Heather Parry booming With a Star is born

The nominees for the Academy Awards have been announced, and A Star is Born scooped eight nominations. Bradley Cooper bagged the Best Actor. Lady Gaga was nominated for Best Actress in a Motion Picture. Fans were elated at the Golden Awards when ‘’Shallow’’ was awarded song of the year award. In the film, the song was performed by Bradley Cooper as well as Lady Gaga in writing that was produced by Mark Ronson. It’s clear that history has repeated itself in the collaboration of Gaga and Cooper.

A Star is Born is a love story of the ups and downs of love as well as fame. Lady Gaga plays Ally, an upcoming artist who falls in love with an established singer Jackson Maine (Cooper) when his career is spiraling downwards. On the other hand, her star grows. Gaga and Cooper have been nominated for Best Actress and Actor alike. The film has also been nominated for Best Supporting Actor and Best Adapted Screenplay. Other nominations include Best Cinematography as well as Best Sound Mixing.

Shallow, a song that Gaga plays in the movie has been nominated for several 2019 Grammy Awards. It’s also been nominated for best overall music track and Song of the Year. This focuses on songwriting. Gaga called in a counterculture in many ways. She added that even though the song didn’t fit into the perfect parameters of a commercial track, fans are still connecting with the music, which meant a lot to the artists.

For Heather Parry the executive producer, this movie has represented a vital move into scripted films as well as a natural progression into the television industry after releasing smaller projects with a budget of under $5 million. Such documentaries regarding artists in music embark on their journeys.

Heather Parry also adds that it’s invaluable to take such risks in a movie that highlights the personality of an actor. She adds that A Star is Born entailed risk-taking. When she heard that Bradley Cooper would play a role in the movie, she knew that he would do a great job. She then requested to be part of it. Other movies she has produced include Believer, the Imagine Dragons documentary and Five Foot Two, a documentary for Lady Gaga.

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Doe Deere Uses Her Makeup Brand to Help Her Clothing Brand

Doe Deere is all about making bold choices and pushing to make those bold choices available for everyone. She ran a beauty blog and tried showing people they could do things differently than what the social norms were. Doe Deere also made a point of making sure her makeup brand was among the best so people didn’t have to worry about what they looked like or what they were putting on their faces. By always pushing to make her makeup brand better and by using quality ingredients, Doe Deere made a point of doing things the right way. It made her want to help people and also made it easier for her to try a different approach to the way she handled the makeup industry. Doe Deere saw a lot of success on her blog and met people who enjoyed similar color options.

It was important to Doe Deere to make sure she could help others with the makeup opportunities she had. She marketed her makeup brand so she could make a difference and so she could show people they were getting more out of it. The colors she used were bold and they were great for the brand. They also gave her a chance to try things differently. For Doe Deere, the point of creating the makeup brand wasn’t so she could try things on her own. Instead, it was so she could make the makeup brand the best it could be.

While Doe Deere was successful with makeup, she wanted to do more. Lime Crime is thriving and Doe Deere sees that she’s performing well with it. Now, she wants to take her brand a step further. She is going to create a clothing line that is similar to the makeup line. The clothing choices are different and they come in a lot of bold colors. They’re all something that can make Doe Deere understand what she’s doing and they might make it easier for people who follow her to try things that are different. Doe Deere believes in bringing changes to the way the fashion industry works while she does everything she can to improve it.

Investment Firm Executive Peter Briger

Peter Briger is a high ranking executive at Fortress Investment Group. For over 16 years he has served as one of the top administrators of this firm and helped it experience steady growth. He also spent many years as a member of another top investment firm known as Goldman Sachs. Peter Briger has used his knowledge and experience to help these firms reach their goals and further establish themselves as leading investment management firms. Along with having a very successful career in the financial services industry, Peter has also been very active in his local community. He has also been a member of the Princeton University Investment Club. All of these experiences and activities have enabled Peter to establish himself as a prominent member of the financial services industry. He is also one of the members of the Forbes list of wealthiest Americans as well. Read the article at bizjournals.com to learn more about Peter Briger.

Briger comes from a very prestigious educational background. This has helped him gain high ranking positions in the finance industry. It has also allowed him to experience rapid career advancement as well. Peter Briger attended business school in Pennsylvania and received a graduate degree in business administration. Along with having an impressive educational background, Peter has also been active in educating himself and others about investing. As a member of the Princeton University Investment Club, Peter spent a few years gaining lots of knowledge about different types of investment vehicles which would prove to be very beneficial for his career.

For several years, Peter Briger was part of the leading investment management firm Goldman Sachs. There, he helped the firm expand to Asia which allowed it to become a top global firm in the finance industry. While he was a member of Goldman Sachs, Peter would manage a number of investment advisors and departments pertaining to credit backed securities. During his time with Goldman Sachs, Peter was also involved in numerous Asian committees. These groups helped promote the firm to Asian investors as well as helping them more efficiently manage their capital. Peter Briger would eventually move on to pursue employment opportunities at Fortress Investment Group. Today, he serves as the co chief executive officer and principal at the firm’s office location in San Francisco, California.


Robert Ivy, Succeeding with the Help of Professional Organizations

The Perks of Professional Organizations article, written by Rebecca Koeing, emphasizes the importance of professional organizations and societies for its members. Professional organizations provide members an opportunity to network, build credibility, strengthen their skill sets, and advance their careers. By offering co references, journals, and job-hunting resources, professional organizations can serve as a hub for both individuals who are new to the workforce and veterans alike. Robert Ivy, Executive Vice President/Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architecture (AIA), is no stranger to professional organizations. Mr. Ivy has served on numerous boards of directors and advisory boards, including AIA, American Architecture Foundation, Tulane University, Mississippi State University, Auburn University’s Rural Studio, and Tongji University School of Architecture and Urban Planning. Robert Ivy can be quoted in the article stating, “Architects know the association stands for certain values and to be a member, you adhere to those values, and you’re held accountable.” Mr. Ivy also states that while in comparison to other organizations, architects may be in small numbers, but they have a significant influence in their field, particularly when advocating for issues affecting their workforce. Find out more about Robert Ivy at discoverorg.com

As evidence of Robert Ivy’s success, he has been recipient of multiple awards, including the:

  • Voted Master Architect in 2010 by the Alpha Rho Chi, a professional fraternity for architect; which only seven individuals over a 100-year time frame have been selected;
  • Granted the highest award offered by the American Business Media, the Crain Award in 2009;
  • Received the McGraw-Hill Award in 1998 for Management Excellence;
  • First architect to receive the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award in 2018, granted by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters.

Starting in 1996 as the Editor-in-Chief, after 14 years with AIA, Robert Ivy assumed his current position. Before AIA, Mr. Ivy served as a principal at Dean, Dale, Dean, and Ivy for over a decade, was the vice president and editorial director of McGraw-Hill Construction Media, and a Design Council Senior Fellow. Moreover, Mr. Ivy published is an autobiography, Fay Jones: Architect, which was published by AIA in 1992. Robert Ivy holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of the South and a Master of Architecture from Tulane University.

Read more: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/author/robert-ivy-faia


The main details on the state of Brazilian agricultural exports as analyzed by Flavio Maluf, President of Eucatex

Born in the year 1961, Flavio Maluf is an alumnus of Fundacoa Armando Alvarez Penteado, where he earned a degree in Mechanical engineering. He is also a graduate in business administration from the New York University. He is a businessman and the president of the Eucatex Group which is a family owned business since the year 1951.

In a report on the balance of the Brazilian agribusiness for June, Flavio Maluf explains that there is a 0.7 percent decline of the Brazilian agribusiness export with the agricultural sector of Brazil representing about 45.6 of the total foreign sales.

He explains that the Asian market, especially China has been importing most of the Brazilian products from July 2017 to June 2018 and from January 2018 to June 2018 with Soybeans being a major product being exported. In the first half of 2018, he explains that about 46.27 million tons of grains were shipped equating to about $18.43 billion revenue being generated.

Agricultural business in Brazil involves both the small, medium and large-scale producers. In his report, Flavio Maluf explains the importance of integration of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock and the supply ministry. The integration will not only guarantee food security in the country, but it will also put more emphasis on the sectors of the country that are productive thus making Brazil a key player in the global agricultural market. Read more about Flavio Maluf at Blog do Ronco

More about Flavio Maluf

In the year 1987 Flavio Maluf joined the family-owned business, and through hard work and utilization of skills gained from his experience in other companies, he was promoted to become part of the executive team of the Eucatex group. Then in 1997, he was left to run the family business by assuming the role of the President. This was due to the role he played in making the business to reach the level of becoming a multimillion-dollar enterprise. Flavio Maluf incorporated new technology into Eucatex to make high-quality products. The business has since grown with several branches internationally. It also exports his products to countries such as Mexico, the United States, and Germany among many others.

Visit: http://www.infomoney.com.br/negocios/noticias-corporativas/noticia/5913933/flavio-maluf-traz-dicas-que-podem-ajudar-transformar-sua-ideia


Eucatex President Flavio Maluf Addresses Decreased Export Concerns

The Secretariat of International Relations of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply recently released the export results for the month of June. While the results may have shown a decrease of 0.7% compared to the same month last year, Eucatex president Flavio Maluf pointed out that this downward movement was merely a balance of trade of agribusiness, which totaled US $ 8.17 billion (+ 0.7%).

Maluf went on to say that according to the latest surveys of the 2017/2018 harvest, conducted by the Brazilian Supply Company (Conab), soybean production is expected to reach 119 million tons, which is up 4.2% on the previous crop. This is particularly good news given that soy alone accounted for 53.5% of total exports while the next four segments lagged significantly far behind. Those products include: forest products which account for 14.4% of all exports, meat (8.3%), sugar-alcohol complex (7%) and coffee (3.9%). Learn more about Flavio Maluf at

The Great Insights Of Robert Ivy

Notable successes have marked the career of Robert Ivy. Apart from working at the American Institute of Architects, he flaunts many years of experience in the field of architecture. Robert received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Sewanee before partaking his masters in architecture from Tulane. He has focused his life towards his career and shared knowledge with other people concerning the field.

The renowned architect has received a series of awards for his notable contributions to his field of specialization. He was the winner of the G.D Crain awards for his ability to bring editorial excellence in the media sector in 2009. Besides, Robert Ivy was also named the Master Architect by the Alpha Rho Chi. He is passionate about his career, and he has always striven to bring new ideas for growth. Robert has showcased excellent leadership skills over the recent years. Many people attempt to emulate his steps, and his ability to serve as an example to his team of employees has also majorly contributed to the growth of the vast number of firms that he has played roles over the past years.

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Robert Ivy received the Noel Polk awards for the creativity he has brought in the field of architecture. The awards majorly focus on bringing artist together to recognize their efforts in making a difference in the area of construction.
Robert currently serves as the vice president of AIA. He works closely with other executives and team of employees with the aim of bringing growth and development in the field. His ability to bring events to the field of architecture has seen him acquire an excellent reputation with many people.

Robert Ivy also flaunts numerous writing skills. He started his career working in various media houses like the Mc Graw, through which he shared ideas about the field of architecture. He has used the knowledge he acquired in his area of specialization to bring developments and growth in his career. CEO of AIA, Robert believes in the strength of inventiveness, and he thinks that bringing new ideas to life is among the primary basis for success.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus Continues to Expand

Startup company Tempus can now claim the rare designation of ‘unicorn’ status with the success of its latest funding campaign. The company added another $80 million to the $120 million already acquired since its founding in 2015. Co-founder Eric Lefkofsky is a major source of the impetus behind Tempus’ success. The new company’s purpose is building and implementing an innovative operating system to personalize and streamline cancer treatment options.

Tempus is just one of many endeavors by Eric Lefkofsky. Since graduating with a law degree from the University of Michigan in 1993, he has founded or co-founded many companies in various fields contributing to advancements in technology, logistics, and the arts. With his wife Liz, the Lefkofsky Family Foundation was formed in 2006 for the purpose of dispensing charitable aid for the needs of children around the world.

It is not surprising that Lefkofsky is using the newest funding to continue to push the expansion of Tempus’ ground-breaking cancer treatment system. The company’s latest count of around 400 specialized employees is growing by about 30 per month. The new system is based on the collection of two types of data for patients; clinical data which studies the overall trend in cancer treatment, and individual molecular data from each person undergoing care.

This data is combined by the specialists at Tempus to create a more comprehensive treatment plan based on the latest advances in all areas of the field. Building relationships between these various facets of the healthcare community is part of Lefkofsky’s goal through Tempus. As Tempus continues to expand it is hoped the compiled data will be helpful to all the professionals involved in the treatment process, including doctors, drug companies, and technicians.

As with many of his previous ventures, Eric Lefkofsky seeks to bring together technological advances and the people who can best employ them. Education and communication build a future of mutual participation in business, art and basic needs. Innovative entrepreneurs such as Lefkofsky continue in their quest to fuel global awareness of important issues and new, creative ways to address them for a brighter future.

His Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/eplefkofsky/

Desiree is Headlining Behind the Scenes

Desiree Perez, also known as “Des” is a producer, talent manager and entrepreneur in the global entertainment and music industry. Most positions of leadership in the music and entertainment business are held by men, but when you are a hard working and driven person like Desiree Perez, you can find yourself in a leadership role just as she has.

For the last 22 years, Desiree Perez has played a major role in the expanding the business interest of Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter. She optimizes profits for his company and ensures the max development of the talent she is entrusted to care for. Desiree has been there through the journey of Jay-Z growing from a New York rapper to a nationally know mogul. She has done all of this while maintaining grace in the boardrooms while not diluting her power.

When it comes to critical business decisions it is believed that Des is Jay-Z’s secret weapon. She has been there for Jay-Z when it came to high-pressure, high level business negotiations. Corporate profitability is an area where Desiree Perez is confident and exerts charisma and firm attitude. These traits come in handy when it comes to taking advantage of business opportunities that would, in the future, add to the corporate’s profitability.

In the middle of some of the most successful events involving the top artist of today, you will find Des Perez. Desiree does not receive any applaud or accolades from the fans of the stars that she helps out and Desiree is just fine with that.

Getting to the top has not been an easy feat for Desiree “Des” Perez, but when you are as tough as she is, you can make it look easy. Desiree is stronger and smarter after taking on the challenge of toughing out the storms of the entertainment industry.

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