Angolan Businesswoman Isabel dos Santos Speaks on Africa’s Future

Recently, Angolan businesswoman Isabel dos Santos gave two major speeches in which she described her vision for Africa’s future. At Yale University, she spoke on developing a new economic model for the continent. More recently, members of the European Parliament along with attendees of Africa Summit 2019 listened to her remarks on Africa’s coming digital revolution.

In 2018, Dos Santos was the keynote speaker at the annual Yale Conference for African Peace and Development. According to dos Santos, Africa has the world’s largest concentration of young people. Such massive population growth presents challenges in the areas of education and job creation. To address Africa’s population growth, Isabel dos Santos says that Africa needs a new economic paradigm, which she calls “the New Africa Story.”

Proper treatment of the environment is part of the economic model that Isabel dos Santos envisions. She says that Africa needs “clean water, clean energy, clean soil, and clean air.” However, establishing local markets for small and medium-sized producers is central to her new model. She believes changing one person’s life at a time is key to Africa’s transformation.

Isabel dos Santos addressed European Parliament and Africa Summit 2019 delegates in January 2019. She was as a member of a panel on “Africa and Emerging Technology”, which is her area of expertise as chairwoman of Unitel, a mobile service provider. Since Africa has already experienced a mobile revolution, dos Santos believes a digital revolution is in the continent’s future. She believes that e-commerce transactions will outnumber brick-and-mortar ones and that Africans will embrace digital banking.

The businesswoman said companies can participate in Africa’s digital future. As an example, she pointed to Unitel’s collaboration with Google to have an underwater fiber-optic cable to connect Africa, Brazil, and America. She also reiterated some themes from her Yale speech, such as the challenges of rapid population growth, the need for good education, and sustainable management of the environment.


Doe Deere Uses Her Makeup Brand to Help Her Clothing Brand

Doe Deere is all about making bold choices and pushing to make those bold choices available for everyone. She ran a beauty blog and tried showing people they could do things differently than what the social norms were. Doe Deere also made a point of making sure her makeup brand was among the best so people didn’t have to worry about what they looked like or what they were putting on their faces. By always pushing to make her makeup brand better and by using quality ingredients, Doe Deere made a point of doing things the right way. It made her want to help people and also made it easier for her to try a different approach to the way she handled the makeup industry. Doe Deere saw a lot of success on her blog and met people who enjoyed similar color options.

It was important to Doe Deere to make sure she could help others with the makeup opportunities she had. She marketed her makeup brand so she could make a difference and so she could show people they were getting more out of it. The colors she used were bold and they were great for the brand. They also gave her a chance to try things differently. For Doe Deere, the point of creating the makeup brand wasn’t so she could try things on her own. Instead, it was so she could make the makeup brand the best it could be.

While Doe Deere was successful with makeup, she wanted to do more. Lime Crime is thriving and Doe Deere sees that she’s performing well with it. Now, she wants to take her brand a step further. She is going to create a clothing line that is similar to the makeup line. The clothing choices are different and they come in a lot of bold colors. They’re all something that can make Doe Deere understand what she’s doing and they might make it easier for people who follow her to try things that are different. Doe Deere believes in bringing changes to the way the fashion industry works while she does everything she can to improve it.

Susan McGalla is an Inspirational Role Model for Women in Business

The glass ceiling that many women have experienced during their careers can be deflating, to say the least. Sometimes it’s better to focus on those who successfully overcome it and provide inspiration for those seeking to do the same. Susan McGalla has enjoyed a great deal of success in high-level executive positions and is uniquely qualified to offer advice for aspiring women.

The way that she was raised has proven to be a compelling factor in her rise to success in the world of business. Her family helped stoke the competitive fires early in life and this has carried her through many obstacles along the way. Her father and two brothers provided many opportunities for her to compete in their daily family life. She has a comfort level in working with both males and females and gives great credit to her upbringing.

Competing with brothers is one thing, but what else about her family life has contributed to her successful career? The answer is the strong work ethic that was instilled in her throughout childhood. She was taught the importance of work and putting forth a maximum effort to get what she wanted. This has been a driving force in her professional life as well.

Susan McGalla showed her abilities and knowledge during her time spent working for American Eagle Outfitters. At the beginning of her tenure there, all the executives were men and she broke the mold when she rose to become their President. Under her leadership, the company expanded with new product lines that helped grow the company.

The opinion of Susan McGalla on women’s leadership initiatives may surprise many as she believes they are somewhat limited in what they can accomplish. She relates that there has been no shortage of them and still many women are having trouble climbing the corporate ladder. She favors mentoring programs with male executives as a means for women to advance in skills and opportunities.

Susan McGalla was educated at Mount Union College where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing. She currently serves on their Board of Advisors and is married to Stephen McGalla who is a wealth manager.