How Doe Deere’s Passion for Color Made Her a Success

Doe Deere, founder of Lime Crime cosmetics, was featured in an interview that was published in an online article. The article highlighted Ms. Deere’s climb to success starting with her early childhood. Ms. Deere talks about how she created interesting outfits by layering clothing of different colors and patterns. She states how she always had a passion for color, which led her to experiment with some interesting makeup looks later in her life. She also admits to using theatrical grade makeup as well as decorative enhancements to create her uniquely unusual looks.

Posting photos of her unique color combinations online, she quickly gained notoriety for her bold and playful style. She also incorporated her love of color into the name she chose when launching her Internet based company. The name Lime Crime incorporated one of Ms. Deere’s favorite colors in a fun rhyming manner. Doe Deere had no way of knowing how quickly the name would come to symbolize a revolution in color for the cosmetic industry. When it comes to self-expression, Ms. Deere states how the name of her cosmetic line has come to be associated with thinking outside the traditional boundaries for color.

Turning a Passion Into a Career

Named as one of today’s more prominent businesswomen by Self-Made magazine, Ms. Deere is often asked for advice on how to create a successful business. She tells other women to believe in themselves and to never give up on their dreams. Doe Deere’s own passion for color is evident in the wide array of shades she has available in her line of Lime Crime cosmetics. Incorporating vibrant shades of yellow, blue and lime green into her line of lip colors, Doe Deere also encourages freedom of expression. For those individuals with a more daring side she offers a full range of color combinations in her super foil eye makeup.

The success of Lime Crime cosmetics could also be attributed to Ms. Deere’s desire to stay connected to her fans. She welcomes their comments and encourages them to post photos of their own unique looks on the Lime Crime website. Ms. Deere affectionately refers to her loyal fans as unicorns after the original packaging used for her line of makeup. She believes the unicorn embodies the spirit of those who would choose to use her makeup. She defines this spirit as being brave, passionate and one that defies the boundaries of expectation.

A Face For Female Entrepreneurship: Doe Deere

Everyone knows that the field of cosmetics is a dense field, filled with different names and brands that are trying to sell their products to consumers. However, there is one brand that has found a unique lane and has been growing since its original inception back in 2008. Originally from Russia, Doe Deere’s love for colors during her early childhood was just the beginning of what would become a fulfilling career for her. Her first experiences with makeup began at slumber parties with her friends, and then she went on the post experimental makeup videos on Youtube. In 2006, when she needed a name for her Ebay store, the initial thought that came to her was “limecrime,” and thus the brand she would become known for was born. The brand’s density with vibrant and strong colors is telling of her own optimistic, cheerful personality. The brand itself is an animal-friendly, vegan brand that has grown off of the internet. This likely comes from her love and respect for animals, as she has three cats herself, two of them being rescues. She has also given to shelters in New York, her current home city. Read more:

Since her brand is internet-based, she’s had to deal with haters and criticism. However, the density of internet-hate against her has not stopped her from moving forward. She and her husband, Mark, who is also President of Lime Crime, have become a team and have went through good times and bad times in their business. She has also placed a great team by her side to help her brand grow even more. It is a business that has stood the test of time, having gone through its fair share of ups and downs.

What makes her a face for female entrepreneurship is her love and commitment to Lime Crime. Doe Deere loves her work and that is why she has stuck by it for so long, making it the best it can possibly be. Her brand has also proven to be quite innovative in the field of cosmetics. In 2009, Lime Crime launched Unicorn Lipstick, which their websites described as “distinct” and “radical.” This was a new style in the market of cosmetics, and it is this originality that made Lime Crime so successful. Her fans, who are called “unicorns,” have shown nothing but love and support for her brand. Avid supporters of the Lime Crime brand are much like her own personality, freethinking and colorful people. She is such a unique businesswoman because of her use of e-commerce and her internet-based market. Doe Deere is a name that is becoming widely-recognized, and Lime Crime is a brand that will continue to grow because of her great thinking and leadership.


Doe Deere stands up for her friend, the doll creator Joshua David McKeeney after hack


Doe Deere, the CEO and founder of the makeup company Lime Crime, was hacked by artist Richard Prince. The blue-eyed Limecrime owner posted on Instagram a fabulous picture matching hair color and makeup to her doll, and of course honoring the bright and extravagant colors from LimeCrime and also the doll’s creator, Joshua David McKeneey. Little did she know, Richard Prince screenshotted the image and eliminated the mention of the doll’s designer and had a large 48-by-65- inch print made that was displayed at the New York’s Frieze Art Fair. The print was sold for $90,000, giving the doll and its designer a chance on the spotlight.

Joshua David McKenney, is a 35-year-old from Brooklyn who has dedicated almost three and half years to develop his “art expression” – the 23-inch fashion dolls. McKenney has been renowned in the fashion and celebrities’ world as a fashion illustrator, helping celebs like Mariah Carey, Elizabeth Arden, Dita Von Teese and Taylor Swift.

McKenney expressed his confusion when he found out about Prince’s image “theft”; he told the Observer that he was amazed that he could stole the Doe Deere’s image and his credit off. The interview later shifted to a conversation about the glamorous world of his Pidgin dolls. He explained that the term Pidgin means a simplified language that is serve as communication among people who speak different languages. Joshua David Mckeeney considers himself as a ‘modern puppeteer’, where he uses his dolls to express his gentle and feminine side like Jim Henson used Kermit. Even though he was out shadowed by Richard Prince, he expressed his pride in his creations since they were considered art and not just regular toys. The dolls are created for personal expression and are all custom made with hand-painted faces and handmade clothes that take about a month to finish.

But the scandal had a silver lining, Doe Deere posted a new image of herself with her Pidgin doll look-alike and clarified that her previous post was to honor her dear friend’s creation and called out Richard Prince for his moves. Doe Deere, also known as the Queen of Unicorns, was born in Russia, but grew up in New York City where she created LimeCrime in 2008 after realizing she couldn’t find makeup true to their color. She has been an influencer in the makeup industry and encourages others to follow their dreams without refusing to quit.



Doe Deere Is The Head Unicorn At Lime Crime

Doe Deere is the self-proclaimed head unicorn and CEO at Lime Crime Cosmetics. Doe has always had a unique and unconventional style and method of self-expression. Doe was born in Russian and grew up in an average household but she has never been average. Doe was fascinated by color and makeup from an early age and would regularly explore colors and methods with her friends. Some of these experimentations were disasters but eventually she refined her talents and was able to make her personal style of makeup and fashion.

Doe Deere believes that the rules of fashion and makeup application were meant to be broken. She feels like playing it safe when color is concerned is the only real crime. She believes in being outspoken and using whatever colors that you feel make you look beautiful and express your personal sense of style. She initially was creating and selling clothing on eBay. She wanted makeup that would compliment the brightly colored clothes that she was selling. She was unable to find anything on the market to suit her needs. She saw her opportunity to fill a niche and has had overwhelming success.

In 2008 she created her Lime Crime makeup line. She made a snap decision of the name using her favorite color and a cool name that rhymed, and the rest is history. Lime Crime started only offering lip color but has since developed a full line of colorful eye and lip color for men and women to be able to fully express themselves with colors and textures. If you are looking for sparkly purple eyeshadow, then they have you covered. If you need a dark velvet red lipstick or even a bright yellow, then you should look no further. The selection of colors seems unlimited.

Doe Deere is hands-on with the creation of all of her products. Lime Crime cosmetics has always held the philosophy of cruelty-free cosmetics. They do not test on animals and never will. Doe is always in the lab, hand on with her team of cosmetic experts creating new formulas and color. She is always thinking up new ideas and perfecting colors. She believes in being part of every part of the cosmetics business that she has developed from the ground up. If she isn’t in the lab, then she is in the boardroom or keeping in contact with people on the internet to help promote her business. Lime Crime is mostly web based and Doe very successfully uses social media to promote Lime Crime and loves to hear from her customers regarding tipd, tricks, and future ideas for new cosmetic offerings.

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Doe Deere Talks About Following Your Own Fashion Rules

The unicorn queen herself Doe Deere, recently went over some of her favorite fashion rules for breaking. In the article by Marlen Komar, she broke down many of her takes on the way fashion is unique to each of us and how she applies this rule to herself. Everybody has their own sense of fashion and style. Doe Deere is definitely not afraid to show hers to the world. From the deeply colorful hair to the shockingly vibrant color palate of cosmetics, her style is sewn into the brand for sure. In her own words, she’s a firm believer that it’s no sin to break fashion and beauty rules.

From the rule of ‘never do more than one bold thing at a time’ to ‘throw that idea right out the window, why don’t ya?’ Be bold all over if that suits your fancy, seems to be the motto for her. The creator of the Lime Crime cosmetic brand, Deere is very passionate about her business. She has been named one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self Made Magazine and is showing no signs of slowing down. Stating herself to be an imaginative kid who was ‘hardcore into color’ gives a little insight into just how long this has been leading to this point for her. One rule for her though is not to mix ‘too many colors.’ Having a mix is fine as long as they are coordinated colors that go well with each other. Herself being a huge fan of mixing bright, vibrantly alive color schemes.

Doe will tell you also that her first makeup experience she remembers vividly was at slumber party. Her and her friends were playing witches, but the whole thing didn’t seem genuine enough to her. So she grabbed her makeup and went to work on her friends and herself. That’s when it all started for her she claims. It just felt right to be doing makeup. The invention of the name Lime Crime was really quite simple as well. In 2004, her eBay store needed a name and the first thought to come to her was Lime Crime. It had her favorite color in the name and it rhymed as well. It was a win-win for her.

The mix of loud color schemes and wild styles are picking up more fans daily. This is one fashion crime people can live with.

Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Fashion World

Doe Deere does not subscribe to the school of thought that fashion must strictly adhere to certain rules. She is a strict believer that it is no sin to break a few fashion rules. She believes that when one breaks a few of the rules to do what they deem fit, it does not mean that they are become fashion recluses. In case you do not know the name Doe Deere, you most probably know Lime Crime, the phenomenal make up brand which she is the Chief Executive Officer.

Doe believes that for one to feel comfortable when applying cosmetics and make up, there must be that room for experimenting and making a few mistakes. In fact, her makeup line specializes in whimsical, colorful and cruelty-free products that are loved by women who feel the need to express themselves in the most outspoken manner through makeup.

With time, Lime Crime has proved that one can be equally stylish by taking the usual path when matters related to makeup application are concerned. She also has advice for women who are tired of staying inside the lines when matters related to their styling. She shared a few of her beauty and fashion rules to break that they can try.

Doe belongs to the school of thought that a woman can wear a bold eye with a bold lip and still look very fabulous. She advises women to mix colors that will make them look refreshing as opposed to subscribing to the usual makeup rules. She is also not against women mixing a few colors if they want to. According to her, makeup is not supposed to remove the experimenting factor and if it does; then it is no longer an enjoyable thing.

When it comes to fashion, she advises women not to go against her own rules about mixing a few patterns. She believes that patterns are fun and the more they are, the merrier.

She built her Lime Crime Brand online and is currently an employer and a manufacturer of makeup products that very many women love.

Since when she was a kid, she has always been creative and a risk taker. She has tried her hand in singing as well as modelling before finally settling for her current occupation. Her makeup journey has not been smooth either.

In fact, she confesses that she had always been poor in makeup until she reached her 20s. Because her brand is online based, she is able to get almost immediate reaction when she launches a product. That does not mean that she does not face challenges. In the internet world of business, she has faced a lot of negative criticism that was geared towards destroying her reputation. However, that has not prevented her from delivering the best to her clients therefore, continuing to attract even more others.

Doe Deere at PHAMExpo

Break Out of Your Fashion Rut With Doe Deere

Many of us find that we sometimes make the same fashion choices each day. Each day, we put on the same outfit and the same colors. We adhere to the same rules set down a long time ago. Such rules can be comforting but they can also be boring. If you want to break free of your old routine, try a new fashion routine and that will help you bring out own sense of inner creativity and style. The right use of color and pattern can help you bring new life into your same old boring routine and make dressing fun again.

Someone who knows full well how to break old rules is fashion expert Doe Deere. In a new interview for Bustle Magazine, Deere tells her readers what rules are up for grabs in today’s market. In doing so, she helps demonstrate that we can all benefit from her insights and her love of pattern and color. As she lets us know, fashion is all about what really and truly works for any one person. Rules that may have been perfect even just last year may not work for today’s stylish and fashionable woman as she goes about her day.

You can add patterns that you like even if they don’t quite match. Your fashion choices should not depend on what others tell you but what on you happen to like best. If you have a favorite ballgown, you don’t have to wait until the opera comes to town to wear it. You can put it on when you go to the grocery store if that’s what makes you happy.

The same is very much true for other fashion choices, even those that apply to makeup. Makeup need not be boring and based on the same old looks. Deere started her own company, Lime Crime, in order to help customers get access to new kinds of makeup that are ideal for their needs.

The same motto illustrates her general approach to all kinds of fashion. She knows that it is possible to take any color the customer likes and use it in a way that looks good. Bright colors can be easily mixed with patterns and yet still look really great. As she demonstrates on her site, it is easy to have such looks even if the customer has never done them before. The key is to be fearless and self confident at the same time. Fashion students can learn from her to have to use such ideals very well.