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Stream Energy

Stream Energy is a Dallas based energy sales company that has charity written in it’s history. Stream Energy has recently started the Stream Cares foundation to help prevent homelessness in the Texas area for victims of Hurricane Harvey. They have partnered with the Hope Supply Company.


It is done through allied giving. The employees at Stream energy are paid to build a loyal clientele base that distributes various types of services. Both urban and corporate services are offered. The associates commissions through this energy sales process, from there they are able to select what type of charity they would like to support as a thoughtful, ardent personal. One of the more favored options they have addressed is homelessness throughout the state of Texas. They have done this through hope and raising awareness, along with community paying it forward opportunities.

Partnering with Hope Supply Company

Each year Stream and Hope partner up and host an event that provides homeless children the opportunity to join them in going to the local water park with all expense paid. This opportunity leaves a lasting impression on these children and provides the employees of Stream as well as Hope to share leadership to the younger generations they get to help and share memories with. In 2016 Stream matched the funds donated from its associates for the victims of the tornado that struck Texas.

Stream strives to find new opportunities to pay it forward for the community, especially those opportunities that allow their employees to participate. Because Texas is one the states that usually has resistance on paying it forward, the efforts provided by Stream Energy to date have greatly impacted that entirely. By paying it forward one day at a time as anything in life goes, Stream is slowly, but surely raising the rates of generosity throughout the Texas area. One person and one dollar at a time for those in need of help. This goes to show that you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Doe Deere Uses Her Makeup Brand to Help Her Clothing Brand

Doe Deere is all about making bold choices and pushing to make those bold choices available for everyone. She ran a beauty blog and tried showing people they could do things differently than what the social norms were. Doe Deere also made a point of making sure her makeup brand was among the best so people didn’t have to worry about what they looked like or what they were putting on their faces. By always pushing to make her makeup brand better and by using quality ingredients, Doe Deere made a point of doing things the right way. It made her want to help people and also made it easier for her to try a different approach to the way she handled the makeup industry. Doe Deere saw a lot of success on her blog and met people who enjoyed similar color options.

It was important to Doe Deere to make sure she could help others with the makeup opportunities she had. She marketed her makeup brand so she could make a difference and so she could show people they were getting more out of it. The colors she used were bold and they were great for the brand. They also gave her a chance to try things differently. For Doe Deere, the point of creating the makeup brand wasn’t so she could try things on her own. Instead, it was so she could make the makeup brand the best it could be.

While Doe Deere was successful with makeup, she wanted to do more. Lime Crime is thriving and Doe Deere sees that she’s performing well with it. Now, she wants to take her brand a step further. She is going to create a clothing line that is similar to the makeup line. The clothing choices are different and they come in a lot of bold colors. They’re all something that can make Doe Deere understand what she’s doing and they might make it easier for people who follow her to try things that are different. Doe Deere believes in bringing changes to the way the fashion industry works while she does everything she can to improve it.’s Blockchain Pharmaceutical Company

On December 7, 2018, announced the launch of its new business venture, blockchain technology-based company, JD Pharmaceutical Open Tracing Solution. The endeavor is supposed to deliver much-needed medical data tracking and management software, to the Chinese health industry.

This consideration originates as more consumers and businesses in the health industry, are calling for further transparency with China’s medicinal providers. China in the past, has had a problem with medicine verification and validation, suppliers have been marketing pharmaceuticals that are either expired, low-grade, or counterfeit. According to Jingdong, those who are responsible for the expired or counterfeit drugs, are believed to be targeting vaccines. To safeguard product value, says that JD Pharmaceuticals Open Tracing Solution will verify the drug source, and then monitor all pharmaceutical orders every step of the way, until they reach the customer.

The expansion was made known at Jingdong’s 2018 Big Data Summit in Bejing. What does well as a corporation, is to identify and listen to consumer problems. The company is not afraid to take consumer issues straight to the source, and collaborate with experts in those areas. Through collaboration, Jingdong can produce a marketable product, that not only generates a working resolution, but gives back to the community.

The blockchain project is supposed to be one tiny component, in a whole sequence of blockchain initiatives, set to be launched in the future. The software is user-friendly and designed to be used by someone who has little, to no computer experience.

A true advocate for Chinese business, Jingdong informed the public on November 17, 2018, that the corporation had been awarded the 2018 SEAL Business Sustainability Award.

This prestigious award is given the worldwide businesses presently excelling in environmental leadership. Jingdong is genuinely honored to be presented the award, as it reminds them of their mission. now joins other awardees, such as Nvidia, HP, Adobe, Mitsubishi Motors, IBM, Samsung, Best Buy, BMW, Seventh Generation, Windows Microsoft, Komatsu, Apple, Patagonia, to name a few.

Jian Pei is head of the JD Big Data and Smart Supply Chain, he is charged with overseeing the sectors business operations. Click here

Richard Liu Qiangdong Shares his Plans for Jingdong in an Exclusive Interview

Richard Liu Qiangdong is a popular name in the e-commerce world and the last few years, he has become the role model for the many internet entrepreneurs that are surfacing in this booming internet age. Richard Liu Qiangdong founded in the year 2004 and before that he used to conduct business through the retail stores. The business of selling through the retail stores faced many challenges during the time China witnessed major SARS outbreak. It forced Richard Liu Qiangdong to take harsh business measures and take major decisions, and it is how came into being. Richard Liu wanted to cut down the operational cost while ensuring that the customers get more number of options at a lesser price. It is what the online retail business offers.

Richard Liu Qiangdong’s net worth as of now is over $12 billion, and it is going up with time due to the increasing price of the’s stock price. The company is listed in Chinese Stock Exchange as well as in NASDAQ. Richard Liu Qiangdong continues to play an important role in’s management and has helped the company become a global leader. If you are looking for any retail and consumer products in China at an affordable price, rest assured has it at an affordable rate. Richard Liu Qiangdong continues to find a new way to increase the outreach of and has helped strategize and implement innovative marketing techniques. It has helped in the sales of the company soaring at a massive pace.

Richard Liu Qiangdong believes that they have the potential to be number one not just in China but around the world. Their main aim is to increase the number of offerings and varieties on their website and also to minimize the delivery time to merely hours. Even though their current delivery time varies from 6-20 hours depending on the place of delivery, they want to make maximum use of their warehouses and their delivery personnel. He also wants to make sure that all the products that they sell on their platform are completely genuine and not fake.

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Stream Energy’s Philanthropic Activities in the United States

Stream Energy is an energy selling company and offers protective, wireless, Virtual MD, digital voice solutions and other home services to its customers. The company has generated more than $8 billion in revenue since its innovation in 2005. Besides Texas, the company is available in Georgia, Illinois, Delaware, New York, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Washington D.C. Stream Energy believes that philanthropy is part of its daily agenda and in line with that initiative, the company launched Stream Cares as a vehicle to deliver its charities to the community. The company has engaged with the Texas community for the last twelve years.

When Hurricane Harvey swept through Houston and its environs, many companies watched in disbelief as the floods damaged property and killed many Americans. However, Stream Energy acted fast in assisting the affected communities by providing relief and other humanitarian services. In Dallas, Stream Cares collaborated with Hope Supply Co. to sponsor over a thousand homeless children free entrance and meals to an annual splash for Hope. The occasion saw the children leave the event with gifts money from Stream Energy employees. Hope Supply Co. has supported the homeless with diapers, school equipment, and clothing for over more than four years in conjunction with Stream Cares Foundation.

In 2016, Stream Cares assisted tornado victims from Northern Texas on Boxing Day. Stream Energy together with its employees acted swiftly to help the victims. The company involved its over 200,000 associates and Salvation Army to raise money for the victims who lost their businesses and homes. The initiative raised thousands of dollars, and the company contributed double the contribution of each associate. The company hosted veteran Dallas former military veterans and their families in an event dubbed Operation Once in a Lifetime. The event’s participants enjoyed free transport and a special meal of steaks, burgers, and ribs at a top Texas restaurant. Ten daughters of military employees took part the following day in a fully paid event called American Girl Doll Experience co-hosted by Stream Cares. The participants enjoyed lunch at the American Girl Cafe, and they each selected an American Girl doll.

The main details on the state of Brazilian agricultural exports as analyzed by Flavio Maluf, President of Eucatex

Born in the year 1961, Flavio Maluf is an alumnus of Fundacoa Armando Alvarez Penteado, where he earned a degree in Mechanical engineering. He is also a graduate in business administration from the New York University. He is a businessman and the president of the Eucatex Group which is a family owned business since the year 1951.

In a report on the balance of the Brazilian agribusiness for June, Flavio Maluf explains that there is a 0.7 percent decline of the Brazilian agribusiness export with the agricultural sector of Brazil representing about 45.6 of the total foreign sales.

He explains that the Asian market, especially China has been importing most of the Brazilian products from July 2017 to June 2018 and from January 2018 to June 2018 with Soybeans being a major product being exported. In the first half of 2018, he explains that about 46.27 million tons of grains were shipped equating to about $18.43 billion revenue being generated.

Agricultural business in Brazil involves both the small, medium and large-scale producers. In his report, Flavio Maluf explains the importance of integration of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock and the supply ministry. The integration will not only guarantee food security in the country, but it will also put more emphasis on the sectors of the country that are productive thus making Brazil a key player in the global agricultural market. Read more about Flavio Maluf at Blog do Ronco

More about Flavio Maluf

In the year 1987 Flavio Maluf joined the family-owned business, and through hard work and utilization of skills gained from his experience in other companies, he was promoted to become part of the executive team of the Eucatex group. Then in 1997, he was left to run the family business by assuming the role of the President. This was due to the role he played in making the business to reach the level of becoming a multimillion-dollar enterprise. Flavio Maluf incorporated new technology into Eucatex to make high-quality products. The business has since grown with several branches internationally. It also exports his products to countries such as Mexico, the United States, and Germany among many others.



Jeunesse Global creates breakthrough health drink with Reserve

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis are two of the most important names in the health and beauty industry. But it wasn’t always this way. Just 10 years ago, their company, Jeunesse Global didn’t even exist. Now, it ranks among the most important brands in the global health and beauty business. And the company is valued at more than $1 billion, an incredible rise for a firm that started as an unfunded hobby business run out of a retired couple’s garage.

But Ray and Lewis were no ordinary Florida retirees, either. The couple had already been well known throughout the North American direct-selling business, having founded some of the most successful companies in the space and having contributed many innovative products to the public.

With Jeunesse Global, however, Ray and Lewis outdid themselves. From the outset, the couple wanted to create a company that would totally revolutionize the health and beauty industry. In this, they have been successful. Today, Jeunesse Global has one of the most innovative lineups of products of any health and beauty company in the world. And each day, Jeunesse Global products help millions of customers worldwide stay young, health and beautiful.

One example of the company’s tendency to create revolutionary and utterly singular products is its Reserve health drink. Ray and Lewis wanted to create a drink that would confer all the benefits of moderate red wine consumption but without the risks associated with alcohol. They took one of the most potent isolates in red wine, resveratrol, one of the strongest antioxidants known to science, and they combined it with a formula that contains a number of so-called superfruits.

The result has been one of the best-tasting and healthiest drinks ever created. Reserve can help lower risk factors for heart disease, stroke and peripheral artery disease that roughly correspond to a five-year increase in life expectancy. It has also been shown to have nearly equivalent heart-protective effects to red wine. Yet Reserve doesn’t expose users to any of the risks of alcohol consumption, which are often so severe that doctors actually don’t recommend that those who don’t currently drink red wine begin doing so.

The Brown Agency Launches into the Deep Waters of a Full Service Agency

A beautiful face historically may have launched a thousand ships, but in today’s culture a pretty face is worth nothing if it can’t be effectively marketed. That’s where someone like Justin Brown comes in. Justin Brown is the owner and founder of the Justin Brown Agency, a full service modeling agency located in Austin, Texas that specializes in modeling, acting, fashion, commercial print, film, and television. The agency develops talent while nurturing careers and works across all media.


The business of J.B. Models and Talents began in 2008. Justin Brown a young entrepreneur born in Reno, Nevada and raised in Susanville, California was an attractive, shy young man who was able to make a living and put himself through school as a model of skinny jeans. As a business management major in college, his initial interest was in photography and what goes on behind the camera. What he learned there and as he moved through different agencies throughout California helped expose him to and teach him the “tricks of the trade.” He was dumb enough to believe he could do anything, but wise enough to realize the importance of his word. When managing the expectations of someone’s life, Brown knew not to make promises that he couldn’t keep. In 2010 his company was licensed by the Wilhelmina Agency a prominent national agency. He now heads one of the most successful agencies for modeling talent in Texas watching over the careers of some 450 talents.


According to Market wired, Brown’s Wilhelmina Austin agency has now acquired Heyman-Talent South; with this acquisition two of the areas largest agencies have become one. Now the influence, strength, and potential of two powerhouses rest under one roof under the command of one man. The agency will continue to be headquartered in Austin with offices in Dallas and Los Angeles. Now that his “baby” is a full service agency, Justin Brown has met a major part of the company’s growth strategy.


The Brown Agency, sailing into the deep waters of being the best, can now provide its clients with unlimited talent options, and those fortunate enough to be in the agency’s portfolio can expect exposure and job opportunities on a major scale. Some of the world’s most recognizable brands, Louis Vitton, L’Oreal, Toyota, and many others can come to Austin and find the face they need to launch their newest, campaign, project, or product. All eyes are on Austin.


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Bob Reina introduces the new Live Meeting

In an online broadcast, Talk Fusion founder, Bob Reina disclosed the most recent innovation the company has introduced to the world of communication. The new innovation is an improved version of the Live Meeting that enables real-time communication. The program makes use of the WebRTC system together with an improved interface.


The Live Meeting program provides the ability to send one-way video thereby enabling video conferencing. There is also the provision of proper meeting arrangements and presentations. It can support a conference with a number of people ranging from 15 to 500. The program is applicable to various electronic devices such as tablets, smartphones, and PC.


THE PROGRAM IS ADVANCED to offer recording technology that requires not an alternate download as the participants are able to access it through the web. By this, the program becomes in the most convenient way as there will not be the need to install any plug-in or adobe flash player. Time wastage is minimized, compatibility is improved, and convenience boosted.


Talk Fusion is continuing to outdo all its competitors by it embracing the newest technology advancements. It remains at the forefront of the software improvement with regard to WebRTC. Competitive edge in the market of the company is also enhanced by being able to support the video conferencing through the use of the modern conferencing technologies. Bob Reina commented that there is no match in the video conferencing market. He added to say that he is working on adding an unparallel system to every software in the Talk Fusion software.


Bob Reina graduated from a college in Florida. He afterward served in the police department for several years. While working, he supplemented his earning through the exchange in a commission that he got through selling products. He came to realize that he had the ability in selling and thereafter left the service in the police department and embarked on serious network marketing.


In the year 2004, 5the idea of forming the Talk fusion came into his mind. He held close contact with Jonathan Chen while developing the first product by the company known as the video email. He later after three years founded Talk fusion that continued to come up with new products. Learn more:


Freedom Debt Relief

Freedom Debt Relief was Founded in 2002 by two graduates at Stanford Business School: Bradford Stroh and Andrew Housser. Freedom Debt Relief cases to enable you to settle and resolve your unsecured obligations in as little as 24 four years, rather than bowing out of all financial obligations. Flexibility Debt Relief cases to have helped their clients settled more than $2 billion in the red since opening their entryways, which is asserted to be more than some other organization in the country.

As per the Freedom Debt Relief website, their administrations are most appropriate for “purchasers with genuine obligation issues, who can’t keep up installment commitments and are thinking about chapter 11 or credit directing.” as it were, you should be in a genuinely critical circumstance.

As indicated by Joni in Freedom Debt Relief Reviews, the article cites that it was difficult to concede that required assistance. Unanticipated money related conditions caused more obligation than they could deal. In our exploration, Freedom Debt Relief reviews emerged as one of our best decisions to settle and pay up debts. It was all the while lowering and troubling to make the important call, yet Freedom was both expert and caring. They claim they were treated consideration comprehension, and regard. Presently, they are making a course for recuperation and Freedom is a stellar partner on their voyage!

According to Richard on Freedom Debt Relief Reviews, he didn’t want to bargain straightforwardly with his banks. And when he got correspondence from them or lawyers employed by them, he simply faxed that information to Freedom Debt Relief Reviews and they handled the issue. It is likewise decent to not get bills from his lenders via the post office. He shares more about how he is working to get out of debt through Freedom Debt Relief Reviews, and he says he would wholeheartedly prescribe them to anybody in a comparable circumstance.

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