Handy Has Some Of The Best Workers Out There

Whenever a person decides to pay money for someone else to clean their home, they want to know a few things. First, the person wants to make sure that the company is insured to cover any damages that just might occur in the home, especially since accidents do happen. Second, a customer wants to know that the person who is cleaning their home is trustworthy and is someone that they can allow to be in their home without incident. Third, a customer wants to make sure that the worker is going to do a professional job and knows exactly how to clean a home well.

Handy has everything that a customer wants when they’re looking for a cleaner, but one may wonder how Handy knows that they have the best workers. The fact is, Handy has such a strenuous screening process to allow anyone to work for them that they know they are only getting the best workers. According to Welldressedgeek, with thousands of workers always applying to work for Handy, only as little as 3% are filtered out to become a part of the Handy family. The process starts with putting in an application online and may end up with an in-person interview as well.

Those that make it through the entire process will become Handy workers and can still be considered self-employed, so they are allowed to pick the hours that they work. Handy is such a great employer and has great benefits for those who choose to work for the company. Handy does home cleaning services mostly, but other services from Handy are available as well. Even with the cleaning services being the most popular, anyone who wants to clean for Handy has to prove their worth and must have some experience. Certain jobs that Handy performs will require a licensed professional.

Since Handy does some plumbing jobs as well, only plumbers who have been licensed in their state can work for Handy as a plumber, and they must also pass strenuous screening as well. Handy insures every worker when they go out to a customer’s home, which can take money out of their pocket, so they want to make sure they get someone who’s responsible and can do the job. Many customers who have paid for services from Handy before are likely to be repeat customers because they love the service that they’re getting, so they won’t go to any other cleaning service. To learn more, visit the following links:

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