An Invitation from the Mighty Fortress Church

Located just northwest of Minneapolis, MN, the Mighty Fortress Church is a gathering place for those who come from all walks of life. Neither age, nor race, or cultural background can stop this congregation from praising all that God has given them.

Unlike some churches, which can adopt some very formal and ritualistic routines, the Mighty Fortress Church works to create a comfortable atmosphere that is welcoming to everyone. They try to adapt to the world around them by delivering practical messages that pertain to modern day living. By doing so they can really connect with their worshipers on a more personal level. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on Facebook.

Leading the charge at the Mighty Fortress is the energetic and intuitive Bishop Thomas Williams. Bishop Williams believes in taking the knowledge and wisdom that is provided in the Bible, and helping his congregation apply these values to their daily lives. He sees this as the cure to some of todays most challenging struggles like sin, poverty, and racism. View the interactive map at

The Senior Pastor and Founder of Mighty Fortress Church, Bishop Williams has plenty of educational and ministerial training to go along with his more than thirty years of ministry. They include:

  • graduation from Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications from North Central University in Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • a Master’s in Organizational Leadership from Bethel University and Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Two Honorary Doctorate Degrees from Midwest Christian College and Seminary, and from St. Thomas College in Jacksonville, Florida

The Mighty Fortress Church gathers for worship every Sunday at 11:00 am. If you are ever in the area you are encouraged to stop in and join the celebration. Bishop Williams and the rest of the congregation will welcome you with open arms and joyful hearts.