Fortress Investment Group Achieves what other companies have only dreamed of

Fortress Investment Group started operations in 1998 by three brilliant elites; Wesley Edens, Randal Nardone, and Rob Kauffman. It began as a private equity firm with its headquarters in New York City. The company made a huge mark in 2007 to become the first large private equity firm to be traded publicly on the NYSE.

As it stands, Fortress Investment group has over $45 billion in assets value in which more than 1750 investors are rallied behind the private equity and hedge funds. Its management panel consists of Randal and Wes Edens who were its initial founders while Rob Kauffman retired in 2012 to pave the way for Peter Briger another current co-principal.

Behind the success of Fortress Investment Group were the founders who had in-depth knowledge, expertise and financial experience having worked in other reputable firms such as Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, UBS, and BlackRock Financial Management. With the incorporation of better innovation, the investment grew quickly from $400 million to an estimate of $ 3.9 billion in only five years into the industry. By 2007, the assets the firm managed were valued at a massive $ 32.6 million figure.

Fortress Investment group launched its first investment fund in 1999 and drove it to real estate in New York and Toronto markets. It later ventured into hedge funds and debt securities and started enjoying the returns in enormous amounts. In 2007, the group made significant buyouts such as Intrawest, the largest ski resort operator in Canada, Penn National Gaming, Florida East Coast Industries, and Rail America. With significant improvements after the acquisitions, the company expanded territories and moved abroad. Today, the firm has two headquarters situated in United States; New York and San Francisco as well as in Asia particularly in Singapore and Shanghai.

By 2010, Fortress Investment Group’s force has been felt in the finance industry, and it was acknowledged for its success and innovation. The Institutional Investor magazine rewarded the firm the “Credit-Focused Fund of the Year” in two consecutive years, 2010 and 2011. In 2012 it was awarded the “Discretionary Macro-Focused Hedge Fund of Year.” The group named “Management Firm of the Year” in 2014 to solidify grounds that indeed the company had made significant strides into becoming the best.

Stream Energy’s Philanthropic Activities in the United States

Stream Energy is an energy selling company and offers protective, wireless, Virtual MD, digital voice solutions and other home services to its customers. The company has generated more than $8 billion in revenue since its innovation in 2005. Besides Texas, the company is available in Georgia, Illinois, Delaware, New York, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Washington D.C. Stream Energy believes that philanthropy is part of its daily agenda and in line with that initiative, the company launched Stream Cares as a vehicle to deliver its charities to the community. The company has engaged with the Texas community for the last twelve years.

When Hurricane Harvey swept through Houston and its environs, many companies watched in disbelief as the floods damaged property and killed many Americans. However, Stream Energy acted fast in assisting the affected communities by providing relief and other humanitarian services. In Dallas, Stream Cares collaborated with Hope Supply Co. to sponsor over a thousand homeless children free entrance and meals to an annual splash for Hope. The occasion saw the children leave the event with gifts money from Stream Energy employees. Hope Supply Co. has supported the homeless with diapers, school equipment, and clothing for over more than four years in conjunction with Stream Cares Foundation.

In 2016, Stream Cares assisted tornado victims from Northern Texas on Boxing Day. Stream Energy together with its employees acted swiftly to help the victims. The company involved its over 200,000 associates and Salvation Army to raise money for the victims who lost their businesses and homes. The initiative raised thousands of dollars, and the company contributed double the contribution of each associate. The company hosted veteran Dallas former military veterans and their families in an event dubbed Operation Once in a Lifetime. The event’s participants enjoyed free transport and a special meal of steaks, burgers, and ribs at a top Texas restaurant. Ten daughters of military employees took part the following day in a fully paid event called American Girl Doll Experience co-hosted by Stream Cares. The participants enjoyed lunch at the American Girl Cafe, and they each selected an American Girl doll.

The main details on the state of Brazilian agricultural exports as analyzed by Flavio Maluf, President of Eucatex

Born in the year 1961, Flavio Maluf is an alumnus of Fundacoa Armando Alvarez Penteado, where he earned a degree in Mechanical engineering. He is also a graduate in business administration from the New York University. He is a businessman and the president of the Eucatex Group which is a family owned business since the year 1951.

In a report on the balance of the Brazilian agribusiness for June, Flavio Maluf explains that there is a 0.7 percent decline of the Brazilian agribusiness export with the agricultural sector of Brazil representing about 45.6 of the total foreign sales.

He explains that the Asian market, especially China has been importing most of the Brazilian products from July 2017 to June 2018 and from January 2018 to June 2018 with Soybeans being a major product being exported. In the first half of 2018, he explains that about 46.27 million tons of grains were shipped equating to about $18.43 billion revenue being generated.

Agricultural business in Brazil involves both the small, medium and large-scale producers. In his report, Flavio Maluf explains the importance of integration of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock and the supply ministry. The integration will not only guarantee food security in the country, but it will also put more emphasis on the sectors of the country that are productive thus making Brazil a key player in the global agricultural market. Read more about Flavio Maluf at Blog do Ronco

More about Flavio Maluf

In the year 1987 Flavio Maluf joined the family-owned business, and through hard work and utilization of skills gained from his experience in other companies, he was promoted to become part of the executive team of the Eucatex group. Then in 1997, he was left to run the family business by assuming the role of the President. This was due to the role he played in making the business to reach the level of becoming a multimillion-dollar enterprise. Flavio Maluf incorporated new technology into Eucatex to make high-quality products. The business has since grown with several branches internationally. It also exports his products to countries such as Mexico, the United States, and Germany among many others.



Eucatex President Flavio Maluf Addresses Decreased Export Concerns

The Secretariat of International Relations of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply recently released the export results for the month of June. While the results may have shown a decrease of 0.7% compared to the same month last year, Eucatex president Flavio Maluf pointed out that this downward movement was merely a balance of trade of agribusiness, which totaled US $ 8.17 billion (+ 0.7%).

Maluf went on to say that according to the latest surveys of the 2017/2018 harvest, conducted by the Brazilian Supply Company (Conab), soybean production is expected to reach 119 million tons, which is up 4.2% on the previous crop. This is particularly good news given that soy alone accounted for 53.5% of total exports while the next four segments lagged significantly far behind. Those products include: forest products which account for 14.4% of all exports, meat (8.3%), sugar-alcohol complex (7%) and coffee (3.9%). Learn more about Flavio Maluf at

Anil Chaturvedi Seasoned and skilled Banker

Anil Chaturvedi is a reputable banker who has worked in the industry for about four decades. During his career, he has worked with several globally renowned banks, specializing in corporate and private banking. Anil also has extensive experience in providing advisory services and investment banking. His expertise was applied to the transactions between Europe and India.

Anil attained his degree in Economics from Meerut University. He also holds a Master’s degree in financial management from Delhi University. He started his banking career at the State Bank of India working as one of the managers of the development and planning department. He served in this capacity up until 1991, during which he developed the marketing strategy of the firm that enabled the bank to generate $500 million in four years.

Anil was the head of operations at the Grindlays Bank from 1991 and was later appointed its vice president. He also worked as the senior representative of the bank concerning its operations in the US. His tenure at the bank involved creating sustainable business models.

Anil Chaturvedi worked at the Hinduja Bank as the managing director since 2011 where he was responsible for conducting oversight on the advisory businesses of the bank. This role cut across various aspects of the banking sector including mergers, acquisitions, attracting more investors and redeveloping its policies. His experience in the industry led the bank in expanding the investment and commercial activities.

Although Anil Chaturvedi was born in India, he gained most of his experience working at the US-based banks. Once he left ANZ, he worked at Merrill Lynch as the managing director. This bank is located in the USA and has various global subsidiaries. While working at the New York-based bank, Anil Chaturvedi developed customized investment plans for the high-end customers.

Currently, Anil Chaturvedi works that the Hinduja bank based in Geneva. He has contributed in enabling the bank to penetrate the global sector mainly through his formidable corporate alliances. Some of his other accomplishments include steering the bank through various mergers and acquisitions in Europe Asia and America.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus Continues to Expand

Startup company Tempus can now claim the rare designation of ‘unicorn’ status with the success of its latest funding campaign. The company added another $80 million to the $120 million already acquired since its founding in 2015. Co-founder Eric Lefkofsky is a major source of the impetus behind Tempus’ success. The new company’s purpose is building and implementing an innovative operating system to personalize and streamline cancer treatment options.

Tempus is just one of many endeavors by Eric Lefkofsky. Since graduating with a law degree from the University of Michigan in 1993, he has founded or co-founded many companies in various fields contributing to advancements in technology, logistics, and the arts. With his wife Liz, the Lefkofsky Family Foundation was formed in 2006 for the purpose of dispensing charitable aid for the needs of children around the world.

It is not surprising that Lefkofsky is using the newest funding to continue to push the expansion of Tempus’ ground-breaking cancer treatment system. The company’s latest count of around 400 specialized employees is growing by about 30 per month. The new system is based on the collection of two types of data for patients; clinical data which studies the overall trend in cancer treatment, and individual molecular data from each person undergoing care.

This data is combined by the specialists at Tempus to create a more comprehensive treatment plan based on the latest advances in all areas of the field. Building relationships between these various facets of the healthcare community is part of Lefkofsky’s goal through Tempus. As Tempus continues to expand it is hoped the compiled data will be helpful to all the professionals involved in the treatment process, including doctors, drug companies, and technicians.

As with many of his previous ventures, Eric Lefkofsky seeks to bring together technological advances and the people who can best employ them. Education and communication build a future of mutual participation in business, art and basic needs. Innovative entrepreneurs such as Lefkofsky continue in their quest to fuel global awareness of important issues and new, creative ways to address them for a brighter future.

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Why Anthony Petrello Is More Than The Average CEO

There is a general thought in America that the wealthy individuals have come across their wealth through less than scrupulous methods and this stigma is most certainly felt within the oil industry. The truth of the matter is that this is not always the case, especially not with Anthony Petrello, CEO of Nabors Industries.In the year 2014, Anthony Petrello was among the highest paid CEOs in America, earning $68.2 million through his endeavors with Nabors Industries. Typically this level of success will bring about a great deal of envy and criticism. Anthony grew up in Newark, New Jersey, amidst the hard working and honest people there, a place where dishonesty is harshly shunned while practices of honor and kindness are greeted warmly.

It is here that Anthony was instilled with his moral values very early on in life.He grew up in a predominantly Italian neighborhood and did not have exceptionally wealthy parents, did not receive private tutoring from renowned teachers. His beginnings were humble and filled with honor and a strict moral code.During his youth he would spend the bulk of his time learning as much as he possibly could from his under-funded public school. He focused his studies on mathematics and logic. His plan was to work and study hard enough to enter a prestigious university and become a mathematician.His dreams would come true and all of his hard work paid off as he was accepted into Yale University with a full scholarship.

His excellent abilities allowed for Petrello to always shine and he worked closely with theorist Serge Lang, working through complex theorems that most students couldn’t even begin to comprehend.At some point in his academic career, something changed in Anthony and he switched his educational focus from Mathematics and began to study law at Harvard Law School. Once his education was finished he married his college girlfriend and held several different jobs over the years before entering into Nabors Industries.He climbed up the ranks and worked diligently for almost 30 years before becoming the CEO. Since his rise to success, Anthony and his wife have been dedicated to giving back to the community and have donated and continue to donate millions of dollars every year to a wide range of charities.

Shafik Sachedina: A Proud Doctor

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a renowned professional who is headquartered in England in the United Kingdom right now. He cares about his neighborhood and because of that puts a lot of time into the Institute of Ismaili Studies. He’s done so for a long period of time now, too. Dr. Sachedina has been familiar with England for ages. His cultural background, however, began all the way in Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania. That’s his city of birth. He was born in the East African metropolis around the beginning of the fifties. He got straight to work after arriving in the United Kingdom.

He studied nonstop and earned his dental surgeon abilities in the seventies. He trained at the University of London at Guy’s Hospital Medical School. This institution is associated with quality dental educational options. Dr. Sachedina is someone who has always cared strongly about proper oral health techniques. This professional has worked in the dental world in the United Kingdom for a lengthy period of time. He has an enthusiasm for dental work that’s practically peerless. He also, however, makes a point to focus on other subjects. Dr. Sachedina has a penchant for entrepreneurship. He’s especially curious about entrepreneurship that relates to the massive and diverse medical care community.


Dr. Shafik Sachedina is fond of the individuals who are part of the United Kingdom’s Ismaili neighborhoods and beyond. That’s the thing that prompts him to do so much for the Institute of Ismaili Studies. He likes doing anything in his power to endorse research that relates to the Ismaili presence in the United Kingdom. This doctor has a schedule that many people could only describe as being hectic. That never stops him from being a diligent and attentive volunteer, however. He genuinely adores managing all kinds of volunteer assignments. People who spot Dr. Sachedina on “days off” may notice him putting a significant amount of effort into assisting fellow members of the Ismaili world. That’s the kind of activity that’s endlessly rewarding to this acclaimed professional.

The Institute of Ismaili Studies is a prominent research institute that calls London, England its home at the moment. It was founded back in 1977 by a man called Aga Khan. The objective behind the Institute of Ismaili Studies is to advance all concepts that relate to cultures that are part of the sizable Muslim universe. It focuses in great detail on societies in the Muslim realm, too.

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SahmAdrangi: Leading the Kerrisdale Capital Management to Success

Many people in the United States lack education about investment and financial management, and it is the reason why businesses which aim to help them increase. One of the most famous in the country today is the Kerrisdale Capital Management, which was founded by SahmAdrangi in 2009. The Kerrisdale Capital Management aims to educate the masses about managing their finances, and where they can invest to let their money grow. SahmAdrangi serves as the company’s chief investment officer, or CIO for short and one of his responsibilities is to manage the $150 million worth of assets and investments that were entrusted to the company.

When the Kerrisdale Capital Management was founded, SahmAdrangi is only managing assets and investments worth less than one million dollars. However, as more traders and investors saw his potential in the market, more clients started knocking on the doors of Kerrisdale Capital Management and putting their money in the firm to be invested later on. SahmAdrangi saw that this opportunity could make or break his career, so he went on and invested the money given to him on high risks investments, and in the end, he gained profit. His performance in the trading sector made him the apple of the eye of several investors who wanted to make more money through risk investing.

Currently, SahmAdrangi is busy managing and overseeing the overall investment arm of the Kerrisdale Capital Management, and he is also using the exposure that he had in promoting his company. Many investors are still putting their trust to SahmAdrangi, and the value of the assets and investments that the company is currently managing can balloon to hundreds of millions of dollars more in the future. Adrangi is also finding relief and pleasure in teaching newcomers in the field of trading and investment the techniques on how to become successful in the business and financial world.

The Kerrisdale Capital Management continues to dominate the market for small investments, and the management at the firm believes that they will have a brighter future ahead because of their present company leaders who believe in the skills and expertise of one another, and who believes that by working together, success can be achieved.


Adam Milstein Philanthropic Contributions to the Jewish Community

Adam Milstein is a community leader, active philanthropist and a real estate investor. He is a Bachelor of Science in business and economics graduate with a Master of Business Administration degree attained from the University of Southern California. While pursuing his higher education, he would work with his father to expand his real estate business. After graduating with his master’s degree, he started working as a sales agent in commercial real estate.

Additionally is a managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties. He oversees accounting, financing, and disposition at the firm. The company rehabilitates and repositions retail, industrial, office and family property.

In 2000, he co-founded the Adam Milstein and Gila Milstein Family Foundation (MFF) with his wife. MFF offers philanthropic and charitable services aimed at strengthening the State of Israel, the Jewish people and the United States and Israel’s relationship. It provides sponsorship to students and young professionals so they can identify and ignite their Jewish pride as well as connect with the Israel State.

The scholarship also provides them with knowledge and facts to advocate for Jews and the State of Israel. He also co-founded Sifriyat Pijama B’America with his wife. Every month, the organization offers free books written in Hebrews to Israeli-Jewish-American families living in the United States.

Also, Adam is a co-founder and the chairman of the Israeli-American Council. The organization is the fastest growing Jewish group in America. He is on the boards of various organizations such as the Birthright Israel, Hasbara Fellowships, StandWithUs, Israel Public Affairs Committee and Israel on Campus Coalition.

Adam Milstein holds a firm stand against the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement. In this regard, he has authored various opinion pieces exposing the threats that the movement poses to both the Western nations and Israel.

His work has not gone unnoticed. In 2016, Adam graced the “Top 100 People Positively Influencing Jewish Life” and was among the 25 top Twitter activists. The Jerusalem Post also recognized him as one of the 50 most influential Jews. In 2017, he was on the list of 200 Most Influential Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs published by Richtopia. The list is updated yearly based on an automatic algorithm and established Klout scores, social media influence among other considerations.