the customers get more number of options at a lesser price. It is what the online retail business offers.

Richard Liu Qiangdong’s net worth as of now is over $12 billion, and it is going up with time due to the increasing price of the’s stock price. The company is listed in Chinese Stock Exchange as well as in NASDAQ. Richard Liu Qiangdong continues to play an important role in’s management and has helped the company become a global leader. If you are looking for any retail and consumer products in China at an affordable price, rest assured has it at an affordable rate. Richard Liu Qiangdong continues to find a new way to increase the outreach of and has helped strategize and implement innovative marketing techniques. It has helped in the sales of the company soaring at a massive pace.

Richard Liu Qiangdong believes that they have the potential to be number one not just in China but around the world. Their main aim is to increase the number of offerings and varieties on their website and also to minimize the delivery time to merely hours. Even though their current delivery time varies from 6-20 hours depending on the place of delivery, they want to make maximum use of their warehouses and their delivery personnel. He also wants to make sure that all the products that they sell on their platform are completely genuine and not fake.

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Eucatex President Flavio Maluf Addresses Decreased Export Concerns

The Secretariat of International Relations of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply recently released the export results for the month of June. While the results may have shown a decrease of 0.7% compared to the same month last year, Eucatex president Flavio Maluf pointed out that this downward movement was merely a balance of trade of agribusiness, which totaled US $ 8.17 billion (+ 0.7%).

Maluf went on to say that according to the latest surveys of the 2017/2018 harvest, conducted by the Brazilian Supply Company (Conab), soybean production is expected to reach 119 million tons, which is up 4.2% on the previous crop. This is particularly good news given that soy alone accounted for 53.5% of total exports while the next four segments lagged significantly far behind. Those products include: forest products which account for 14.4% of all exports, meat (8.3%), sugar-alcohol complex (7%) and coffee (3.9%). Learn more about Flavio Maluf at

CEO of Bradesco Bank in Brazil

Luiz Carlos Trabuco, currently the president of Bradesco, is preparing to give over his leadership of the business in favor of Lazzari de Octavio Junior. But how did he rise to president? He started as a bank teller! Since Bradesco’s opening, it has had merely two presidents — proof, perhaps, of a long and honorable history of CEOs. After President Amador Aguiar retired, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi began filling his shoes, for since his being hired in 1969, the man has served his company faithfully and well. Visit the website to learn more about Trabuco.

For instance, while head of Bradesco Seguros, the insurance part, Trabuco was the head of the bank and therefore can take credit for the prosperity he began. Under his careful guidance, the organization’s market share worth rose from 23% to 25% of the whole Brazilian insurance sector. Also, he managed to increase the segment profits to a whopping 35% of the entire organization’s net income.

In 1984, after having finished two years as a bank teller, he rose to Director of Marketing, where he interacted heavily with clients. He also helped to populate in Badesco the practice of segmenting and targeting the bank’s client base.



Mr. Trabuco studied philosophy at the University of Sao Paulo, gaining a bachelor’s there. (He graduated high school earlier than his classmates, too. An early genius! But seeing how he rose through the ranks of banking, that fact may be less surprising.) His postgraduate degree he earned from the School of Sociology and Politics of Sao Paulo in sociopsychology, which must have helped him while he worked in marketing. Though it took him forty years or so to rise to the top of the Banco Bradesco, these two degrees — philosophy and sociopsychology — assisted him instrumentally in his various jobs within the business.

All these successes lead to Luiz Carlo Trabuco Cappi’s being among the best-paid and best-known Brazilian executives. Now it only remains for him to pass on the baton. Learn more about Trabuco at

Mike Baur: is Incorporating Revolutionary Ideas into Major Startups

Subsequent to spending about two decades working in some of the world’s largest banking institutions in Swiss, Mike Baur resorted to entrepreneurship. This decision solely lied in his passion for business and entrepreneurship as he made a comeback with a different approach that most individuals can attest never to experience. Mike Baur is here to guide the next generation of business leaders through the industry of creating successful startups.


Background Information


Because of his long banking experience in the banking and finance industry, Mike Baur decided to join like-minded business leaders to establish a company that would later empower startup owners. They gave life to Swiss Startup Factory and have since been the leader who oversees the management. Serving as the head cheerleader of this revolutionary business that provides business models for startups, Mike Baur presents himself as not only a leader but also a learner who joins the emerging entrepreneurs throughout the lessons. His aim in these lessons he says; to understand the objective of the business idea to some extent before providing viable advice. Moreover, he dedicates time to helping these entrepreneurs identify sustainable businesses that a startup program would succeed in.


Swiss Startup


Swiss Startup Factory is a three months program that is business oriented and revolutionary in terms of remodeling the concept of business startups and fostering entrepreneurial networks. Since its establishment, the program has aimed at joining various companies with like visions. Moreover, the leaders of this startup venture are dedicated to mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs as well as coaching them to become world business leaders.


Education and Career Background


Mike Baur is an alumnus of the University of Applied Sciences in Bern where he majored in banking as well as finance. Being visionary, he decided to venture into other courses at the prestigious University of Rochester where he studied a master’s degree in business administration. He also studied business administration and an executive from Bern University. From school, Baur joined the UBS and capitalized his skills in wealth management. For seventeen years, he worked in different departments and managed to garner extensive skills. Thereafter, he left to establish an independent business that is currently his major success story.


The Overview


Baur has been in the business of managing startups for decades. As such, he urges emerging business professionals to capitalize on due diligence, time management and preparedness as the primary strategies that will make their startups successful.


Bradesco’s CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco Helps Make The Banking Industry Better

Since Luiz Carlos Trabuco took over as the CEO at Bradesco, he knew there were things that would help him see how successful he could be at the position. He also knew the position required him to put a lot of work in no matter what he planned to do in the future. It was his way of allowing people to see what he could do and his way of making sure everyone knew he was going to continue being the best CEO the bank had ever seen. For Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the idea of running the bank was something he thought about for a long time.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco spent so much time learning about the industry and banking with Bradesco, he knew there were things he could do that would help him grow in the bank. Throughout his time working with the bank, Luiz Carlos Trabuco learned about all the different things he could do to make it better. There were things he learned that others didn’t even know because he spent so much time in different positions with the bank according to He truly started from the bottom and worked his way to the top with the hard work he put into everything he did.


When Luiz Carlos Trabuco started working as a clerk at Bradesco, he knew there were things he could do that would change the course of the bank. He spent a lot of time showing people they could do better and get more from the things they had to offer. He also spent time trying to show people they needed a better chance at a better life. It was his way of allowing people to see how banking could make things easier. As a clerk at the bank, he worked to make a difference for everyone who came in.

Once he mastered that position, Luiz Carlos Trabuco moved on to the next. He wanted people to get the help they needed and that meant he would do whatever it took to be better at banking. He made a point of always showing clients the right way to do different things and that was a big part of the banking industry. Since he was working his way up through the different positions, Luiz Carlos Trabuco felt good about how he could help the bank. He also felt there were things he would need to do to change everything for the better.

While the bank saw what Luiz Carlos Trabuco was doing, they realized he was a great person for the jobs they were looking for. While they recognized he needed to gain more experience to be the president, they prepared to give him the position. He worked hard, grew in his career and eventually took on the role of CEO. Now that he’s the CEO, he’s still focused on helping clients. He knows the clients are the most important part of the bank no matter what issues people have or what they’re doing in the banking industry.

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Paul Mampilly- Growing American Investor

When it comes to Paul Mampilly he is widely known for being a man that works hard to achieve the things he wants in life. One thing that he is most known for working hard at is his career. Currently, he works as being an American investor and also as being a fund manager.Throughout the years he has proudly been noticed by several different news networks. Some of these networks happen to include Fox Business News, CNBC and also Bloomberg TV. His achievements do not stop here, however. Paul Mampilly is also proudly the founder of the investments newsletter known as Profits Unlimited. Through this job position he is able to help his well over 90,000 subscribers, thanks to his previous experience, invest into stocks that are going to shoot higher.

Paul Mampilly has always been known for being an overachiever. He happened to of first been born in India and then came to the United States as a young boy. After coming into the United States he decided right away that he wanted to join the ranks of Wall Street. With having 25 years of experience in the investment world he decided to take a leap into his career in 1991. The first job that he happened to of took at the time was at Bankers Trust as being an assistant portfolio manager.

After Paul Mampilly had worked his first job for a while and gained experience he knew that it was time to take his career even further. This is when he started to work even harder and eventually came to be able to manage a multimillion-dollar account that was for Deutsche Bank and ING. Along with helping to manage this account he also proudly managed the money for Sear, the Royal Bank of Scotland and also a private Swiss bank.

After working hard on managing these accounts Paul Mampilly eventually was recruited by one of the owners of a $6 billion hedge fund, also known as Kinetics Asset Management. The position that they had wanted to hire him for was the key manager. With Paul’s help, the firm was able to quickly raise their assets all the way to $25 billion. Paul Mampilly is not only great at managing others accounts but he is also great at maintaining an excellent personal investment account. It was during April of 2012 that he decided to invest in Sarepta Therapeutics and eight months later sold the investment for an amazing 2,539% gain. This is not the only investment that Mampilly was able to make it big with. It was in 2008 that he took a leap and invested in Netflix and then turned around and sold his investment in May of 2010 for a 634% gain. These are two of his investments that Paul Mampilly is still very proud of to this day. It is also safe to say that he knows exactly what he is doing when it comes to investing. Follow Paul Via Twitter