So many choices of Dog food!

Beneful Dog food by Nestle PurinaStore. There’s a lot of it and most dog foods come in a variety of flavors. Beneful has dry dog food, wet dog food and treats. Today I will talk about the dry dog food and its many varieties for dogs.

Dogs, like people, have different needs and need different food. Let’s explore what varieties there are in dog food.

The first variety of food Beneful has in the way of dry dog food is Beneful Originals [] with Beef. This dog food is fortified with antioxidents to improve health and nutrition. It’s a perfect mix of soft and crunchy food for even the pickiest dog.

The next variety of Beneful dog food is the Originals with Chicken. This food has chicken, avacados, carrots and tomatoes. It sounds like a very good combination of protein, fat and vegetables, which is what a good dog food should be.

The third variety of dog food I want to talk about is a Healthy Weight dog food they have with chicken. This food is meant for dogs to maintain a healthy weight. This is for dogs to stay healthy This food has protein, vegetables and some fruit too. This is a great dog food for your dog.

A fourth dog food kind I would like to mention is a Healthy Puppy Formula. We know babies of any kind, especially puppies, need the right nutrition from the beginning. This food provides puppies 100% of their dietary needs and added DHA for brain development.

This last kind of dry dog food I want to tell you about is the Playful Life formula. This food is packed with the nutrients your dog needs to be happy and healthy. It also gives him the energy he needs to continue to enjoy life and play. This has eggs, meat and vegetables to make an awesome dog food.

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