Bold and Bright Lime Crime Cosmetics

Lime Crime Cosmetics is a true trendsetter in the makeup world. When creator Doe Deere could not find a bright enough makeup to match her bright colored outfits, she developed Lime Crime. Lime Crime was launched in 2008 with its brightly colored line of Unicorn Lipsticks. This was the first time a cosmetic company used bold and bright colors for lipstick.

Lime Crime now offers much more. It offers lip products such as Velvetines, Unicorn lipstick, and Perlees. Velvetines were inspired by the texture of rose petals, are offered in a variety of colors, and are a matte lipstick that dries touch-proof. The Unicorn lipstick line, or the original line of Lime Crime, is a bold colored lipstick line that comes in 7 different shades. Perlees are a metallic pearl lipstick that were inspired from the 90s.

Lime Crime also offers a great line of eye makeup. They offer palettes and liquid lip liners. There are 2 different palettes to choose from, or you can buy both as a bundle. The liquid liners come in bold or neutral colors. Use the liners alone or pair them with a bold eyeshadow to really pack a punch.

One of the best qualities of Lime Crime Cosmetics is the fact that they are cruelty free, as proudly stated on Instagram @limecrimemakeup. From the beginning, when they were launched in 2008, they never tested on animals.
Lime Crime is not only a cosmetic company that offers bold, bright, and fun colors; they are a company with high moral values.  Check out the full range of available products on DollsKill. Otherwise, you can check out a full review on CultureBytes.