Bob Reina introduces the new Live Meeting

In an online broadcast, Talk Fusion founder, Bob Reina disclosed the most recent innovation the company has introduced to the world of communication. The new innovation is an improved version of the Live Meeting that enables real-time communication. The program makes use of the WebRTC system together with an improved interface.


The Live Meeting program provides the ability to send one-way video thereby enabling video conferencing. There is also the provision of proper meeting arrangements and presentations. It can support a conference with a number of people ranging from 15 to 500. The program is applicable to various electronic devices such as tablets, smartphones, and PC.


THE PROGRAM IS ADVANCED to offer recording technology that requires not an alternate download as the participants are able to access it through the web. By this, the program becomes in the most convenient way as there will not be the need to install any plug-in or adobe flash player. Time wastage is minimized, compatibility is improved, and convenience boosted.


Talk Fusion is continuing to outdo all its competitors by it embracing the newest technology advancements. It remains at the forefront of the software improvement with regard to WebRTC. Competitive edge in the market of the company is also enhanced by being able to support the video conferencing through the use of the modern conferencing technologies. Bob Reina commented that there is no match in the video conferencing market. He added to say that he is working on adding an unparallel system to every software in the Talk Fusion software.


Bob Reina graduated from a college in Florida. He afterward served in the police department for several years. While working, he supplemented his earning through the exchange in a commission that he got through selling products. He came to realize that he had the ability in selling and thereafter left the service in the police department and embarked on serious network marketing.


In the year 2004, 5the idea of forming the Talk fusion came into his mind. He held close contact with Jonathan Chen while developing the first product by the company known as the video email. He later after three years founded Talk fusion that continued to come up with new products. Learn more:


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